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Free Christmas Erotica Read

"The Christmas Party" by Roxanne Rhoads

The twinkling lights winked at me like they knew a secret.

Just great, even the Christmas decorations mocked me. It was such a mistake coming to this party. It was the cliché office party where everyone got drunk and hooked up. Most would regret it later. I would probably be the only person here that didn’t hook up tonight unless Taylor happened to show.

Even the office geek, Roger, was currently getting frisky in the corner with the usually shy Melanie who had let her hair down tonight. Literally. She always wore her hair pulled tight in a severe bun at the office, but tonight it cascaded in waves around her shoulders. She had even put on some makeup and a cute outfit. The girl was really pretty when she dolled herself up a bit. It was quite clear Roger thought so, too. Of course he’d been eyeing her for months even with the tight bun and frumpy office attire she always wore. Now they were in the corner and he had his hand under her tight fitting red velvet top. Naughty, naughty.

Then there was Christine in the middle of the room under the mistletoe with massive cleavage spilling out over the top of her dress. She was the hostess of the party and the office receptionist. She was currently kissing our boss, George, who had his hands full of her round behind. The woman was anything but subtle. She had been trying to entice George into her panties for months now, but the gossip mill and Christine herself stated she hadn’t been successful, yet. Looked like that was about to change tonight.

This whole party was her idea; she even threw it at her house instead of the office to make it cozier. And boy was it! Christine had a lavish place. I wondered how she afforded such a nice pad when she was just a receptionist. There were rumors about a pricey divorce, on the poor ex husband’s end not hers. She seemed to have made out very well.

I wandered around aimlessly looking for him but I didn’t really expect Taylor to show up. He believed in keeping business and pleasure separate. That’s why we weren’t together. At least I hoped that was the only reason. My luck would be that he was married or had a girlfriend and was just afraid to tell me.

Although he sure didn’t seem married when we were falling into each other’s arms in the supply closet or getting really close during those late night brainstorming sessions. Too bad we hadn’t gotten even closer. He always pulled back before things went too far.

It was so clear there was something between us, a powerful attraction we couldn’t deny; at least I couldn’t deny it. He seemed to be just fine with our attraction....up to a point. When things went too far he would remind me that it was improper to mix work and pleasure. He said his job was important to him and he wanted to keep his work and personal life separate, even though he did have feelings for me.

Feelings. He sure could cop a feel. Not that I minded. In fact I craved it. I couldn’t get that one night out of my mind…the night we had been so close to making love right there with the Chinese food spread out across the break room table.

It had been one of our late night brainstorming sessions when we were working on the Harrison account. Both of us had been assigned to that client because of our skill sets, him with the art and me with the words. They wanted a beautiful campaign that emphasized both skillful wording and beautiful imagery. Taylor and I made the best team. I know we’d be great in bed, too, if I could just get him there.

I flushed just thinking about the heat that had coursed between us, the way his hands had felt on my bare breasts…before he had pulled away and wouldn’t let it go any farther.

Just then I heard the most beautiful sound in the world…his voice, “Karen, you’re here,” Taylor sounded surprised.

I turned around and there he was splendidly handsome in his dark slacks and polo shirt. His normally unruly dark curls were tamed and he looked gorgeous in the twinkle of the Christmas lights.

“I am so glad you’re here, I didn’t know if you were coming. I didn’t see you at the office today.” Was my voice shaking? I was pathetic, truly pathetic. I hadn’t been this gaga over a guy since high school.

“Um, yeah. For a few minutes. I wasn’t there long, I took most of the day off, had some appointments…” His voice trailed off as he stared at me. “You look really beautiful tonight,” he said huskily as he looked me up and down.

Damn right I looked good! I was wearing the sexiest red dress ever which I had cleaned and restored just for this occasion. And I bought new shoes, not that a girl needs an excuse to buy shoes. I even had my hair done for this thing just hoping he’d notice me. But more than anything it would be the dress that had to grab his attention.

