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Kindle Freebie A Hot and Sinful Summer 5 Tantalizing Tales of Sizzling Summer Seduction By Roxanne Rhoads

5 Tantalizing Tales of Sizzling Summer Seduction
By Roxanne Rhoads

Genre: sizzling erotica

Five sinfully seductive tales of scorching summer trysts grace the pages of this short story collection.

Something More Than Friends- a clandestine hookup in the front seat of a car is anything but casual as two friends simmer with emotion while hiding their secret affair from the rest of the world.

Sun Worship- The heat brings out carnal urges in Gina, urges she can't control as the hot summer sun beats down upon her bare skin. You won’t believe the naughty things she does to appease her needs...while her neighbor, Joe, secretly watches.

Lawn Service- Serena's loneliness and the relentless summer heat have her aching for something sinful. Her wishes are granted when Rob, a sexy lawn service technician, shows up to get her yard in shape for the annual 4th of July party.

A Hot and Sticky Summer Night- It’s a hot summer night and a young couple are plagued by boredom. They drive around looking for something fun to do. They end up making love in the woods... and it's anything but boring.

Not Another One Night Stand- Rebecca has been watching Damon at the nightclub for weeks. One night she finally works up the courage to approach him...and he goes home with her. Will it be just a one night stand or could it be something more?

Warning: heat level is hot and explicit

Something More Than Friends
By Roxanne Rhoads
Story One 

I slid my mouth over Dave’s, tasting cigarettes, Jack Daniels, and that flavor uniquely his, part of that certain something special that drew me to him and always brought me back, making me want more.

Maybe it was because he was forbidden. How we always love things that are forbidden, especially when young and consequences aren’t as real as they became when one is older…and wiser.

Dave was my best friend’s ex-boyfriend. His ex, Jannie, and I had been BFFs forever, so the rules clearly stated that exes were off limits, even if she was now thousands of miles away, pregnant (not by him) and married. And it didn’t matter how close he and I had become since she moved away. She and I were still BFFs and he was her one that got away. 

So Dave and I shouldn’t have been doing…whatever the hell it was we were doing. You couldn’t call it dating; I wasn’t sure what to call it. 

Something had drawn Dave and I together, maybe we were bonded in our loneliness. Neither one of us could have the person we really wanted. His love was on again off again and mine…was so…complicated. Complicated as in married. Dave’s girl was just psycho if you ask me. Who knows? Young love is always so dramatic.

So Dave and I commiserated with each other, bonded in our sorrow, found comfort in each other. We had always been rather close, even playful and flirty, but the last couple months we had progressed from friends…to more, to friends with benefits. 

But no one could know except us.

I broke off the kiss and threw my head back as his hands slid under my shirt pushing my bra aside. 

“God, Nicki, you feel so good.” He moaned against my neck sending shivers down my spine. His nuzzling kisses trailed up my neck then he moved back to my lips, this time really kissing me.

I think I stopped breathing.

When he put everything into his kisses…oh my god, they were exquisite. My heart stilled as my chest grew tight. The ache made me want to cry. I returned his kiss shoving away the flood of emotion that threatened to drown me in tears if I didn’t distract myself with the pleasure of his body.

He grabbed my hips with his large hands and thrust himself against me. Desire thrilled my nerve endings as his bulging need pushed against my own heated, aching core. I rocked back and forth, teasing. His erection threatened to burst the zipper of his jeans. 

His breathing became ragged and his kisses more urgent. “Nic, I need you,” he pleaded. 

I loved it when he pleaded. It wasn’t pathetic, more like sexy and needy. A man unafraid to let you know he needed you, wanted you. A girl could get used to being wanted like that.

It had all started with a tease. See I loved to tease and hadn’t expected it go further, ever. One night it did. We were always so flirtatious with each other. Then one night we were both sad, alone, broken and the not-so-innocent-flirting became deeper, more involved, as in all the way involved.

And tonight it looked like he wanted a replay.

“Here? In the cramped space of the car?” I glanced around the front of my Regal where I sat on Dave’s lap in the passenger seat. We parked in a secluded area on a hot summer night. Not like anyone would notice. 

I caved. I knew all along this was what we’d come here for. At least I had secretly hoped it was why he asked me to take him home and not Eric, even though Eric taking him home made more sense since they lived near each other. As soon as he had asked me, my heart raced and my body tingled at the prospect of a secret tryst in my car, thrilling.

It wasn’t like we could hook up at my place where our friends were currently drinking and watching movies. And his place was totally out of the question since he still lived at home with his parents, one of the downfalls of being a young twenty something going to college close to home.

To our friends this secretive rendezvous was just supposed to be me giving Dave a ride home since his truck was broke down. Instead, the little detour was me giving Dave a very different kind of ride. A very enjoyable ride.

I reached for his zipper as I wiggled back against the dashboard putting some space between us so we could more easily bare body parts. 

The heat we were putting off already had the windows of the car fogging up, no worries about anyone seeing us. It was going to get hot. I cracked the window just a bit so we could breathe.

