Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome Guest Author Elaine Lowe

Making Lemonade

Guest Blog by Elaine Lowe as part of her Honey Bee Promotions Tour.

Thanks, Roxanne, for inviting me over. I love your reviews! I’ve been having a pretty crummy week as I suffer from really bad vertigo, but despite missing my workouts and sitting on the couch a lot trying to keep the room from spinning, I’ve decided to keep a positive “spin” on things. Still, don’t be surprised if one of my next books involves living on a space station, vertigo kind of feels like you are living without gravity.

That’s making lemonade with those lemons, getting inspiration out of the rocks in the path. With all my balance issues, I’ve gotten a lot of writing done. In fact, you’ll be glad to hear I’ve finished a book with my very first vampire lead. I love Anton, he’s sexy and snarky and did I mention sexy? I’m having fun with the edits and I hope to have this book, tentatively titled Memory Lapse, out soon. Anton and Cynthia have been dancing around each other for over a century, and getting them together took quite the big push, in the form of a small green creature from an alternate dimension. Trust me, it’s much sexier in execution than in a one line proto-blurb.

Memory Lapse is part of the same world as my latest release, Magic Eights, it just digs deeper into the secret layers of magic that most folks don’t know exists. Magic Eights starts off with Susanna Wong playing with a Magic Eight ball her friend Esme Morgan sent as an anniversary present. When Susanna makes a couple of errant wishes, she is totally shocked when they come true in the form of seven very sexy copies of her husband Will, all ready and willing to fulfill her needs. Lighthearted and fun, it’s a great intro into the world I’m slowly building to introduce Esme and her amazing talents. I hope I’ve gotten your appetite whetted!

Have fun and keep reading,

Elaine Lowe
Magic Eights Blurb:

A casual wish by a frustratingly horny wife results in a most unexpected bit of magic…

Susanna walks into her kitchen to see two copies of her husband of eight years, William. When they both seduce her, she’s helpless to resist. Who would want to? When another copy walks in and makes love to her, and another, she ceases to ask why, only, how much can she take?

Seven copies, one original, and all of them want to push her to the very brink. Can she handle them all? Sinful satisfaction is the best anniversary present, and eight is Susanna’s lucky number.


Blowing a frizzy strand of reddish-brown hair from in front of her face, Susanna Walker-Wong tried valiantly to relax into the suds of her bath. Truly soothing rose and chamomile scents floated into the hot air of the bathroom, and hot water always relaxed away the tension she held in her shoulders. But all these luxurious bubbles and steam didn’t really get to the core of her problem.

She was horny. Despite, or perhaps because of all the stresses in her life, she was ready to burst with the need for someone to touch her. Well, not just someone. It would be really fabulous if her husband would get a clue and look up from his computer screen long enough to notice her panting after him.

But instead, she took a bath. Really, she shouldn’t be this desperate. It was their eighth anniversary, and that morning their son had been taken to his grandparents’ house where he was likely being spoiled rotten. For lunch, she had been the entree and Will had worshipped her thoroughly before taking her out to a sumptuous dinner that they’d enjoyed and debated like the foodies they were. It should have been perfect, she should have been completely satisfied.

Her career was humming along, though she was only working on contract, part-time, with Nathan being only four years old and just starting preschool. Yeah, the dishes needed to be done, and there was yard-work that begged to be finished and the floor required vacuuming desperately. But if she ever finished her entire “to do” list, she’d be dead, right? She should be completely content.

So why was she absolutely burning with lust? Every time William breathed, she watched the rise and fall of his chest and wanted to tear off his T-shirt and run her hands over his pecs and lick his nipples until he groaned. She wanted to thread her hands in the blue-black of his unkempt hair and tousle it even more while she pulled his lips to hers. She wanted to knock his laptop to the ground and climb astride him and ride him until he screamed her name and woke up the neighbors in the next condo.

She moved slightly to get her shoulders deeper into the water and relieve the tension there. The soft rose scent of the bubbles fluttered up to try to console her, mixing with the subtle spiciness from Esme’s present. She sighed, her hands drifting over her clit, only to retreat quickly to her side when the door swung open.

Will stood in the doorway for a moment, taking in the soap-obscured view of her naked body and flashing her a brief but devastating grin that still made her heart go pitter-patter.

“Hello, my water nymph. How do you find your bath? And is that incense I smell?” He turned away from her and to the toilet, nonchalantly taking a piss, while she observed the curve of his ass in the ancient pair of khaki shorts that he wore.

“Bath’s searing hot, just like this nymph likes it. And no, the scent is something Esme sent us for our anniversary.” She looked him up and down. “Care to join me?” Her voice dripped with invitation, but she knew he didn’t share her particular fetish for baths.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s like ninety-five in the house, and it’s only going to get hotter. How you can stand to take a hot bath in this weather is beyond my ken!” With a drip and a zip and a quick wash of his hands, he turned back to her, his eyes eating her up and making her throb even more than she had been. With his dark shining eyes carrying that edge of lust and his wicked goatee reminding her how much she liked the drag of his chin against her thighs, she was practically melting with need for him. But she didn’t let it show. Her appetite for him was simply ridiculous after all the years they’d been together and she’d never been completely comfortable letting it all out. He was everything she ever wanted, and she didn’t feel like scaring him off now.