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Kick Off The Coven of the Courtesan Book Tour: Guest Blog and Giveaway

I am thrilled to be kicking off the Coven of the Courtesan book tour on Roxanne’s Realm. Thanks so much for having me. Now, let’s go into the the world of magick, a very misunderstood stood world.

It has been the season of the witch, never before have witches been so in vogue. For example this season on television there were two hit witchy woman shows:  American Horror Story: Coven and Witches of East End, there is even a housewife who is Wiccan. There is even talk of bringing back the beloved show, Charmed. 

Since most people are getting their information about witches and magick from television, they have no idea what real magick is. Magick on television and in the movies tends to be from a dark place. It is  hard to name a movie or show that shows witches as role models besides Charmed or Bewitched. Magick is not about throwing people us against walls, demon babies, or putting hexes on people. In reality, magick is all about nature and comes from the light. As I like to remind people before there was a such thing as law of attraction what existed was spells and magick. When people tell me that the pentagram is the sign of the devil, I hit them with a bit of history to remind them that all religions have used the pentagram at one time or another plus the pentagram was around way before the concept of the devil (created by the Church of Christ).

The largest growing religion in the US is Wicca and it isn’t really a religion, though some people consider it to be so. In reality there can be Christian, Catholic, or even Jewish witches. However it is important to note that one does not have to be Wiccan or Pagan to practice magick or consider themselves a witch. It you feel like a witchy woman or man then embrace it and declare it.

In my magickal novelette series, The Courtesan Chronicles, I include real magick to show readers how magick is incorporated into everyday life. In the first book of the series, Coven of the Courtesan, it follows a coven of eclectic witches ( Lola, Bast, and Pixie Peppermint)  in New York City. An eclectic witch follows a mix of beliefs versus being on one particular path. In the book, their power of three tends to be based on oils, herbs, scent and they are bringing back the art and magick of the courtesans. Every spell in Coven of the Courtesan, is channeled so any reader of the book can use it in their personal life. The magick in the book is very modern. For example, Bast, the main character, does a ritual every morning before she goes to work. She sprays herself with a goddess mist that she conjured with the coven made of rose water and essential oils then says a good outcome spell for the day. This is a simple ritual than anyone could do to bring in goodness and light into their day.

My goal with The Courtesan Chronicles is to show fabulous woman who happen to be witches rocking magick in their lives to conjure and manifest what their heart desires. That is exactly what magick is meant to do! Blessed be.

Coven of the Courtesan
The Courtesan Chronicles
Book 1
Yolanda Shoshana

Genre: Erotic Romance, Magick

Publisher: Bastet Publishing

ASIN: B00G7P079Q

Number of pages: 40

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Book Description:

Coven of the Courtesan follows a coven of witches in New York City who bring back the magick and art of the courtesan. Come on the adventures of Bast, Lola, and Pixie as they take you on a journey that looks like Charmed meets Sex in the City.

Coven of the Courtesan, Book 1- The Courtesan Chronicles Series

Bast Buchanan is about to become CEO of Spellbound Entertainment until the Ewing family swoops down and buys the company. She never saw this coming.

Ramennis Ewing expects to run his father’s new conquest and take over the family media empire. He is ready to prove there is more to him than what is in the press.

When Bast is asked to work side by side with roving playboy, Ramennis, can she continue to keep her guard up with this new enemy, one of the sexiest men she has ever met or does her coven have to open up a can of power of three on him. Just who will seduce whom?

*The mixed media novelette series contains real magick and spells.

About the Author:

Yolanda Shoshana ("Shoshi") is a BadAss Bruja, Celebrity Clairvoyant, Courtesan Curator, and Author. She helps people have amazing love, toe curling sex, and unleash their magick.

Shoshi is the creatrix of Bruja Bespoke, an apothecary for bodacious and sensuous women. When not creating, conjuring, or interviewing, she can be found officiating wedding ceremonies around New York.

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