Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Very Naughty Halloween Story with Jaxon Vail

Lady Amelia
By Jaxon Vail

A deep voice growled in Lady Amelia’s ear. “Where is your husband?”

Shivers raced up her neck from the caress of Lord Elton’s warm breath. She flicked open her black fan and covered her mouth. Turning her head slightly, she fluttered the delicate fabric. “Otherwise disposed in the gambling parlor.”

She stilled herself, trying to appear poised and relaxed as James Elton’s hand slid down the rounded curve of her ass and squeezed.

“Meet me in the alcove by the library.”

He pinched her cheek, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Amelia’s nipples tightened against the power blue bodice of her Marie Antoinette gown. She fluttered the fan faster and gave a single nod.

The ballroom suddenly felt oppressive, the violins too loud. Her skin flushed from the short contact with her lover and the anticipation of what was to come—hopefully her. She watched the festooned menagerie of dancers twirl around the floor, silently counting to one hundred before making her discrete departure. Pushing through the crush, she smiled and fluttered her fan. Her hand went to her throat to caress the wide lace choker she’d chosen especially for tonight.

When she reached the base of the stairs, she glanced over her shoulder. Nobody watched, each guest thoroughly absorbed with their own flirtation and the sparkling grandeur of Lady Amelia Collis’s All Hallow’s Eve Ball. She ascended the spiraling staircase, forcing herself to engage in idle conversation with the milling guest on the second floor. She chatted about the grandly costumed dancers below them, the menu for the late dinner, and many other topics she had no interest in. All she wanted was to race to the niche and finally feel alive again.

Her heart raced. It had been too long since she’d felt the possessive caress of her deadly lover. Too long since he’d taken her in every way imaginable. Anticipation heated her body.

With as much grace as she could muster, Amelia extricated herself from the conversation flowing around her and slipped down a dimly lit hallway toward the library. As she neared the alcove a strong hand grabbed her and hauled her into the dark recess. James backed her against the wall, covering her body with his. No mask or costume disguised his magnificence.

“I thought you’d never get here.” His erection rubbed against her stomach as his hands cupped her ass and lifted her against him.

“I’m here now.” Amelia’s breath came in short pants as she struggled to spread her legs for him.

“Mmm, indeed you are.” He pressed his nose to her neck. “I can smell your desire.”
His hand moved to the back of her neck. With one easy flick he undid the lace collar, secreting it away in his pocket. His mouth blazed a trail of kisses over her shoulder and across the swells of her breasts. She arched toward him, needing more—wanting his lips, wanting the erotically painful prick of his fangs.

With deft fingers, James unlaced the bodice of her dress and yanked the material apart. Amelia pushed the lacy shoulders of her gown down, desperate to feel skin against skin. She tugged as the buttons on his black coat and shoved it off his shoulders. Making quick work of his white shirt, she sighed as her fingers skimmed across the hard, smooth muscles of his chest. He was a living, or maybe undead, masterpiece, virile and handsome. Not like her pudgy husband. The man could barely do more than roll on top of her, pump a few times, and fall asleep.

But not James. He incited a riot of emotions that brought her to the brink of madness each time he made love to her. Perhaps because he always saw to her needs. Maybe it was the danger of being caught. Or possibly it was knowing her vampire lover could drain her dry as she begged him to never stop.

Within moments they were both naked from the waist up. James cupped her breasts and kneaded her nipples.

“Hello my lovelies.” Bending, he placed a kiss on each stiff tip. “I’ve missed you.”

“Are you talking to me or my bosom?” Amelia chided.

“Both.” He lifted his head and smiled, his white fangs glinting in the dancing torch light.

A jolt of desire raced through her. “You are one in the same.”

“I hope I am more than just a pair of breasts.” She purred.

“Never think otherwise, my dear.”

He ran his hand over her knee, gathering the material of her confining skirt. His fingers glided along the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. “You are so much more.”

Amelia groaned as his hand crept higher and lightly traced the folds of her sex. She leaned her head against the wall, her tall wig tilting slightly to the side. She watched as his expression change from humor to desire. He slid his knee between her legs and lifted his foot to prop his boot on a stone ledge near the floor. Her leg raised and spread, her skirt pooling around her bent thigh. Cool air rushed in and caressed the heat between her legs. She moaned and arched her hips, searching for his talented touch.

