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Top Five Favorite Shifter Books with Andie Devaux and a Kindle Freebie

 I love shifters, as you can probably tell from my books. While I write about weretigers, I also have great love for werewolves and werebadgers (if you read one of the series on my list, you probably like this kind of shifter, too!) and just about anything were. ;)

Narrowing down this list to my top five was tough, but hopefully you’ll find yourself nodding along with some of my choices. So without further ado and in no particular order, my favorite shifter books/series are:

1. Mercy Thompson series (Patricia Briggs)

The Mercy Thompson books are amazing for a lot of reasons, but the shifter portrayal is top notch. The way the author has set up the werewolves hierarchy and social structure is awesome. And the shifters themselves are equally intriguing.

2. Psy-Changlings series (Nalini Singh)

Some of the books on this list have definite urban fantasy leanings, but the Psy-Changling series by Nalini Singh definitely fall into the romance arena. Her changlings are passionate, animalistic, and a heck of a lot of fun. Throw in political intrigue, world-shifting plots, and amazing characters, and you have a series that is impossible to put down. I think I ran through every single book written in the series over a period of two weeks last year, because after the first one I couldn't stop.

3. Kate Daniels (Ilona Andrews)

The Kate Daniels series also veers toward urban fantasy rather than romance, but Ilona Andrews manages to balance both action and romance in this amazing series. If you haven't read these yet, you should buy them and read them immediately. Lots of fun shifters here, including one awesome werebadger. ;O

4. Naked Werewolf series (Molly Harper)

If you're in the mood for something light and fun, yet full of sexy shifters, you should deftly check out this series. Humor, sexy werewolves, and just the right amount of danger.

5. Sookie Stackhouse (Charlaine Harris)

A lot of readers weren't entirely happy with how the series ended. However, I think the series as a whole is worth the ride. Lots of different beasties, love, mystery, and sexy shifters and weres (not the same thing in this world) abound.

These are my favorites, off the top of my head. But I'm sure I've missed some amazing books. What are your favorite shifter books?

Claiming Their Royal Mate:
Part One
Of A Four-Part Serial
Andie Devaux

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance /


Number of pages: 63
Word Count: 18,000

Cover Artist: Cormar Covers

Book Description:

Daniella Clark has never fit in—a fact she’s always blamed on being adopted. But when her body is overtaken by a need so fierce it defies human explanation, she turns to the one man she instinctively knows must have the answers she seeks—her sexy-as-sin neighbor. But his explanation isn’t one she can easily accept, and it means her sexual heat won’t go away without his help.

But it turns out her neighbor isn’t the only male she has to worry about. The prime of his people has laid claim to her. And though he radiates sexuality in a way that makes her mouth water, he’s more beast than man. With one weretiger charged to protect her, and the prime's plan to claim her for his own, Daniella must fight to maintain her sense of self, even while they fight for her.

Claiming Their Royal Mate: Part One is an 18,000-word novella, and it is the first entry in a four-part sexy, m/f/m serial. The story contains erotic situations and is intended for mature readers.