This perfect dress showed off my curves. Ample cleavage peaked out from the low cut top and the tight hugging waist emphasized the feminine swell of my hips and a slit up the side showed a little leg. Not too much, but just enough to entice. The dress wasn’t over the top slutty, it was old Hollywood class. And it was authentic. A vintage 1940s gown that had been my grandma’s, I had found it in her attic while cleaning. Judging from the look of desire in Taylor’s eyes it was worth every penny I spent to have it cleaned and restored.

“Wow where did you get that vintage dress, it must have cost a fortune?” He asked as he kept eyeing my cleavage.

“You know vintage clothes?” I asked.

“Just a little, my mom and sister are really into vintage. They own a little shop, Vintage Vixens over on Main.”

“That’s where I had this restored. They do a lovely job. I must have met them.”

“Probably, they are really the only ones working there except during the holidays when they hire a few girls but all the part timers do is operate the cash register. If you had that restored then my mom handled it.”

“She did a fabulous job.” Was I really talking about clothes with Taylor? I’d rather be tearing his clothes off.

“Sooo…” He looked uncomfortable. “Can I grab you a drink?” Was that all he could come up with? Not that I was doing any better. I was as nervous and tongue tied as him.

“Sure, I’d love one. Can you see if they have an Amaretto sour or a whiskey sour?”

“You got it,” he said with that sexy smile of his before he turned and walked away to grab some drinks.

I wanted to beat my head against something or hang myself from the strands of Christmas lights still twinkling and winking at me, mocking me with every blink. I wanted Taylor so badly it was driving me nuts and all I could think was to talk to him about was vintage clothes. I would pay to see this designer gown on the floor of his bedroom…or mine for that matter as long as he was there with me.

“Here’s you drink.” I squeaked and about jumped out of my skin, I had not heard him sneak up behind me...again. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

I smiled at him, “Not your fault, I was lost in thought.”

“When I went to get the drinks I took a peek around the place, would you like to go somewhere more private…you know less noisy… so we can…talk” He looked nervous again but now he was talking. Alone! With Taylor. My Christmas wish come true.

“I would love to.” I grabbed his outstretched hand and let him lead the way to a deserted library.

I looked around the dark masculine room, “This room doesn’t fit Christine at all.”

“No, it was her ex husband’s office. I heard they had a bad breakup. She caught him cheating then took him for every dime. She doesn’t even come in here.”

“Really?” I wondered how he knew all that. A twinge of jealousy rippled through me.

“Christine and my sister, Tonya, are close,” he said answering my silent questions and cutting off the jealousy growing inside me.

“Karen, come sit down with me.”

“OK…” Was he finally making his move?

“I have something to tell you.”

Uh oh! Maybe not. Maybe he was going to let me down gently.

“Oh, what it is?” I asked as I gingerly eased my way onto the leather sofa trying to look sexy and composed even though inside I was shaking.

“I found a new job.”

“That’s great! Wait, what? A new job? Where?” My heart sank; I wasn’t going to see him everyday anymore.

“At Kalvins. I start on Monday.”

“Why did you leave?”

“Because of you.”

I looked up at him. Was I so hideous he had to get away from me? “Me?” I asked quietly looking down at the floor. I couldn’t let him see the tears welling up in my eyes.

He scooted closer to me and gently lifted my chin so he could look into my eyes. Then he leaned down and gently kissed my lips. His full velvety lips murmured against mine, “You know how I cannot mingle business and pleasure; I had to leave so I could be with you. I know it sounds weird and old fashioned, but I want to see you every single day just not on the job.”

“Really?” I asked incredulously, Oh. My. God. He wanted to be with me!

“Yes, really. What did you think?”

I scooted back, “Taylor, I don’t know. There were all the mixed signals and I just didn’t…”

He grabbed me and silenced me with a kiss. This one harder and more demanding than the last. He pushed me back onto the sofa and slid his body over mine easily.

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