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Interview and Giveaway with Lisa Beth Darling

Do you have a specific writing style?

No Holds Barred.  I don’t know if that a ‘style’ but it’s the way I do it.

Do you write in different genres?

For my fiction works, all of it tends to be in the romance/relationship/erotica genre whether its’ paranormal based such as the OF WAR Series or contemporary based such as “Dream Weaver” and “OBSESSION”.  I also write non-fiction and have books on the market concerning magickal herbalism, sex magick, and a photography book centered on an eminent domain case which took place in my hometown.

If yes which is your favorite genre to write?

I do like writing relationship based stories the most but my photography is a close second. I have another photography book planned for mid-2014.

How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

“Women of War” is the 5th installment in the OF WAR Series—“of war” refers to Ares God of War in all instances as he’s the star of this particular show. “Women of War” chronicles the family history of Alena MacLeod the Lost Queen of the Fey Kingdom and Ares’ ladylove. It centers on the three generations leading up to Alena’s birth and, of course, her life before she meets Ares. But they’re not just Alena’s relatives as the reader discovers that Ares was quite well acquainted with his Wife’s great-grandmother, Shar Draoight the Queen of the Dark Kingdom.

Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete?

My books always title themselves and usually before I begin writing them.

What books/authors have influenced your life?

I’m a child of the 70s and 80s so I was greatly influenced by books such as the “Flowers in the Attic” series by VC Andrews, “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” by Judith Rossner, “Dreams Die First” and a several other novels by Harold Robbins along with all of Jacqueline Susan’s works from “Valley of the Dolls” to “Once is Not Enough”.  Yes, my reading material consists mostly of sex. BUT…..

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Stephen King. I fell in love with him when I was in 7th grade and never looked back. While I kept reading all of the authors above he was the one I really stuck with. I’d mark my calendar for his new release and save my allowance money to buy it the second it hit the stands.

What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?

I’m currently working on “Kingdoms of War” the OF WAR Series Finale which will come out next spring.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

I'd be very glad to do that. This is actually the first official little snippet from the upcoming "Kingdoms of War" the OF WAR Series Finale:

Apollo looked down at his feet and kicked his feet around a little, "Actually, we're closer to two hundred million—left alive that is," Apollo proudly crooned before raising his golden eyes back to the sea to wonder aloud.

That couldn't possibly be right. There was no way nearly six billion people dropped dead in a few short months. Apollo was playing her. "You're lying, you always lie."

"Awww, Maggie, you wound me." The Golden God hung his golden head but his eyes didn't stop shining as they stayed fixed on her. Holding her stormy stare firmly Apollo let his head roll up on his long neck as he wondered aloud. "Maybe those women in there don't have to die? Maybe I can help."

Ragging flooded through Alena's small frame. The fine tea cup in her hand tumbled to the ground at her feet and shattered as she reached out for his throat. "There is a cure? You son of a bitch!"

Apollo stood there unflinchingly at the last second he batted away her angry talons as though she were no more than a fly.  "Maybe, but you won't find out that way."

Knowing he couldn't be trusted, Alena took a step back and away from him, a step toward the edge of the cliff.  "You're still lying! You're trying to get into my head, that's all. You don't have a cure. This is just another mind game of yours."

"Is it?" Apollo muttered thoughtfully.  "Hmmmmm. Maybe.  Maybe not."

Surely, there was some pact with the devil to be made here and Alena wasn't interested in signing on the dotted line.  "Get out of here.  Nothing that comes from your venomous lips is the truth. You're just a nasty little boy with a wide cruel streak."

Apollo kept his voice tight as he bit back the sting of her barb, "Look into my eyes little Fae then tell me I'm lying," Apollo challenged as he took a purposeful step toward her.  "As for my cruel streak, you haven't seen the worst of it yet."  He glanced down at her hip hidden below the tight fitting blue jeans.  "What did you tell my Brother about the scar?  I know you didn't tell him it was me or I'd be dead. Is that because you dream of me in the night? This…nasty little boy." Apollo whispered seductively.  "Now that the belt is no longer between us do you lay awake aching to know how I'd feel inside you?"

