Sunday, October 16, 2011

Making Steampunk Sexy with SJ Davis

By far, the best thing about Steampunk is the accessories! Parasols, corsets, sexy leather boots, and brass goggles, oh my! This sort of “window dressing” lends itself to romance, to erotica, and certainly to thrillers. Even though Steampunk follows an alternate history route, asking “What if the Victorians had advanced/modern technology using the steam power of the time,” the sexual constraints and mores tend to stay true to the Victorian Age. Steampunk stories also often take place in the underside of society and have a gritty feel to them, matching the typical wood and brass of the apparatuses around which the stories are woven.

Steampunk stories involve exploration, whether to the moon, the center of the earth, or the depths of the sea, or our deepest fear and psychosis. Often there are airships manned by noble captains and robots created by mad scientists. There is usually a tinkerer who creates, or up-cycles, extraordinary items – perhaps a time machine - from ordinary items such as cogs, gears, and watch parts. But I think it’s a fair thing to say, that steampunk also explores the relationship between man and machine, women’s roles in society, and the responsibility of industry and technology to our natural world.

Steampunk is usually considered a sub-genre of science fiction, but I think an argument can be made that Steampunk is fantasy. My latest book, INVISIBLE SUN, is a steampunk vampire fantasy with a dash of science fiction– a tale of genetic engineering gone horribly awry, with some romance, too. My next novella (in the works now) is a super steamy steampunk erotic romance, and this is where loads of fun begins. The accessories and sex toys are a blast to invent – for instance, a vibrator can be invented that is fashioned from brass and clock parts, but powered by steam. And the corsets and dresses are fun to put on (and take off). For a gritty setting, my new (as yet untitled) story takes place in a brothel, exploring the relationship of power and control between and within the sexes, and how power changes based on the laws of attraction. But there’s scads of sex, so it’s a fun way to explore these topics!

I hope you enjoy Invisible Sun, my steampunk vampire novella. And please, look out for the erotic romance novella in early 2012! Thanks for having me!

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Romancing the Darkside

By SJ Davis
Genre: Vampire/Steampunk


In Victorian London, at the beginning of the Industrial Age and the height of man’s obsession with alchemy, scientists gave birth to the foundation of modern genetic science. As steampunk airships cut across the foggy city of Gravesend, vampires are brought to life.

But instead of scavengers prowling the fringe of society, these creatures have evolved to be the respected organizers of the Society, a universal religion, and the Guardians of Science.

One stray drop has spilled from the vein.
Draegan, heralded from birth as the genetically perfect vampire, has turned rogue, attacking the women of London’s East End. Only his brother, with the help of Lady Astrid West, can hunt him down before he is able to unleash his full insanity upon the helpless city. And only another birth, the birth of yet another perfect vampire, can stop his madness.

About the Author:

SJ Davis is the daughter of an ex-patriate British mother and a Southern Baptist ex-CIA father. As a child, she spoke in silly accents and recounted outlandish tales of fantasy over afternoon tea and to this day it remains her favorite activity. Born in Long Island, NY, she was raised in the suburbs of Washington DC and went to school for a very long time (University of Virginia and George Mason University), married an all-around wonderful man, had two kids (smart, funny, full of opinions), moved from Virginia to New Jersey to Philadelphia to Chicago, and began her writing career. She is a believer in fate, an avid tea drinker, a stiletto aficionado, Doc Marten worshipper, punk rock listener, and lover of flip flops and cardigans. She has a terrible sense of direction, loves gummy bears, and is a Johnny Depp fangirl. (fan page)!/SteampunkSarah (author page at Vamptasy)


Savanna Kougar said...

Thanks for sharing about Steampunk. It's a fascinating, wide-open genre.

Denise Z said...

This sounds like a fascinating book. Thank you for taking the time to share with us:)