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Character Interview with Lord Arkus from My Sparkling Misfortune by Laura Lond

Interview with Lord Arkus

Rox: Thank you for inviting us to the Blackriver Castle, Your Lordship, and taking the time to answer a few questions for our readers.

Lord Arkus: You are welcome. How do you like the place?

Rox: It is, well, somewhat dreary…

Lord Arkus: Oh, thank you. It takes a lot of effort to keep it in order. So what did you want to ask me about?

Rox: Lord Arkus, you are, by your own admission, a villain. What is it like?

Lord Arkus: It is a lonely profession. And you always have to watch your back.

Rox: You have written this book, My Sparkling Misfortune, detailing your recent adventures. But books usually feature heroes, not villains. Would you like to comment on that?

Lord Arkus: Yes, I would. Heroes are overrated. Villains are never heard or given a chance, they are often misrepresented and underestimated. The latter is fine with me, because when I turn out to be smarter than someone thought, I win. But the overall situation is less than felicitous. I thought it was about time a villain had his say.

Rox: Let us talk about the book a little. It tells about your experience with a mystical creature called a sparkling. What is a sparkling?

Lord Arkus: In short, it is an exasperating clown of a spirit who only does good things.

Rox: This does not sound like something a villain would want.

Lord Arkus: Tell me about it! Of course I wanted something different. I wanted an evil spirit who would help me to settle the score with my enemies. Unfortunately, I ran into some unforeseen contingencies.

Rox: Why didn’t you get rid of him when you realized it was the wrong kind of spirit?

Lord Arkus: An obvious question. It’s trickier than you might think. I found myself stuck with him for five years.

Rox: So how did you deal with it?

Lord Arkus: You work with what you’ve got. Or rather around it, in this particular case.

Rox: We understand that there was also a monster involved. Why was he after you?

Lord Arkus: I’d rather not talk about that. Having to pose next to him for the book cover was bad enough.

Rox: All right, let us address something else. You know, in reading this book, we got the impression that you are actually not as bad as you wish to convey.

Lord Arkus: What?

Rox: Well, you say you’re a villain, yet you ended up helping some people.

Lord Arkus: If so, I was manipulated into it.

Rox: But not on every occasion. You even made some friends, didn’t you? And have shown yourself loyal to them.

Lord Arkus: Another comment like that, and I will cancel the interview.

Rox: Oh, we mean no offense. It’s just something our readers would wonder about. Perhaps this incident with the sparkling has made you less of a villain?

Lord Arkus: All right, that’s it, the interview is over!

Rox: Please, Your Lordship…

Lord Arkus: I said it’s over. Shork! Where is that stupid servant of mine? Shork, show the guests out.

My Sparkling Misfortune

By Laura Lond

Book blurb:

Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle readily admits that he is a villain and sees no reason why it should stop him from being the protagonist of this book. After all, Prince Kellemar, an aspiring hero, has defeated him in a rather questionable way. Bent on revenge, Arkus attempts to capture a powerful evil spirit who would make him nearly invincible, but a last-minute mistake leaves him with a Sparkling instead—“a goody-goody spirit that helps heroes, watches over little children, and messes up villains’ plans.” Bound to Lord Arkus for five years of service and sworn to act in his best interests, the Sparkling is not easy to get rid of, and of course his understanding of “best interests” is quite different from what Lord Arkus has in mind.

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About the Author

Serious version:
Laura Lond is an internationally published author of several novels and a collection of short stories. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. Having worked for 2 years at a literary museum, Laura entered the world of business, working for large international corporations like Xerox Ltd. and Fluor Daniel. After moving from Europe to the United States, she has been self-employed as a freelancer.

Funny version:
Laura Lond is a European-born author now living in the United States who still hasn’t acquired the taste for any kind of sweetened meat (“honey ham” sounds as disturbing to her as “salted chocolate cake”). Laura writes mostly fantasy and is slightly less eccentric than her characters. She loves animals and hates talking on the phone.