Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sensual Goodies Every Sex Goddess Should Have

Sensual Goodies Every Sex Goddess Should Have
By Roxanne Rhoads

Every woman may be different but every goddess has something stashed away that is sure to put her or her special someone in the mood.

Whether you are a sultry sex kitten or a luscious goddess of love there are several must haves in your goddess goodie box. These little tid bits are tiny tricks of the trade, tools of seduction or maybe just good old comforts that make you feel better. So what sensual goodies should every sex goddess have on hand?

A sexy and relaxing boudoir is a given but what does the lady keep within those sacred walls?

A collection of sexual attire is a start. While the goddesses’ tastes may range from lacy to racy from silk to leather every sex kitten has something, at least one special outfit, nightie, peignoir, or teddy that makes her feel like the sexiest thing in the world. A true sexual devotee may have a closet that is nothing but a collection of naughty nothings (or almost nothings).

Of course if you have the clothes the shoes (and/or boots) are sure to be there, too. Women love shoes and a goddess is going to worship right along with mere mortals in this department. What woman (or goddess) doesn’t have at least one pair of “come fuck me” shoes? I have two pair of heels, one black and one red, which just scream sex, along with a couple pair of boots. The black shoes are my favorite. All by themselves they scream sex, naughty, take me, fuck me, do whatever you want with me, I’ll be naked with just my shoes on. Yes, shoes are goddesses must have and maybe even a weakness (right along with shiny things).

Depending on who lives with you, you may want to keep your most intimate and sexy secrets stashed away in a private place. This could be in the back of your closet, a drawer that isn’t easily accessed by others or perhaps even a box or trunk with a lock.

EdenFantasys.com as well as many other adult stores carries storage containers, lock boxes and cases designed especially for adult needs, locks included. And not only are many of the storage solutions practical they are savvy, sexy, and chic as well. These trendy little totes can hide away many of your sensual goodies. They come in all different sizes and a wide range of sultry colors from cute pink to sleek and sexy black.

So what does a goddess put in her sexy treasure chest? A multitude of naughty and nice must haves. A variety of sex toys is at the top of the list. While a goddess may have lovers waiting in line to please her, she knows how to please herself first and doesn’t wait around for someone to get it right. A goddess is into pleasure and loves to experiment, alone or with a lover. Try out a variety of toys from dildos to vibrators to anal teasers, big girls love toys, they are a sensual must have.

A great lube is the next major must have. Whether you want to play by yourself or go for a marathon sex romp, occasionally a good lube is a necessity. My personal favorite is LifeStyles Liquid Personal Lubricant, in Strawberry. It’s not too slippery, not sticky and not gummy at all. Completely natural and absolutely perfect for sex toy romps, marathon lovemaking sessions, or even some anal experimentation. It is also condom compatible.

Which brings us to the next must have…condoms. Even if you are in a monogamous relationship you never know when you might need a condom. Unfortunately a goddess can be prone to funky infections just like a mere mortal so keep condoms handy. And you never know when you might want to experiement a little. If your good toys end up heading for an entrance they usually don’t enter, condoms are a good idea because they keep your toy safe and make for easy clean up. Plus who knows where your exploits will lead you.

Above all else a goddess is smart and safe.

What else? Handcuffs anyone? Blindfold? Hhhmm…a little light bondage can be fun. Make it fun with furry handcuffs with quick release buttons and a silky blindfold that doesn’t feel threatening. Want to go a little further? Add a soft, gentle little whip or maybe a nicely padded paddle. Just a delicate leather thing that can make the heart speed up and the anticipation send shivers as it is ready to tease and tempt and tantalize. No one says you have to go hardcore, but every goddess knows a little BDSM can be a whole lot of FUN.

Get really sensual with a collection of tantalizing treats that feel really good; a silk scarf, a feather tickler, a furry massage mitt, anything that can arouse the sense of touch and make the skin tingle with excitement.
Collect things that will arouse each of the senses for ultimate seduction. Sensual music for the ears, scented candles and incenses as well as luscious aromatherapy massage oils for “scentual” arousal, and an erotic environment that appeals to the eye. A little eye candy draped all over you won’t hurt either. This is where that closet full of bedroom apparel comes in.

Let’s not forget taste. You can keep a little collection of tasty treats in your sexy stash or have wholesome goodies on hand when a lover is around. There are plenty of lickable, edible, tasty lotions, lubes, and oils along with flavored powders and body dusts that can be stored in your bedroom. An exquisite treat for the chocolate lover is edible chocolate body paints. Yum.

Of course you can create your own buffet when your lover arrives for a feast they are sure not to forget.

Liquor filled strawberries dipped in dark chocolate are a truly sinful delight. Then of course there are always the old stand bys of whipped cream, chocolate syrup, wine, champagne and anything else you might like to lick off your lover or offer up to your lover from your own body. Food and sex can definitely go hand in hand, or in many other body parts…

Each goddess may have her own little tricks and must haves, specific little goodies like that song or those shoes, or that perfume, or the ultimate oil. These are just a few of the most commonly found items across the board among sex kittens, goddesses and fledgling seductresses alike.

Just remember the goddess herself is the ultimate tool of seduction, her ultimate femininity is her sex appeal. Everything else is just props.