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Monday, July 22, 2013

Interview: The Chronicles of Darkness by Matthew Head

Do you write in different genres?

So far all my work has been based within the supernatural genre – it’s where I started and it’s where I feel most at home. That isn’t to say I don’t have plans to branch out however! I’ve got a few ideas tucked away for other books that don’t feature the supernatural – a couple of historical ones I’m quite excited about!

Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete?

I title the book first, after a period of pre-writing where I scope the story out and decide what’s going to happen. I personally find that giving a book a title first gives it a kind of life and identity which helps me in my writing process. Every author is different though and I’m sure there are just as many who prefer to title their books afterwards!

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

I know he writes for television, but honestly my answer would have to be Russell T.Davies. He was the man who brought back Doctor Who in 2005 and I’ve always found his writing to be phenomenal. If I can ever be as good as he is but in book form as opposed to screenplay form I’ll be a happy man!

What book are you reading now?

It’s actually a non-fiction book, and it’s called “The Time-Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England.” It’s a fascinating read and it’s written like a travel book as though one were visiting the fourteenth century like they might visit Spain for a holiday.

What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?

I’m currently working on a couple of novellas which tie in with “The Chronicles of Darkness” series and as well as that my second full length novel: “The Chronicles of Darkness: The Unknown Portal” is with my editor. So there are a lot of plates spinning in the air at the moment! The pressure is certainly on but I’m enjoying every moment of it.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Self-doubt plagues me like a swarm of wasps. Honestly (and I’m sure a lot of other writers would agree with me) I find that feeling that what you’ve written might well be utter rubbish most debilitating. You have to have real strength and conviction to shake off the doubt and plough onwards. It’s one of those peculiar things where you know it’s irrational but you can’t stop your brain from thinking it anyway.

Do you have to travel much to do research for your books?

No, thankfully not. I love to travel and I love to see new places but it does get expensive! I have a great bookshelf at home with lots of supernatural books on it, so I dive into those for any monster research I need to do. However, if I happen to be away somewhere or visiting a place I may well find some inspiration there and take a few ideas away – you never know where or when you’ll see something which you know will fit right in with your book!

Who designed the cover of your latest book?

I did! One of the things I’ve loved the most about this process is the hands-on approach I’ve had to take with regards to cover design, promotional artwork and that kind of thing. I spent about a day locked in a room designing the cover using some creative software I have on my PC. I used some fictional journal pages I’d written as a background, if you look closely enough you might be able to read them and get a few spoilers!

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The Chronicles of Darkness: The Box of Infernos
The Chronicles of Darkness Book One
Matthew Head

Genre:  Supernatural Mystery

ISBN:  978-1-78299-263-9

Number of pages:  204
Word Count:  85,000

Cover Artist: Matthew Head

Teaser trailer: http://youtu.be/STsB96OFZfw

Book Description:

In the south of England, in the city of Monks-Lantern, events are starting to unfold which have the potential to threaten all of creation. Isaac Jacobs is a young university student with a haunted past who has long been fighting the supernatural monsters of this world and now he fights them alongside his four friends; Gabbi Gurtpasha, Billie Stamford, Laura Henley and Ben Pokeley.

What starts off as a disturbing but relatively low key investigation soon explodes into something much larger, darker and more fearsome than any of them could have imagined. Just what is behind the slow but steady disappearance of people from the city? Who is the much feared Imperator? What is the worst thing you can hope to see beneath a door in an empty building? How do you define a good man from a bad one? And what terror lies within the Box of Infernos?

A plan which has been in motion for millenia is now coming to fruition and Isaac had better be ready as his life will never be the same again from now on.

Something is coming.
About the Author:

My name is Matthew Head and I'm a writer from Surrey. Well, I say from Surrey - I was born in Kent, moved to London for a bit and then moved out to Surrey to live with my partner Andrew. I was born in the eighties, raised in the nineties and then I was inspired in the noughties during my time at university where I studied Theology.

Theology is quite possibly the most fascinating subject in the world. Sounds boring I know, sounds like church and everyone knows that church is boring. But it's not like that at all. It's packed full of myths and monsters, gods and goddesses - mad, bad, sad ones alive in stories which rival many blockbuster movies in terms of how epic they are. It doesn't matter whether it's all real or not - it's the story that counts. Stories are beautiful because absolutely anything is possible within them. That's why I love writing because I love the idea of contributing to that and creating stories. Stories that will make you cry, make you laugh, make you scared. Because I think there is some magic in writing - that simple words have the power to make us feel and react so strongly to them.

When I'm not writing or doing my day job then I really enjoy going out and exploring new places. I love going somewhere I've never been before, especially if there's some history linked to the place. Old places are the best - the older the better. You just get this sense that so much has happened there, so many different people have come and gone and yet the place remains.

A few more random facts about me - my favourite pet is the humble goldfish, my favourite dinner is macaroni cheese, I love banana flavoured things but I strongly dislike bananas and the only real phobia I have is a phobia of frogs. Yeuch.

Twitter: @Chronofdarkness

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