Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Guest blog by Susan Lute

Surprisingly enough, I didn't read my first novel, one I'd picked out for myself, until I was thirteen. My mom and dad had just gotten divorced. I was feeling pretty alone. That book was Black Beauty. Authors write milestones for their characters. 

Black Beauty was a milestone for me. Then there was Pippi Longstocking and Amelia Bedelia. When I was fifteen I started writing my own stories. Over dramatic, short stories about the civil war, birthing babies, surviving. They were published too, by my Creative Writing teacher, along with the rest of the classes' masterpieces. My next published piece was a little known article, titled Jessie's Choice, a story about a fetal alcohol girl, for Listen Magazine. But my writing career didn't really take off until I sold Oops...We're Married? to Silhouette Romance. The Return Of Benjamin Quincy is my third novel since that exciting day. I hope you enjoy meeting Ben and Sydney. 

Can anyone guess my favorite animal? He or she has made an appearance in two of my last three books.

And if you're interested I have a giveaway... anyone who signs up for my newsletter will get their name in the beaded purse for a $25 Amazon gift cert. If they can name the cat in the story, they get their name in twice.

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The Return of Benjamin Quincy
A Rosewood Novel
By Susan Lute


All Benjamin Quincy wants is to make a stable home for his ten year old daughter in the town he grew up in and left in bitter disappointment. Young and hot headed, he made a mistake. 

Eleven years later, he’s a divorced, single dad with a troubled child, and a lot to make up for. 

Sydney Marshall has finally snagged the perfect job at a coveted travel magazine in New York. 

Does she care that her ex has returned to the tiny town of Rosewood with a precious daughter who’s not hers? 

Does it matter that every time he comes near, her heat flutters madly like in the old days? No! Her bags are packed; plane tickets are stashed in her carry on bag; the adventure of a lifetime is about to begin. 

There’s only one problem. Life and Rosewood have a penchant for interfering in the best laid plans.

Author Bio: 

Like all children of military families, Susan spent her childhood moving from one duty station to the next. An ardent student of human nature, she acquired a love for ancient history and myth, a fascination for the ridiculous and unusual, and is the first to admit, she still collects way too much useless information. 

These days, when not working as a Registered Nurse, she writes whenever she can. When not writing, her favorite things to do are spend time with family, read, watch movies, garden, take black-and-white photos, travel, and remodel her house. 

Website: www.susanlute.com 


Susan said...

Roxanne, thanks so much for having me! It's off to the day job I go, but I'll check in when I can throughout the day :)