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The Night My Husband Killed Me by Kathleen Hewtson

What inspired you to become an author?

I think its because I read like crazy always have done and sometimes I’d read a book and think this is so interesting but how and why did this or that go down? If I wondered enough I wrote my own book about it.

Do you have a specific writing style?

You mean besides the drugs? If you did then its to die for boring. I write like I’m working for some humorless jerk (that would be me) I sit down Monday thru Friday and make myself lay down five pages, on a good day that’s four hours on a bad day its fourteen, and I then complain to management but she’s an uncaring idiot so I am still forced to produce 5 pages sigh.

Do you write in different genres?

Yes two, paranormal romance and faction, faction just means it all really went down I just call it fiction and change the names to protect the innoncent (me) from lawsuits.

If yes which is your favorite genre to write?

Definitely faction (fiction based on facts)

How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

I’m not very smart and this book is the story as told from the point of views of four women who were murdered by their husbands at night as it happened and so erm..the night my husband killed me came to mind, I waited to see if anything else would and when it didn’t I went with this.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Well yes, I for one and bear in mind that I’m not a marriage counselor think that marrying psychopaths is a really poor idea no matter how good looking or rich they are. For people considering it I might suggest that they read my book first!

Is the book, characters, or any scenes based on a true life experience, someone you know, or events in your own life?

Fortunately none of this is based on any events in my own life, if it were I assume I’d be dead which would mean I was the ultimate ghost writer! However Natalie Wood, Nicole Brown Simpson and Colette Macdonald and Sunny Von Bulow were indeed real women. Lovely young caring women and great mothers and the book is dedicated to their lives as well as their terrible unjust deaths.

What books/authors have influenced your life?

Several but Dominick Dunne was so kind to me and gave me my first story and the great Stephen King influenced me too as I imagine he has a few hundred thousand other writers.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Joe McGinnis, a great man a great writer

What book are you reading now?

Until The Twelth of Never and Simons Choice, simultaneously actually, they are both fantastic but I think I may be clinically depressed now!

What books are in your to read pile?

John Irvings new one and a killer ghost story called The Gravedigger

What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?

In a couple of months I’ll release The Night My Mother Killed Me and its about the Casey Anthony case from waaaay up close.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Of course 

I didn’t see it coming. One minute I was going on with my life and then I was fighting for it and then it was over.
      I never saw myself as special when I was alive. I think maybe if I’d been given time I might have become a little special; at least I was trying. I never stopped trying; not after I had to drop out of college because I was pregnant──not during the rough hurried years of early marriage and motherhood which happened to me simultaneously. No matter how little time or money or how few my chances were, I kept trying.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

God yes, my research is crazed, I put myself in the weirdest and sometimes most dangerous situations all to find out how it went down or as close to it as I can get without actually being killed in the process.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

John Irving, I mean I have others but every Christmas I re-read Cider House Rules, that line, “Goodnight you princes of Maine, you kings of New England,” made me go into child protection and also its made me try all my life to be as good to people as I possibly can be. But heck I love a million faves do you have a month?

Do you have to travel much to do research for your books?

Yes, I always try to go to either the scene or to interview the killer and family members if possible.

Who designed the cover of your latest book?

Tim Hewtson, he’s gifted and wonderful and (spoiler alert :-) my husband)

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Yes I do, this is a strange lonely career, and so its good to remember whats important your readers and build up relationships with them and once you do that they will send you cake recipes.

Do you have a song or playlist (book soundtrack) that you think represents this book?

Oh yes and it’s a weird one. For Colette “Stand by your man” For Nicole “You Give Love a Bad Name” For Sunny its an ironic one, Sinatra’s “The Good Life” and for Natalie it’s the beautiful theme from Westside Story A Place for us in the hope that she found one :-)

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The Night My Husband Killed Me
Kathleen Hewtson

Genre: Fiction/Paranormal/True Crime

Publisher: Taylor Street Books Publication Date 07-11-2012

ISBN: 1478231688 

Number of pages: 328
Word Count: 90.000

Cover Artist: Tim Hewtson

Book Description:

A movie heart-throb
A sports superstar
An aristocrat
A brilliant surgeon

Killers all.

These are the stories of those they killed.

Their wives.

'The Night My Husband Killed Me', is the story of four women who were murdered by their husbands.

All of the women were beautiful, and were either famous at the time of their deaths, or became famous for being the victims of the charismatic, disturbed, men who ended their lives.

Being dead doesn’t end a woman’s feelings, or her anger. There is Natalie, the international and revered movie star who died the death she had most feared all of her life. There is the beautiful, life-loving Nicole, who might just have gone back to the stunning athlete she loved, if only he hadn’t killed her first. Then there is Sunny, heiress to one of America's greatest fortunes, sent into an irreversible coma for paying too much for all the wrong things. And finally, there is Colette, the high school sweetheart who married the golden boy and endured a marriage of increasing lies and disappointment, culminating in her death and that of her little girls shortly after Valentine’s Day.

These four amazing women’s lives were cut short, but each has a story to tell … and now they have.

 About the Author

Kathleen Hewtson lives and writes in San Francisco California, her writing focuses on actual cases which she then takes and makes into books about how it might have happened. This is her fifth novel.

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