Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kissing Under the Mistletoe Tips with Rachel Firasek

Okay, let's have some fun!

In the spirit of Christmas and my fave tradition--kissing under the mistletoe--I thought we'd talk about getting ready for that moment, and my preperations for a perfect smooch.

1. Always...Always, brush teeth after stuffing your face with the rows of heaping carbs that you'll have to walk off later.

2. Be sure that underarms are b.o. free and if you're traveling, it wouldn't hurt to spritz the air freshener and walk through the mist--just to give you that fresh scent he'll love.

3. Do a tongue check against now clean teeth to make sure no little pieces of turkey are stuck in between the molars you'd like him to lick later.

4. Remove any excess lipstick that might be a deter for him. Guys are tricky and will use any excuse in the book to avoid kissing a woman they've spent the last decade or two with--if you're still in the passionate days, you can skip this part. He'll mostly dry hump you in the living room in front of your folks if the relationship is early enough.

5. Don't forget the girls. Pull them puppies up and plump them until they look like two pillows he'd like to lay his head on. When he goes in for the inspection, lock on baby! *Muuuuwaaaa*

So, this is my fail proof plan to get my guy to lock down on my love lickers. Do you have one to add? I'd love to know. *smooches*