Saturday, April 28, 2012

Love Knows No Bounds Autism Speaks Anthology

April is Autism awareness month.

It is also now a month I'll remember as my youngest son was recently diagnosed with Aspergers (and ADHD).

His high functioning Aspergers isn't Autism but it is an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and I now have a deeper connection to and understanding of Autism as I research and learn everything I can about Aspergers and the sensory issues my son  has so I can work to make his life better through understanding.

I haven't been reading much fiction lately (hence the lack of reviews) because my stack of books all relate to Aspergers, sensory sensitivity, and gluten free diets (apparently there's a connection between gluten and a lot of disorders so it's worth trying if it can make my son healthier and happier).

However today (April 28) a new fiction anthology is being released by Entangled Publishing- Love Knows No Bounds and 100% net profits from the sales go to Autism Speaks and I know I'll be purchasing a copy.

The stories will be available individually and in the anthology. I believe you can download them individually as ebooks and the anthology will be available as an ebook and in print (don't quote me on this I'm not 100% sure). All I know is that I want a print copy added to my bookshelf.

Today the three authors of the anthology will be sharing a little bit of info about their stories.

Thanks to Boone, Nina and Brooke for being part of this charity anthology for Autism.

Autism is a condition that affects so many families, and consequently, I’m really excited to be part of the Entangled Publishing’s charity anthology, Love Knows No Bounds.

The novellas are all love stories and mine, Remember Me, is a paranormal romance. It’s a redemption story and tells of the love between an angel and the woman who will love him for eternity.

Long ago, Cade betrayed his own people to give his human wife eternal life. In doing so lost her, and was turned into a demon of the Abyss. Now Cade has a second chance to regain her love, if only he can make her remember…

And here’s the blurb for Remember Me:

Unable to bear the thought of losing his mortal wife, Caden Wolfe steals the Elixir of Life and offers her eternity. But the theft is discovered, his wife is slain, and Caden is stripped of his angel’s wings and cast down into the Abyss.

Having drunk of the Elixir of Life, Phoebe Little’s soul is tied to the earth in a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. Unaware that she has lived countless lives, Phoebe is haunted by the loss of a love she has no memory of.

Caden has spent a thousand years searching for his wife. Now he has found her, and only Phoebe’s love can redeem them both. But Phoebe fell in love with an angel, and Caden is now a demon of the Abyss. Can she see past what he has become, remember the love they once shared, and have a second chance at forever?

And a little excerpt from Remember Me to whet your appetites:

Cade kissed her mouth, her cheek, her eyes…small biting kisses, as though he wanted to devour her.


He whispered the name through the kisses. Phoebe went instantly still as the word broke through the fog of desire engulfing her, dousing her in a deluge of icy cold. Her hands moved to his shoulders, and she pushed him away. For a moment, his grip tightened, then he loosened his hold lowered her so she stood on her own feet again. Pulling free of him, she took a shaky step forward, then another. She came up against the desk and put out a hand to the cool steel to steady herself, trying to clear her brain of the haze of lust and desire.

The name from her dream. And now, as her brain slowly began to function again, she remembered where she had heard it before. Cade had spoken it in the compound in Afghanistan, just before the world had exploded.

She glanced at him. He was watching her, his expression wary, though his dark eyes still glowed with residual desire. Regret nudged at her mind, but she forced it down. She needed to understand what was happening here. “Who’s Eleni?”

He didn’t answer the question. Instead, he crossed the room and poured them both a whisky, placing the glasses on the coffee table before sinking onto the sofa.

“Sit down,” he said.

She gritted her teeth. “I don’t want to sit down. I want to know who Eleni is.”

“Sit down, and I’ll tell you.” When she didn’t move he continued, a faint thread of impatience lacing his voice. “Sit down, Phoebe. I won’t touch you again…unless you want me to.”

I’m so thrilled to be part of Entangled Publishing’s project to raise money for Autism Speaks.

My novella, Tweet, was inspired by a real life event. As my husband drove around looking for a restaurant, I pulled out my iPad to search for the address. After finding it, I popped onto Twitter and began surfing. I don’t know how, but I stumbled upon Satan’s Twitter account. Seriously, the profile said, By clicking follow you agree to bind your soul to Satan. Or something like that in 140 characters or less.

My husband and I laughed and I said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that was true?”

I froze with one of those wide-eyed expressions a writer gets when a great idea pops into their head. From that moment Tweet was born. Though there are more Satan and social networking stories in my near future, I had to offer this one up when Liz P. when she put out a call for the Autism Project. 

100% of profits go to Autism Speaks, an organization that helps families by providing resources and information. It’s amazing to me how many people are touched by autism and I’m so happy to give Tweet to this great venture.

Tweet Blurb:

When one time ultra-shy girl, Faye Albert, decides to live a little, she inadvertently binds her soul to Satan by following the Dark Prince on Twitter.

Now she needs to break the contract or face eternal damnation. With time running out and her desperation growing, Faye enlists the help of Christopher White, a gorgeous photographer from work and her secret crush.

To sweeten the deal Satan’s minion tempts her every step, offering her things she’s only dreamed of. Will Faye be able to say no to a lifetime of earthly treasures and possibly lose the only man she’s ever loved or will her leap of faith finally deliver exactly what her heart has yearned for?

The third author in the Love No Bounds anthology, is Brooke Moss.

Her connection to Autism is deeply personal. 

When asked " In a single sentence, what will sales of the anthology for the supported cause mean to you?"

This was her response:    

"Frankly, every single sale of this book is a personal donation made towards my son, Sam’s, success and well being; and there is nothing that a reader can do that will touch my heart more than building a world for Sam that is more accepting and understanding." 

 Bittersweet Blurb: 

Anna Kirkpatrick isn't looking for love. Being a single mom to Bowan, her eight-year-old autistic son, takes up all of her time...leaving no room for romance. Willing to do anything to help her son come out of his shell, Anna agrees to take Bowan to cooking classes with a world class chef. 

Motorcycle-riding pastry chef Leo Mancini isn't exactly searching for "the one", either. After losing every penny he had, his business, and his girlfriend, he's moved to northern Idaho to sulk, restart his career, and pay his sister back for a loan that no amount of money could ever really suffice. 

When Anna and Leo discover that Bowan's fondness for the kitchen extends beyond his peculiar cookbook collection, Leo quickly becomes the one person who can break through his barriers. 

But will Leo and Anna's attraction lead to more than just a weekly cooking lesson?