Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Fangtastic Review for An Unexpected Evening

Jody at Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess has reviewed An Unexpected Evening- and given it a score of an A along with a very fabulous and insightful review.

I'll be at Words of Wisdom tomorrow for an interview and giveaway so make sure to drop by- also be sure to read the review.

Here's a snippet:

This is a very quick yet intense read about letting go and embracing who you are. For vampire Samuel, letting go is not something he wants to do. After being forced to hurt others by his sire, he's now on his own and never wants to hurt anyone again. Keeping control of himself is difficult though when falling in love with sexy witch Katerina. Katerina believes in his gentleness and just wants him to let loose and one night's gentle lovemaking soon leads to fireworks and Samuel showing her what a vampire's really capable of. This one explosive night affects both of them greatly, with Katerina discovering new witching powers and Samuel becoming more concerned that unsolved murders in the community might involve him.

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Estella said...

Congrats on the great review!