Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Story Behind the Stories in Paranormal Pleasures

I started seriously writing fiction in 2005. Before that I only dabbled with it for writing classes. Before then I only wrote non-fiction- from magazine articles to web content and poetry. But not fiction.

So I gave it a shot and found my niche in paranormal erotica. I had always been a fan of paranormal books. Then I found erotica story sites online which piqued my interest plus I had already been writing in the sex community- advice columns, product reviews, etc so I decided to combine my paranormal love and my sex writing- and my short fiction stories were born.

My inspiration came from everywhere and nowhere. I don’t know exactly how it works :-)

Some days the muse just smiles and sends ideas my way. Other times she is stingy and shares nothing.

I started with vampires and moved on to witches and demons. One of the stories in this collection (Sea of Blood) first appeared on It’s gone now but I worked as an editor there and started submitting some of my own work. It was for a vampire anthology the site was going to publish. I edited the collection but it sadly never made it to print. Later Sea of Blood was published on Tit-elation’s sister site, where I was a columnist.

Renata, The Questioning Concubine, and Witch in the Middle all contain characters who might make a few guest appearances in my upcoming vampire series because they are all set in the same world and have connections to my main characters in the series.

Chrissy, in A Halloween to Remember appears in my short story, Tasty Christmas Treats (Eternal Press), though Tasty is set a couple years earlier than Halloween, before she met her husband.

All together eight of the stories in this collection were previously published in eBooks and on websites.

I had many requests to see the stories in print. So I toyed with the idea for quite some time before finally getting around to gathering my available stories that all fit into the paranormal erotica genre and put them into one collection. I even added two new stories that had not been published before.

All of the stories went through several rounds of edits. Both original edits from the first publishing, then my new edits- I even changed a few scenes here and there. Then an author friend, Kiki Howell, went through with fresh eyes and edited the entire collection for me.

And finally it was ready for formatting to go to print. Let me tell you formatting for all the different eBooks and then a different formatting for print is quite tedious when you do it all yourself. But at least I know what I’m doing now.

I had the talented cover artist Dawne Dominique design my cover- and voila Paranormal Pleasures was born. Over five years in the making but it finally arrived.