Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fabulous Reviews for An Unexpected Evening

The positive reviews keep rolling in- I'm so excited. Readers want more of Samuel and Katerina. It's awesome when the only negative thing readers say about the story is that it's too short. That's great because it means they want more- and more is coming. I'm working on it now.

The reviews-

This one is from Selena at The Enchanted Book-who gave it 5 out of 5 Books

So does it deliver? Hell, yeah. An Unexpected Evening is smoking hot. The action begins with the first line and doesn't let up for the entire 5000 words. Roxanne Rhoads includes a little kink, as she stated on another site, and the result is a very erotic short story.

In addition, the storytelling part of the story is interesting also. This isn't just sexy but an introduction to what seems to be a story the author plans to continue in future stories. I hope so because I liked both Samuel and Katerina from the first page. He's sexy as all hell, and she seems to be a perfect match for him.

I look forward to reading more about this vampire and his witch in the future. As an erotic short story, An Unexpected Evening is all that one can ask for in that genre, except I wish it were just a little longer.

This one is from Diana at Book of Secrets-

An Unexpected Evening is a tantalizing short story about a night of passion between the vampire Samuel and his beloved witch Katerina. The two have been together for some time, but Samuel has held back his true aggressive, dominant nature in fear of hurting Katerina. She finally persuades him to let go and be himself. The result is an unexpected evening of wickedly hot kinky sex.

Yet there is more going on in this tale than just the physical passion. We discover that Samuel is struggling to come to terms with his violent past; Katerina is descended from a family of witches, yet she is late in realizing her powers; and there is a killer terrorizing the streets of the city, and because of his frequent "blackouts," Samuel is afraid he may be involved.

Because this was a brief 13-page story, An Unexpected Evening felt like a precursor of things to come. We are introduced to two intriguing characters who obviously have more going on than what we see on the surface. This story establishes the steamy chemistry and the newfound trust between Samuel and Katerina. We are now left to wonder where the author will take the suspense element of the story in the future. I received this story for free from the author as part of her book tour.

Favorite Quote: "A relationship full of sweetness, wine, and roses could get dull after awhile, without the occasional scratch from a thorn. I loved thorns. And I loved Samuel."

Rating: 3.5 out of 5