I tugged on Dave’s jeans as he lifted his hips. His large cock sprang free and automatically I licked my lips in desire. He was impressively endowed with length and girth…and the ability to put them to very good use. I could understand why Jannie had been so hung up on him. Dave was sexy, funny, and great in bed…or wherever else we decided to have sex.

As he situated himself I struggled out of my shoes, jean shorts, and panties. Finally naked from the waist down, I positioned myself on Dave’s lap, settling over the hard length of him.

I moved in for another mind blowing kiss as I slid my wetness over his length, teasing, taunting, sliding… We were too far gone to stop now, but the tease was always sooo good. I wondered how much of it he could take.

Obviously not a lot because within moments he grabbed my hips pulling them forward, lifted me slightly just enough to expertly angle his cock, and plunged it deep into my hot, wet, aching pussy.

I moaned loudly with the initial penetration, he drove inside me so fast and deep that I saw stars. Heated sensations crept over and through me as his hips kept pushing upward, thrusting his shaft deep within me, so very deep inside me. I held on and just took him in, not being able to move, all I could do was allow the sensations for a few moments.

When I finally recovered, I rocked my body to meet him thrust for thrust, riding his body, drawing him into me and loving every second of it. Loving every inch of him inside me. 

Even though I knew I shouldn’t.

We were friends with benefits. Best friends. We told each other everything. Every sordid detail. We knew each other well enough to know we didn’t need condoms as long as I was on the pill, well enough to know when we were tested for things and what the results were. Well enough to know we were safe in each other.

I couldn’t let myself acknowledge the feelings creeping through me, crawling into my heart, pushing into my head making me think such crazy thoughts. Thoughts that would change things. Complicate things.

Love would complicate everything. Ruin it all.

It always did. 

I mentally shook myself. This wasn’t love. Couldn’t be. Dave and I used each other to push away the loneliness, to distract from the sadness, to drown the pain. We were each other’s drug, each other’s security blanket, something to reach out to in the darkness so we didn’t have to be alone.

But as I rode him, his body filling me with such intense pleasure, as he held me, I felt so safe in his arms. I kissed him like I couldn’t get enough…I knew… knew I felt so much more for him than just friendship. 

But I also knew it would never ever work between us.

So I enjoyed every moment, savoring every thrust as our bodies joined, pelvis to pelvis, in an intimate primal dance. We kissed, we thrust, we moved inside our secret little world in the front of a window fogged car on a hot summer night. At that moment there was nowhere else I’d rather be, and I prayed he felt the same as our bodies joined as one and there was no more loneliness in our world.

I held on tight and let the rest of the world along with all other thoughts and feelings melt away.

The car turned into a sauna but it just increased the need as our sweat slicked bodies slid together, merging as one, together in our desire to be, to feel something more.

Stars twinkled behind my eyes as my body tightened and trembled. My pussy tingled and throbbed, gripping and clutching his rock hard cock until the orgasm rocketed through my body and almost bounced me off of him and into the roof of the car.

He held me tight as his rhythm grew wild and frenzied, primal male grunts and growls matched his thrusts until his cock grew rigid inside me and every other body part stilled except for that huge cock gushing liquid heat into me.

Then we just held each other, breath ragged, bodies joined in a wet, sweaty union on the front seat of my car.

I pulled away first, untangling our legs and scrambling for my clothes. I cleaned us off with my panties. Then I struggled into my jean shorts, sans underwear, while he pulled up his boxers and jeans.

After stuffing my panties into my purse, I crawled back into the driver’s seat without a word.

I didn’t want to take him home. Not to his home. I wanted to take him back to my place and curl up with him all night in my bed.

To hell with our friends and what they thought. Sorry Jannie, you lost him, now he’s mine, all’s fair in love and war. Right? Wrong.

And honestly it wasn’t about them. It was about us, Dave and me. We were good friends but so not compatible as boyfriend and girlfriend. We knew each other well, enough to know that. I knew that. I was too practical to have a committed relationship with a man like Dave. He was a fun friend but not the type of guy I’d settle down with. I knew him well enough to know that wasn’t going to change…ever. Plus, if you went into a relationship thinking you could change that person, well, then you were definitely with the wrong person.

So I took him home, whether I really wanted to or not. Sometimes life was about doing the right thing, not the thing you really wanted to do. Damn, I was growing up. I struggled against it, not wanting to grow up, wanting, needing so bad to just give into my childish desires.

Within minutes we pulled into his driveway.

He turned to me, leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss. “Thanks, Nic. I’ll give you a call tomorrow.”

I closed my eyes as my heart did that little stop and leap thing it tended to do when his lips touched mine. As I sat there almost drunk off him I opened my eyes and realized he was staring at me. What was he thinking? Did he feel what I felt? Could this be more? Did he want it to be more?

I stared and silently questioned wanting to drown in the beauty of his blue eyes. But I didn’t ask any of my questions, I didn’t say the things running through my head and my heart. Instead I said, “Sure, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

He looked at me like he wanted me to say something else. His eyes searched mine, but after a few moments he finally turned and hopped out of the car.

I watched him until he was inside the house then I backed out of the driveway and headed home. I drove in silence, acutely aware of the emptiness in the car and the awful ache deep within myself.