Monday, November 01, 2010

Still Sick

So after making it through as much Halloween festivities as I could over the weekend I am now suffering threefold for not taking it easy.

But what was I supposed to do, tell the kids sorry Halloween is cancelled because mommy's sick or tell my mom that I couldn't celebrate her 73 birthday because I didn't feel well.

Not a chance.

I managed to go shopping with my mom for her birthday on Saturday and then the whole family went out to dinner for her birthday. Then we all came home and had our annual pumpkin carving party with the pumpkins we grew in our garden. I opted out of carving and just painted and glittered one this year. I did have fun watching everyone else carve theirs though. They turned out good and it was fun. Plus its a family tradition.

Sunday I didn't even crawl out of bed until 2:30. Then I showered, dressed, ate something, helped the kids into their costumes and make up and went trick or treating. I think me and my fairy girl should have skipped trick or treating. By the time we finished I felt like hell and she was in tears.

We even cut out quite early compared to how we normally are practically booted from the neighborhood at curfew. This time we were done by 7 pm. We didn't cover half the houses we usually do. Oh well. They still got more candy then what they need.

Today I am wiped out- coughing and sneezing all over the place and flat out miserable.

Fairy girl is hibernating in her room looking pathetic. She has a slight fever and looks miserable. She didn't go to school today. Tried to get her in to see the doctor but I called seven times and no one answers at the office. I guess they are closed today.

Fairy girl feels so bad she's not even going to art class tonight. That's a sure sign she's extremely sick because she loves her art class.

I guess I should go make some soup (and by make I mean open a can because I am way too sick to actually make anything from scratch right now). I just wanted to catch everyone up on my stats and assure you that I made it through Halloween, if just barely.

If you don't hear from me for a couple days it means I am busy trying to recover while taking care of my sick kiddies too.


Estella said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!