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Ghostly Heroes Guaranteed to Keep You Up All Night by Debra Glass

I have always loved Halloween. Growing up in Alabama, where the land itself is steeped in history and mystery, I enjoyed reading Kathryn Tucker Windham’s 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey. Of course, watching Dark Shadows, Night Gallery, and the Twilight Zone at an impressionable age only furthered my love of things that go bump in the night. Ghost stories especially fascinated me and I was thrilled when I bought a piano store that happened to be haunted by the gentlemanly former owner, Jeddy Ryan.

Mr. Ryan’s presence motivated me to write and publish several regional ghost story collections and also to start a Ghost Walk Tour in my hometown.

My second ghostly encounter was with the dashing Confederate Brigadier General Thomas Benton Smith on the Shiloh Battlefield near Savannah, Tennessee. The experience so fascinated me that I began to work with a military historian to research Smith’s life.

Smith’s story encompassed romance and tragedy, so it’s no wonder I based the hero of my first published romance on him.

Gatekeeper is the first in my Phantom Lovers series, which all feature ghostly heroes and haunting Southern settings.

Book one in the Phantom Lovers series

Evil shadow ghosts known as soul collectors haunted her childhood nightmares, so Nashville PD criminal profiler Jillian Drew did everything possible to turn her back on her psychic abilities. But now her eccentric sister has been abducted and nothing in her criminology background has prepared Jillian for that tragedy — or for Benton Smith, the powerful and devastatingly attractive ghost of a Civil War officer and the only witness to Amy's abduction.

Fearful of the brazen specter, Jillian nevertheless needs him. Benton is her Gatekeeper, a spirit sworn to protect her from the soul collectors, who attack each time she unleashes her long-dormant psychic senses in an attempt to find her sister.

Yet she must somehow keep the devilishly seductive spirit at arm's length, for Benton's soul is at stake — and succumbing to his desires could have dangerous consequences for them both.

Book two in the Phantom Lovers Series

Amy Drew was once a damn good psychic until past catastrophic events stripped her of her psychic powers. Now, a year later, she has moved to a quaint, quiet southern town to help her brother restore a decaying plantation house.

The house is hauntingly familiar, and when the skeleton of a Native American is discovered in the cellar, Amy senses danger—and much more. From her very first meeting with the ghost of William Red Feather, Amy sizzles with desire for the sexy spirit. But mysterious past-life secrets separate them.

As Amy loses herself in lust-filled nights with her spirit lover, more secrets become known to her, and she soon realizes mysterious deaths at the plantation—both past and present—all point to William. Can she trust this beguiling spirit with her life the way she does with her pleasure? Amy must be certain, because giving him her heart may result in her death—again.

Book three in the Phantom Lovers Series

When Gwendolyn Wyse booked a room at a bed and breakfast in romantic Charleston, South Carolina, she’d hoped to rekindle the flame in her cold, unresponsive husband. What she didn’t expect were divorce papers—or her husband’s untimely death.

Shocked and desperate, Gwen relies on her background as a witch and her knowledge of magic, invoking the rite of twilight to bring her husband’s soul back from the dead. But nothing prepares her for the swashbuckling spirit who answers her call—Stede Bonnet, the gentleman pirate who died on that very spot three centuries prior and who now possesses her husband’s body.

Stede offers Gwen all the passion she never had with her husband. But when the pirate lays claim to her heart, Gwen must choose between the man she loves and the demands of Stede’s mortal enemy, a villainous spirit with the power to take away everything Gwen holds most dear—including her pirate lover.

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About the author:

Growing up in the south where the air is thick with stories steeped in legend and truth, Debra came by her love of romance novels honestly. Well…sort of. At an early age, she pilfered from her grandmother’s extensive library and has been a fan of the genre since.

A full time freelance writer, Debra especially enjoys combining history, mystery and a touch of taboo to weave stories with unforgettable, haunted heroes.

She lives in Alabama with her sexy real life hero, a couple of smart-aleck ghosts and a diabolical black cat.



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