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Alien Bride Hero Dissection: Something Other Than Alpha

            Alpha males... they’re everywhere! They’re smoking hot, powerful, assertive--what woman doesn’t want a man to be all these things? They are a powerful archetype ubiquitous in the romance scene, and for good reason. But I don’t just love alphas--sometimes it’s great fun to go on a hunt and catch a handsome loner, or to figure out what it takes to make that shy guy scream (in delight!). When I wrote Alien Bride, I wanted to take a step away from the traditional alpha formula, shake things up, and experiment with a different kind of sexy.

            Alpha, beta, omega, these are all designations in the pecking order of male social hierarchy:

            Women are naturally drawn to alphas: they’re at the top, always confident, always in charge. While alphas can have any chick they want, the downside to that position is that it includes a constant power struggle with other males to maintain, and some alphas may tend to look at women in terms of what they may get from them.

            Beta males are wingmen; they are handsome, ‘nice guys,’ and will either try to challenge the alpha for his status, or will openly submit to him. Betas may get friendzoned if they lack the raw sex appeal of an alpha.

            Gammas are indifferent to the social hierarchy, and may be loners, or have philosophical inclinations. They reject social convention and move to the beat of their own drum. They have dominant psychological tendencies like the alpha, but are not moved by social convention to compete.

            Deltas are less self-assured than the aforementioned types of males, and feel most comfortable following trends, and hanging out with other deltas. They may place women on a pedestal.

            Finally, omegas are at the bottom of the pecking order. They are submissive in social situations and reject convention. Their guise of non-conformity is tied to a deep insecurity about an inability to perform socially like the alpha.

            I completely wanted to step outside of the traditional alpha mold when writing Alien Bride because I thought it would generate some interesting situations, an unusual courtship, and lots of tension!

            Orion, the book’s hero, is actually a Byronic hero, but Byronic heroes can still come in all flavors of the social pecking order. Alpha Byronic heroes are absolute lady killers; betas might be the silent type; Orion is a gamma, so combined with the Byronic element, he’s a loner in the extreme. Sleeping alone in an old chateau’s abandoned belfry, and feared by all--except his alpha and the women who fawn over him--Orion has turned his back on society in disgust. His mood swings and tendency to drink to excess are really just his way of coping with a painful past, and the fact that, deep inside, he is a sensitive person bruised by the world. That last bit, though, he’d die before admitting to anyone--

            --to anyone, except Ninkasi. Ninkasi, the college-grad daughter accidentally kidnapped in lieu of her father, an important senator and chesspiece in Orion’s ultimate plans for revenge.

            Ninkasi looks exactly like her, the woman Orion lost long ago.

            When Orion and Ninkasi meet, Orion’s plan for revenge is paramount; as a gamma, he doesn’t care about anything else. He falls hard for Ninkasi, harder than an alpha or a beta might, as gammas may still revere women (rather than see them realistically) and possibly obsess. Due to his Byronic flare, Orion is definitely the kind of guy who gets obsessed; one of his obstacles to overcome is that he can’t stop obsessing about things that happened in the past.

            Finally, he does contain a small streak of beta. What with all of his dark, aloof, extreme qualities, to make an impression on Ninkasi, Orion must go the beta route and explore what kind of relationship can grow with kindness between them.

            Orion is a reserved, but intensely deep and passionate man. He’s not the type to go out and take whatever woman he wants--it took circumstance to throw the right one into his arms--but with all those reservations and pent up energy, if he can socialize enough to seduce Ninkasi, there will be nothing less than fireworks between the sheets.

Alien Bride
Sex, Drugs, and Biopunk
Book 1
Brie McGill

Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1492890758

Number of pages: 419
Word Count: 140,000

Cover Artist: Cover Shot Creations

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Book Description:

Ninkasi Mara didn’t plan to celebrate her university graduation entangled in a bungled kidnapping meant for her father, a corrupt senator in the pocket of Techthonic Innovations. Locked alone in the gilded tower of Chateau Bernadette, Ninkasi fears its opulent pleasures will erode her will until she collapses into the comforting arms of the mysterious masked man who frequents her chamber with vintage wines and sumptuous dinners.

For more than twenty years, Orion has plotted the perfect revenge. Manipulating the hand of an insurrectionist faction, he intends to settle a shadowy score with Techthonic Innovations, a biotech giant with a history of dubious experiments. When the faction’s amateurs fail to return with the senator, they further complicate Orion’s task by returning instead with a woman who is a painful reminder of a love lost long ago. Torn between risking the secrecy of the faction and a maelstrom of emotion, Orion secretly visits her chamber in disguise.

When Orion disappears, Ninkasi is dragged into the search and rescue mission. To find him, she must learn the truth of his secrets about his hatred for the company and the physical anomalies he tries to hide. The answers await discovery in a terrifying alternate world beneath her feet in which human sacrifice is the least of her worries.

There is a reason Orion went alone...

About the Author:

Doctors suspect Brie developed an overactive imagination during childhood to cope with the expansive corn maze known as rural Pennsylvania. Unable to afford an operation to have the stories surgically removed from her brain, she opted instead to write them down.

Brie lives with two devious cats, Lunar and Loki. In her spare time, she enjoys making laser sounds with her MiniKorg, channeling entities in hyperspace, and roflstomping video games from the nineties.

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