She tugged at her skirt to move the material out of the way and to give her access to her lover’s cock. She stroked his shaft through the light wool of his trousers. James pushed against her hand, gyrating as she struggled with the button at his waist. Releasing the clasp, she pulled him free of the confining breeches and stroked its swollen head. He captured her mouth and moaned as his fingered slid along her slit, spreading her lips to his finger play. She whimpered and rocked against his hand as his digit grazed her sensitive clit.

“Oh James,” she moaned into his mouth. “Deeper.”

Two fingers plunged into her, pumping and swirling, taunting and teasing. She could barely breathe—barely stand as he pleasured her with his hand. Not to be outdone,
Amelia slid her hands under his cock and caressed his tight balls.

“I need to be inside you, Am. I need your hot velvet around my cock.” He covered her hand with his and guided her strokes.

His words inflamed her. “Yes,” was all she could manage.

Lifting her leg higher, he guided the engorged head to her entrance. “Touch your breasts.” She cupped the full mound and massaged. “Your nipples.” His voice came out in gruff pants. “Lick your fingers and rub your nipples for me.

Sticking her index finger in her mouth, she swirled her tongue along the digit and slowly withdrew. He watched her movements, his gaze burning as he pushed slowly into her. Amelia circled the stiff nubs, pull and twisting. Shocks of pleasure raced to her core and she bucked against him.

“I need you, James.” She rolled a nipple between her thumb and finger and gripped his shoulder with her other hand. “I need you inside me.”

James groaned and buried himself against her slick folds. “God Amelia, you’re so bloody tight.”

He filled her and it was heaven. Amelia moved against him, her breath catching as the tingle of pleasure tickled her core. Gripping her ass, James spread her cheeks and lifted her higher.

Her muscles clenched. With each thrust her body spiraled toward the pleasure he’d always given her. She palmed her breasts, tugged at her nipples, but it wasn’t enough.
“Harder, James. God, I need more.”

He lowered his foot, his cock sliding free. As she started to protest, Lord Elton spun her to face the wall. He placed her hands flat against the cool marble and leaned over her back.

“Don’t let go.”

The soft silk of her dress slid up and over her hips. She was bare, exposed, and she loved it. James pressed his cock into her, filling her again. She gasped. He’d never taken her like this—never in such a brazen position. Without warning he slapped her on the ass. Amelia flinched and whimpered.

“Do it again.”

The round globe received another stinging slap. She groaned and pushed against him. James drove deep, picking up speed with each delicious push. Reaching around her body, he massaged her swollen clit. She spread her legs to give him better access. Amelia clawed at the marble wall as the tension in her coiled. James growled, his thrust becoming more frantic.

“Amelia, I need you,” he growled.

She tilted her head to the side, giving him access to her neck. “Take me, James. I give it to you freely.”

His tongue swept up the side of her neck. She shivered with need, shuddered with the building climax. With one hand she braced herself against the wall. With the other, she tugged at her nipple.

“Take me, Lord Elton. Please.”

He growled again and bit. She cried out as the most delicious pain swept through her body. With each draw, he seemed to pull her pleasure higher. Her mind spun, grasping for something solid to cling to, drowning in an endless abyss of desire. His fingers worked her nub, spreading her lips and stroking her slick folds. She convulsed as he drove into her and carried her over the edge. Her body hovered, shuddering before exploding into a million wonderful pieces.

Still fastened to her neck, James thrust one final time and buried his length in her. He held her tight against him, coming. Her body thrummed at the feel of his pleasure pouring into her. As his muscles relaxed, he draped his body over hers and slid his tongue along her neck to cover the proof of his existence. His lips grazed her naked shoulders.

“That was bloody amazing,” he said.

She laughed and rubbed against him. He slowly straightened and helped her to stand. Turning in his arms, she smiled. “Damn bloody amazing, Lord Elton. I’m just glad nobody discovered us here.”

He captured her mouth and swept his tongue inside. She licked his upper lip, feeling his fangs retract. He continued to fondle the sensitive buds of her breasts as she pressed fully against him. Breaking the kiss, he nuzzled her neck.

“I would have told them to find their own damn alcove.” She laughed again. He extracted the lace collar from his pocket and held it out. “Turn around.”

She slowly spun and he placed the choker around her neck, effectively hiding the marks. His hands trailed from the clasp of the necklace and across her shoulders with the lightest caress. She turned and looked into his eyes as black as obsidian.

“Thank you for not killing me,” she said with a playful tilt of her head.

A wicked smile spread across his beautiful mouth. “There is always next time, Mrs. Collins.”

A coy smile tugged at her lips. “Lord, I certainly hoped so.”


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thank you for sharing this delightful story- I love it.