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Finding Acceptance in His Arms by Thomas Briar

Hi there. My name is Thomas Briar and I write erotic romance stories. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to stop by and visit with me.
If you’re familiar with my writings, especially with one of my earlier books titled Earning the Right and the Name, then you already know that in my BDSM stories I like pushing the boundaries of moral propriety. I suppose this is because I really admire couples who don’t live their lives to validate the traditional lifestyles of others.
To be even more specific, I’m talking about the ones who refuse to cheat themselves out of the most exciting sex of their lives through bowing down to society’s standard of what constitutes a healthy sexual relationship between consenting adults. And I’ve found none exemplify this more than the people who are willing to wholly embrace their Dominant and submissive personalities.
So I always write the heroes and heroines in my BDSM stories edgy and provocative, their storylines plausible, and most of all, their sexual responses toward one another true to life. This is paramount to me as an erotic writer.
And you know what else? One of the reasons I love writing BDSM is because it’s a different animal than any other in the erotic genre due to that four-letter acronym and its true meaning. Yeah, I suppose I’m just a purest at heart.
Also, for me at least, the characters seem to glow more brightly than any others as I discover the secret motivations behind their actions. As an added bonus, sexually speaking, nothing is off limits so as long as its consensual and nobody gets injured— meaning, physically or emotionally. Just not into maiming my characters. Instead, I love seeing them overcome seemingly overwhelming obstacles to get exactly what they want out of life.
Speaking of which, several weeks ago I published my eighth book. It’s a BDSM erotic romance novella titled Finding Acceptance in His Arms. As I was writing it, I became quite enamored with the heroine and her determination to not give up until she got her happy ending. Because those are the people who always make it over the hurdles in life, aren’t they? I certainly think so.
In fact, I believe determination is one of the most important attributes any person can possess. Without it, how can one ever obtain their heart’s greatest desires? And, for the record, I think that’s important to everyone, or it should be, for it leads to happiness and contentment in life. 

I’m going to make my exit now, but please know that I’m hoping we run into each other again somewhere down the road…Have a great day!
Finding Acceptance in His Arms
Thomas Briar

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

Date of Publication: 3-26-15

ISBN: 978-1-63105-534-8

Number of pages: 146
Word Count: 51148

Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique

Book Description:

After discovering that success in life is hollow if she can't also fulfill her most secret sexual desires, twenty-two year old Kara Gibson is desperate to meet a certain man she's heard about that can help her discreetly explore one of her most titillating fantasies.

Thus, upon instigating a sexual relationship with Evan Lars, a young man in his mid-twenties who is as handsome as he is sexually adventurous, Kara falls desperately in love with Evan from the way he easily accepts all of the unnatural things that turn her on and how he steadily proves he has her best interests at heart. But true love always comes with some sort of sacrifice, doesn't it? And so, as their romantic entanglement hurtles toward its inevitable heartbreaking end, Kara becomes determined to stay with Evan despite the harsh realities of life threatening to steal away her happily ever after.

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Excerpt 2

The bartender poured the drinks and slid them across the bar.

“Thanks,” Evan said. He handed Kara her champagne and then tossed back his shot of whiskey in a single gulp. He didn’t order another. Winking at her, he weaved her through the crowd, offering polite greetings in passing to the various men and women who made eye contact with him. She followed his lead and did the same. They ended up standing directly in front of the stage, several yards away from any of the other guests.

He leaned down to whisper into her ear. “You certainly have poise, girl. You didn’t even flinch when Lance made his grab for you.”

She took a sip of her champagne. “I trusted you to stop him. If you remember, you once said that you wouldn’t ever let anything happen to me in your presence. I took you at your word.”
He smiled with admiration filling his eyes. “You look beautiful tonight. And I love the way your figure fills out all the right places in that dress. The color yellow really suits you. Plus, your perfume is intoxicating.”

“Thank you.” Kara smiled up at him, noticing again for perhaps the fiftieth time how great he looked and also smelled tonight. She categorized the latter as clean soap combined with a hint of musk. As afterthought, she added, “You look and smell really nice too.”

He transitioned into holding her free hand. “I’m starting to really like you, do you know that?”

She took a sip of champagne, enjoying the intimacy they shared. “Please remember to tell me that again some other time when we have a bit more privacy.”

“Don’t tempt me,” he warned. “I might surprise you.”

“And don’t you tempt me with a good time.” She giggled. “I’ll climb right on board every time.”

He chuckled. “I’m sure you would.”

“Try me later tonight and I’ll prove it to you.”

A comfortable silence engulfed them as the lighting in the room dimmed. The curtains opened up to reveal the stage. A lithe woman in a form-fitting black latex bodysuit stood in the center of a spotlight. She appeared twentyish and very attractive with short blonde hair and a slim face.

This woman held her arms out as she addressed the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please? We’ve got a great exhibition in store for you. Her name is Isabella, and she has agreed to queen for us this evening. She revealed to me earlier in private that queening in front of an audience is her number one unfulfilled sexual fantasy.”
A few cheers from the audience echoed around the room and the blonde bobbed her head in deference. More cheers followed.

The blonde motioned her hands for silence. “Now, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’ve struggled at some point to find the right person or persons to help us achieve our heart’s greatest sexual desire. And so, all of you know as well as I that unfulfilled sexual desires can affect a person much like an untreated illness does. It twists us all up inside and gnaws away at us until we are only a shell of our former selves. The only cure to keep from finally succumbing to despair and then sheer madness is the achievement of said fantasy. 

Thankfully, in this house we can all be as we were meant to be. Beautiful, desirable, and uninhibited! Please put your hands together for Queen Isabella and her loyal subjects!”
Amidst the cursory applause, the orator took a deep bow and walked off stage as the truth conveyed in her words seeped into Kara’s heart. She inadvertently glanced up at Evan. She could tell by the approbation displayed in his face that he also identified with the declaration. She squeezed his hand tightly to let him know she now understood why he continually urged her to never give up her strange sexuality under the pressure of other people’s negative opinions. His reasons seemed transparent to her now. He’d always had her best interest at heart.

In this moment of clarity she let herself embrace her great love for him, wholly and completely. She forced her gaze back onto the stage to keep him from discovering her ascension into love.

About the Author

Edgy and provocative in his erotic writings, Thomas Briar strives to exalt the virtues of love and lust in every story he creates. To date, he's garnered eleven publishing contracts with three different publishers and has seven published books in the marketplace.

When he's not writing, he enjoys spending time with his wife, reading, taking long walks, and people watching. Yeah, he's always wondering what makes people do the things they do. He knows it's usually something hidden in plain sight. He just has to figure out what it is, much like the motivations of the characters in his stories.

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