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Sinister Stitches Interview with Elaina Lee’s Alek Trevian

There is a boutique hiding out between the fractured, narrow storefronts lining New Gotham’s foggy docks. The shingles are ribbed and black. Washed, peeling paint and displays offering views into wicked leather and lace studded glam. The mannequins are ghoulish beauties stitched together from whatever was left from the last fool to cross one of the sinister witches.

Welcome to Sinister Stitches

“…apparel for a wicked fairy tale.”

 A spicy trinity of black magic sisters breathe star-dusted dreams to life with their gothic apparel boutique. They are schooled in the old ways of “fabric-bending” by the Needlewitches of old. With this knowledge, they’ve created an entire line of clothing that all share the same basic design element: one-size fits all. Each garment will magically tailor itself to its wearer once worn. Last time the Witches-Who-Stitch, hosted a literary catwalk, heroines were called from all walks of life and genres to challenge their seamstress skills. This time, their men have joined the fun—apparently, they’ve been sent to the boutique. (Whether they like it, or not.)

The witches were NOT expecting men. Their expertise is usually limited to DEMANDING their husbands NOT wear that in public, and, of course, the fashioning of fantastic clothing for all of literature’s heroines. (New Gotham’s men usually get their goods from Rumpel’s Twisted Threads, BUT that’s beyond the point, the girls put a quill to their interview, changed some bits, and rose to the occasion.)

To enjoy the hilarity, please check out some of the questionnaire Elaina Lee’s Alek Trevian from Written in Blood (Crisdean Sisters) was threatened asked to fill out after he stormed into Sinister Stitches. 


Please provide the witches with your name: Alek Trevian

Please provide the witches with the following:

Hair Color:  Black
Hair Length: [ ] Short and Sharp, [X] Shaggy and Sexy, [ ] Lush and Long
Eye Color:  Sandy Gray

Skin Tone: [ ] Ghoulish, [ ] Snow White, [X] Cina-baby, [ ] Mochalicious, [ ] Dark Chocolate, [  ] Other:__________

Please provide the witches with your measurements and body-type.
a.) Height: 6 ft
b.) Body Type: [ ] Skeletal, [ ] Lean and Tender, [X] Lean and Tough, [ ] Ripe and Edible

Do you have any extra extremities? Place an “X” to all that apply.

[ ] Horns or [ ] Halo (My wife would say horns, but since she’s the only one who can see them…)
[ ] 20 ft. of Hair or More
[ ] Gills and Fins or [ ] Hooves
[ ] Wings (Span:   )
[ ] Tail (How many:  )

How many heads do you have? (Your boy bit doesn’t count!)

Thankfully, just the one

Do you have arms and legs? If so, how many?

2 arms, 2 legs

How dead are you? [X] Living, [ ] Undead, [ ] Astral Form

What are you? (Species/Breed)

Last I checked, Human.

What is the occasion? (Ideas include: Wedding, Funeral, Sabbath, etc. Oh, and seduction is a valid occasion. The more details, the better.)


What’s the occasion setting? (Beach, haunted castle, grand ball, etc.)

Investigating, and hopefully looking damn good while doing so.

Will you be fighting for your life at some point in the evening? 

It’s possible

Will you be set on fire? Better yet, will you be setting other people on fire?

That would be a bad night

Will you be grave-robbing? (Dirt is a tailor’s tedium.)

No, and no again.

What are you wearing right now? Who picked that outfit out? (Basically, who let you leave the crypt in those?)

Charcoal gray suit, red tie, white dress shirt.

Do you hope to be naked at some point in the evening? (All right, dirty birds. Such questions are actually intended toward the weres and shifters in regards to their transformations.)

Does it matter? We don’t usually wait until we’re naked…

Describe your last brush with Death in two sentences. (Helps us plan for the unexpected.)

The brushes with death are left for Lyndi (or her sisters for that matter). I’m just the lucky one who gets to save the day.

Do you need a secret compartment for gigantic swords? Guns and condoms? Eyeliner, maybe?

No, regular sizes compartments will do just fine.

What are your three favorite colors?

Black, red, and dark gray.

What two colors ninja your brain, sweetie?

If you’re asking what I dislike, anything pastel (I carry a gun and if you witches make me a lemon yellow suit I will not hesitate to use it. Keep this in mind)

Please pick a style that you feel embodies you the best. If none apply, feel free to surprise us by providing your own brilliant description in the “other” slot.

[ ] Dark Angel: This is for the spoonfuls of charming. The good-natured and naughty boys next door types. Thoughtful and sensual. Loyal and intelligent. More often than not, his head is in the clouds, but those dreams and that smile holds hope for all of us. Our philosophers.

[X] Beast King: This is for the warlords and alphas. The type of men who walk into a room and their presence hushes out the sun. They live in their bodies, but their minds are searching for the next challenge. Hands for fighting and these boots for ass-kickings. Our protectors.

[ ] Smooth Criminal: This is for the bad boys. You know, the types---mother’s worse nightmares. The kind of man that makes your skin itch every time he devours you with that hundred yard stare. Chances are his senses of humor is as wicked as his tongue. To hold him, isn’t to catch him. Our scheming rogues.

[ ] Black Knight: This for the mysteries. The ones no one can quite make heads or tails out off. He’s a mixture, a melting pot of strong, sinister, and sweet. He might be Dark Angel one day, and a Smooth Criminal other days. Our brothers.

[ ] Other: _____________________

Who is your favorite comic/storybook villain?