Available at Amazon Free October 15-19


Holy crap. How had she accumulated so many clothes that no longer fit?
Barely keeping hold of the bags full of old clothes, Daniella Clark bumped her butt into the door to push it open. Stepping into the hallway, she hit something nearly as hard as the door—something that grunted at the contact. The bags slipped from her fingers to land on the threshold. The hard body she’d run into was attached to a large man blocking her doorway, and her glare didn’t seem to ruffle him at all.
The jerk was always in her way lately.
“Jeez. Way to skulk around my door. What do you want, Owen?” Daniella asked, hating the breathiness in her voice.
Her neighbor stared at her for a moment, and his nostrils flared. Something passed behind his gaze. Something that made her breath catch and tension build between her legs. But just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. And he shrugged, arrogant mask engaged.
“I was just passing by. Not my fault you didn’t look where you were going.”
The man was seriously aggravating. She could hardly believe they’d been good friends the last year, ever since she’d accidentally locked herself out of her apartment. He’d been kind enough to give her a place to hang out while she’d waited for the building’s superintendent to show up with the key. From then on, they’d hung out at least once a week, sometimes more, depending on her schedule. That is, up until a month ago.
“I’m getting sick of you always being in my way, Owen.” She picked up the bags, needing something to look at that wasn’t her ridiculously hot neighbor. Her attraction to him itself was irritating because he wasn’t her type, even if he did make her weak in the knees. His face was hard, chiseled and memorable, but his features were too strong to be considered traditionally handsome—his nose too Roman and his jaw a little too wide. Not to mention he rarely smiled at her anymore, and she liked men who weren’t afraid to enjoy life.
Heck, that was why she’d liked his company for so long—his easy laughter and quick wit. Over the last month, it was as if he’d turned into a different man. One who didn’t smile much and who was quick to anger.
She tried not to take it personally, but the fact he’d just cut off their friendship, cold as ice, made being the bigger person difficult.
His full head of light brown hair was nice, if always a little too long—as if he were constantly two weeks late to the barber. But he was far bigger than guys she liked to date. Broad and muscled like a man who never left the gym. Although she’d never actually seen him at the gym near their Denver apartment complex, he had to work out somewhere. Men just didn’t achieve that level of muscle naturally.
But despite the fact he didn’t fit her usual mold, she found herself more than just a little attracted to him.
Of course, that was a hopeless cause if ever there was one. She’d seen his dates—all two of them—since he’d moved into the building. They were both model thin, and while she was usually pretty proud of her voluptuous form, no one would ever accuse her of being waif-like.
Her attraction had started with a tremor. Just the slightest quavering of her voice when she spoke to him. Then, just when she’d started looking at him differently, he’d shut down. Stopped talking to her, started making excuses for why he couldn’t hang out with her anymore. But he always seemed to be around. At her door when she walked out. Looking irritated to run into her in the parking lot.
“I was walking through a shared hallway. Would you prefer I jump out the window to get to my truck?” A hint of a smile touched his lips, and her breath caught.
Freaking-A. No way was a simple smile turning her on. She was really starting to dislike her neighbor. “I’d love for you to jump out a window or two. Heck, I’ll even help with a little push.”
And she wasn’t lying. Sure, she wouldn’t really push a man out a window, but something inside of her—the part that was continuously horny, lately—was also feeling pretty violent. It came out at the weirdest times, and it took every ounce of her self-control not to lash out. Probably she needed to go see her doctor about a new birth control or something. Out of whack hormones were likely the cause of her wild emotions.
Not that Owen was helping. He’d chased off two of her dates in the last month. Not by doing anything she could call him out for. No, he was too subtle for that. He’d just drop in to borrow sugar—when she’d never once seen the man bake. Or he’d say he thought he’d smelled gas coming from her apartment, and wanted to check. Then he’d glower in a way that made her dates run for the hills.
And then he started showing up at her apartment when she was feeling particularly…needy.
“Surely you wouldn’t want to see me injured.” His nose flared again, as if he couldn’t get enough of her smell. It was seriously disturbing.
Even more disturbing was the sudden wetness between her legs and the tension coiling in her belly. She really needed to get some if a man she didn’t even like could get her engine revving by smelling her. “I wouldn’t bet on that.”
“You’ll be happy I’m around, Daniella. Very soon.”
She tried to shove past him, but he moved out of her way before they touched, quick for such a large man. Part of her regretted the lack of contact, but the rest of her thought that part was batshit crazy.

 About the Author:

Andie writes sexy erotic romance and erotica stories that push boundaries. When she's not writing (or reading!), she can usually be found daydreaming or attempting a new recipe. She thinks that life should require happily ever afters. And since she doesn't make the rules of life, she instead applies this philosophy to the worlds she can control-the ones in her books.


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