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Character Guest blog- with Dick from Who is Candid

Hi folks. This is Dick from Who Is Candid? by Carole Remy. This is my first guest blog, so bear with me. Glad to be here!

Make Love with a Nerd!

People always ask me if I knew all along that Lucy was Candid. Well, I gave her the prototype modem that allowed her to upload the posts anonymously. Nobody else had the modem, so I kind of had a big clue from the beginning.

Second question I always get is whether I was shocked that Lucy started writing erotica. Ha! That girl is sex on wheels! She just had no idea, with her nose always buried in a book. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers for those of you that haven’t read the book yet, but let’s just say I’m a happy camper. *Groan* Camper, Lucy’s road trip, bad pun. Sorry, remember, this is my first guest post.

Okay, I guess it’s time to get to the point of the post. What I want to say is that smart girls, really smart girls, love sex too. Lucy is wicked smart. I mean she works for XXX (dang, spoiler alert again!). Anyway, just because a girl wears glasses—Lucy doesn’t actually wear glasses, but you get the drift—just because a girl’s smart, don’t write her off as not sexy.

Same goes for um, assertive. So she puts her hand up and answers the question in seminar. Good for her! Woman’s still sexy! So she gets better grades than you. Well, maybe you should work a little harder, but damn, she’s still sexy!

And ladies. The same goes for guy nerds. Admit it, you already know that nerds make the best husbands. So give us a go in the sack. Not to be crude, but... how to say this without being crude... We’ve got the package, ladies! We’ve got the goods. And we’ll also invent something awesome and make a pot of money. Win in the bedroom, win in the boardroom.

Here’s a sneak peek at a little nerd on nerd. Uh, that was crude. Sorry. Don’t worry about the names. Remember, Lucy likes to make up stories. Maybe this really even happened. With Lucy, you never know.

“Come back to my apartment.” His words came with the coffee and in a tone somewhere between request and demand.

“I have a rule,” I began. “I never spend more than one night.”

“Break it.”

“I’m not ready to get involved.”

“You already are.”


“Redhead, you’re coming back to my hotel room. I may chain you to the bed so you can’t run out on me again.”

“You’re scaring me, John.”

“Good. Tell me honestly that you don’t like it, and I’ll let you walk out the door.”

“Like what?”

“Being a little scared. Making love with me.”

“You’ve changed. You told me you were a geek.”

“I am.”

“You’ve changed,” I repeated. “You’re more…”

“Forceful? I’ve always been tenacious when I know what I want,” he grinned. “It’s just never been a woman before.”

“Lucky me.”

My irony was lost on him. He grinned and nodded. Maybe he was right.

We went back to his hotel. He asked/told me to strip for him. I made him pull out his penis first, so I could watch his erection grow. He leaned back fully clothed on the sofa, his almost limp organ dangling out the slot in his pants. I would remove an item of clothing, then wait until he grew a little. It became a game of wills, I enticing him to swell, he futilely fighting the urge.

When I was naked, I went to the drawer and found a condom. I stretched it over his bulging erection and smiled in anticipation. He pulled me astride his lap and thrust not his organ but his fingers inside me. They were hard and insistent, clinical and impersonal. I gushed even as I ached for him to gather me into his arms with affection and caring.

“Kiss me,” I urged him.


He drove his fingers in and out, his eyes locked to mine. At last I threw back my head and came, shivering as I moaned. He slid down the seat until his hips rested on the edge and then pulled me into position above him. He pushed me down onto him, thrusting his solid shaft up inside me. The angle was new and effective. The teeth of his open zipper dug into my labia and spurred me upward. I moved on him, not really up and down but more down and around. I would position us and he would thrust. The teeth would bite; I would gasp and rise. We were a team, linked in our search for the perfect depth, the perfect pressure, the perfect release. He came inside me a fraction of a moment after I climaxed. My spasms merged with his throes and we ended up on the floor.

Yeah, nerds know what they’re doing. Give one a try. Who knows? You may find the love of your life.

Thanks again for inviting me here, Rox! I bet you’re one of those sexy nerds yourself! Hot damn! I’d love to chat if anyone wants to drop a comment. Carole’s here too, so fire away. 

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Who Is Candid?
Carole Remy

Genre: erotic romance


Number of pages: 226 estimated, 404 KB
Word Count: 70,000

Cover Artist: Catalin Petolea through Shutterstock, model release signed
Cover Designer: Marissa Lepe Preciado

Teaser Description: Lucy, aka Candid, is a naughty girl who takes a sexy fun road trip across America, and tells everybody all about it! 

Book Description:

In the spring of 1998, recent graduate Lucy Ralph decides to rebel. The NSA is blocking her job applications, her best friend Dick is a frustrating hunk of gorgeous, and her mother is driving her crazy. Worst of all, she’s still a virgin!
Lucy takes off on a road trip across America, and reinvents herself as 'Candid,' a naughty girl who has sexy fun with just about everybody she meets, and tells the world all about it! Her explicit 'Candid' Internet posts go viral overnight. The National Security Agency, the entertainment media, the paparazzi, and soon the entire nation are on her tail! While she spins a modern day sexual Arabian Nights, she's also being tracked by the sweet, sexy, and elusive Dick, who has his own tricks to play.
Will love ever be more than a virtual reality for Lucy? Can she and Dick get past the friends page? Will exposure ruin everything, if the nation finds out Who Is Candid?

About the Author:

Carole Remy lives in Mexico with her beloved dog Gemma. When she isn’t writing and touring her novels, you can find her rescuing dogs, learning wood sculpture, and salsa dancing!

(Twelve Nights board contains 15 captioned photos of locations from the novel)

Twitter: @Carole_Remy
promoting these hashtags: #CaroleRemy #TwelveNights #SexyFun #Candid



Carole Remy said...

Hi Roxanne,

Thank you so much for hosting Dick and me here on your wonderful blog!

I'd be more than happy to send a FREE copy of Who Is Candid? to everyone who comments here! All I need is your email address.

And my #11 in Erotica novel, Twelve Nights, is FREE on Amazon Kindle through Thursday. Download it now, and help me reach #1! Woohoo!

Thanks again Roxanne! You Rock! (Rock/Rox... that was Dick. I bet you get that a lot. Sorry! Hug!)


PS See you tomorrow for SM in the 1950s! Yummmm...