Instinct took over and Alena's little hand curled up into a tight little fist as she landed a right hook across Apollo's smug face.  "You're a pig!" Alena spat and took another step away from him, another step closer to plunging off the cliff.  "Get out!"

Apollo rubbed his cheek and ran his tongue along the inside to catch the salty taste of his Ichor.   His golden eyes rolled in her direction, the rage in them unveiled.  He wanted to hit her back but that wouldn't get him what he wanted. It wouldn't do him any good if she fell off the cliff either still he ventured one more step. Alena backed up, lost her footing and began to topple just as he slipped his arm around her waist to catch her. "Fine," he whispered holding her close, "but when their eyes are glazed and the fever hits their brains, when they're foaming at the mouth, snarling, trying to bite everything that comes into view as they twist and turn in agony, " he glanced off toward the cave's opening and then smiled slyly, "don't say I didn't offer."  Twirling her swiftly back to safety, Apollo chuckled and then disappeared from the cliff.

"I hate you, you bastard!" Alena shouted to the new night sky with its millions of twinkling stars. 

Do you have to travel much to do research for your books?

In this economy? Who can afford it? I wish I could!  I’d love to get to Greece one day but not for research just for the sheer joy of it. I want to see Mount Olympus with my own eyes and wander the ruins that I’ve written about. I want to prance around naked on the shores of a secluded Greek Isle, play in the blue waters, and soak up the sun. I want to break plates and gleefully shout ‘umpah!’  I want to dance until dawn, drink gallons of Ouzo and just have fun.

Women of War
Book Five
Lisa Beth Darling

Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Moon Mistress Publishing

Date of Publication: 2/14/2013

ISBN: 978-0615767611

Number of pages:203
Word Count: 58,000

Cover Artist: Lisa Beth Darling

Book Description:

Venture on a Mystical Journey through Time and Secrets Past

Book #5 in the OF WAR Series spans four generations of women in Alena's family from her great-grandmother, Shar Draiocht the last known Queen of the Dark Kingdom to her tortured daughter Morrowind, to Maven Alena's free-spirited mother and through the lonely life of Alena MacLeod ending where "The Heart of War" begins with the night Alena washes up on Ares' shore. With intensity, lust, fear, and strength these Women of War make their way in the world revealing the hidden truths of the past and Ares true connection to his beloved Wife, Alena.  

About the Author:

I've been married for the last 27 years to my wonderful husband and incredibly talented musician & rockin' DJ, Roy. We live in my hometown of New London, CT where we have raised two beautiful daughters to adulthood.

My writing career began in junior high, around the 7th grade. A fact that my fellow students adored but often got me called down to the Guidance Counselor's Office to discuss the adult nature of my early stories. While the experience was never pleasant, I was not deterred by the counselors' worries I was spurred onward by them, as well as by my teachers, and my classmates, I continued to hone my craft throughout those formative years.

Through my full-length novels and series I bring conflict, passion, love, and suspense to unique couples--how about a Greek God and a Fae, a retiring military man and an aging widowed hippie, a famous writer/director and a lonely hitch-hiker, or a b-grade actor and a very lucky first-time author? Since I'm never one to shy away from the less pleasant things in life, indeed I believe that it is in the Darkness where Character is created, determined, and defined, my heroes and heroines have their love tested by demons from within and without.

To date, I have penned some 14 novels and 30+ short stories. All of my books and stories are filled with steamy sex, hot passion, dark intrigue, and nail biting suspense. ALL of my works are intended for a Mature Audience Only this includes most of my non-fiction books.  My books are for those who like their reading on the gritty side. They are not intended for the faint of heart or those who enjoy a sweet read.

Also, being a Pagan (which is helpful when I write about the Ancient Gods!) I've penned a few useful guides for Ritual Sex/Love Magick and for those wanting to start out exploring Magickal Herbalism.

Twitter: @lb_darling
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