This implies I have time to read.

If you could be any comic/storybook book hero, who would it be?

I don’t think Lyndi could take any more personalities in her life; we’ll stick with my personality, thank you.

Now, tell us who you love the most.

My wife, Lyndi of course

Anything else you’d like to add…

Are we done? Can you make my suit already?

After many barrels of chocolate, a dash of magic, and furious sewing…
Sinister Stitches’ Leather Queen
Brenda Dweyer presents Alek’s
Completed Threads

Next to a gleaming, gold antique resister, Brenda the She-Wolf is posted on the counter in a snake-skin cat-suit and a pair of vicious fuck-me red pumps. Eyes shielded behind a pair of Black Pearl Aviator shades, and waves of curls pulled up and tight on top of her head in a slick and shiny ponytail. Shiny, wet and skin-tight. To look at her hurts. To touch her hurts even more. When the gentleman standing in the middle of her mother’s gothic boutique brushes his eyes up and down Wonder Woman’s body, she answers with a sharp crescent of teeth bowing in sultry smile:
You need to go ahead and take a minute to thank your lucky stars that I’m a married woman, ‘cause otherwise I’d climb onto that ass like a tree. Yeah, let’s go ahead and put that out there, so you’re aware just who the hell you’re dealing with. And just to make the picture a little clearer—hi, I’m Brenda Dweyer. I’m the reigning Leather Queen. This is my mother’s store, and I would so rather be naked. Frankly, I don’t know what the hell you’re doing here. You’re like the tenth fool today. Ya’ll need to go ahead and get your peckers together and find a clue. Twisted Threads is THAT way.
Ah, ah—I don’t want to hear it. I don’t have the time, child. Let’s start with your color requests; I ignored them for the most part because you look like a guy who could use a little bit of a change. You seem like you’re set in your ways, and that’s cool—just don’t bring that nonsense here. I can’t take it. So, let’s take a look at what we did work up for you. We cut a navy blue pinstriped Contemporary classic jacket for you. It will suit your wider frame and be very comfortable to wear. Very. 

And we’ve done away with the shoulder pads. You don’t need them. For fabric, we spun a cotton and silk blend. You’ll still have the luxury feel, but with the breathability and durability afforded by a sturdy fabric.
There are four pairs of buttons pleated into the jacket’s side. They are nonfunctioning buttons, merely for decorative purpose, a practice that originated in the military when buttons, or pips, worn at the front of the uniform sleeve indicated rank.
That being said, Gillian, my sister, did take the time to iron a thin layer of ghost film into the jacket. It’s bulletproof, inflammable. Likewise, your Neverland blue double, collared shirt was ironed with Oblivion film. It’s made from flaying a ghost’s skin—along with having all of those prior “armor” elements. It’s quite stain resistant. Will hold up to blood and lipstick marks—no problem. As per your mention of a gun, the interior of your jacket has been outfitted with several Void pockets. Any weapons pocketed or holstered in the utility straps will bend and fold with the fabric. That’s right, don’t ruin my lines with your crap, fool.
Now, here, take your old clothes, and get the hell out of my store. I’m a Kit-Kat away from raping you.  


For more information about Elaina Lee and Alek’s adventures in Written in Blood please check out her author website.
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Image Credit(s):  captblack76

Image Editing Credit(s): Elaina, For the Muse Design

Cry Wolf
A New Gotham Fairy Tale
Sophie Avett

Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance (MM/New Adult)

Publisher: Skeleton Key Publishing
Date of Publication:  May 1, 2014

Number of pages: est. 22 pages
Word Count:  est. 10, 000

Cover Artist: Elaina, For the Muse Design

Amazon   BN   ARe    Kobo    Smashwords

Book Description:

There’s a wild animal on the loose in the black forests surrounding New Gotham...

Not that anyone cares.

Well, Peter doesn't care.

Peter Ume is more interested in finding a way to alleviate the skull-numbing boredom of a city wide shut down. So far his ideas for excitement hover between stealing an unwary idiot’s underwear (soul works, too), setting someone’s eyebrows on fire, or stabbing the next person he meets in the eye with a hot French fry.

It turns out, he’ll be able to save assault and theft for a rainy day. As luck would have it, this naughty kitsune is about to meet the big bad wolf.

And man, is the wolf in for a surprise...

Warning: This story can be read as a standalone, but you will want to smack Sophie for it. (Or so the ravens have said.) So, do keep in mind that there is a part two. (And it will be a freebie. Sophie’s Pixies will carrier pigeon everyone more information soon.)

About the Author:

Sophie Avett is kind of a nerd. Like not even one of the cute, hip ones everyone brags about nowadays. More like the socially awkward hippie who eats way too much bread and dreams about being a dragon from behind towers of mythology books. Um...yeah. Picture old, tattered paperbacks and comic books--mostly Batman and Wonder Woman--dwarfing a tiny desk, with just barely enough room for the troll who writes there and the 70 pound hell-hound that insists on laying it's wet nose on top of her bare foot.

Granted not the most exciting existence, but she tries to make up for it by writing romances populated with her own peculiar ilk of paranormal beasties.  Trolls, wyverns, the obscure Nordic brownie--she likes to keep things interesting. And bloody. (And mostly naked--but, we'll keep that bit between us.)

Sinister Stitches Boutique Blog: http://sophieavettsinisterstitches.blogspot.com/

Brimstone Pub, the Blog: http://thebrimstonepub.com/

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