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The Huntress by J. Risk

NA vs Adult

I thought about it for a few years and then finally did it. I wrote a New Adult story and it was so enjoyable I turned it into a series! 

The main difference between writing an adult story and New Adult (for me) was the level of tension and heated scenes.  In an adult story I  can’t just let it the sexual tension keep building with the characters or the readers would get bored and or upset with me , but with the New Adult I was able to play around with it longer than I ever would in any other genre.  I won’t say I kept it ‘clean’ because I didn’t, the young adults / new adults in this generation are way past hand holding so I tried to keep it real … at least in that aspect of the book.  The demons and alternate reality are another whole matter entirely.

I hope the story is enjoyed by all ages and can’t wait to put on my “J.Risk” hat and write the second one.

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The Huntress
The Alterealm Series
J. Risk

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Fantasy

Publisher: First Realm Publishing

Number of pages: 200
Word Count: 121,000

Cover Artist:  Jared at Off the Wall Creation

Book Description:

What would you do if you woke up in another realm where the residents are beings from fictional tales?

Where all those things that go bump in the night are real and other realities do exist!!

Damariss Maxx just woke up in a world where all those things that go bump in the night are real.

An alternate realm where the residents are beings she thought only existed in fiction.

Will she find the way to keep life normal and simple for those unknowing without losing her own sanity?

All she has to do now is find a way to protect the people in her world from the nightmares that have bleed from this other realm into it and fulfill a prophecy that says she's their huntress queen or doom this other world to a bleak, violent existence.

Available at First Realm Publishing and Amazon

About the Author:

I wanted to write a story that would fit into young adult, new adult and adult levels. Something that was serious with fun paranormal and afntasy elements that everyone could read and enjoy.

I've even decided to use J. Risk as the pen name for this to separate  this series from my other writing which is definitely adult reading  material.

Author Jacqueline Paige-Multi-published Paranormal Romance author of The Magic Seasons series, The Hidden Senses Trilogy, The Dream Series and more



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