Saturday, October 31, 2015

On The Rox: Halloween in My Heart

It is no secret this has been a bad year for me. From health issues to financial woes thanks to a constant string of bad luck and domestic drama (air conditioner breakdown, septic system botched...a garden of despair) it has been a really stressful year. 

Oh and throw in kittens, lots and lots of kittens. A stray adopted us and then had 7 kittens. Then 2 more kittens showed up. That's 10 more cats than I started with.

Found homes for many of the kittens, kept two of the litter plus one of the strays and brought them in. A house with 2 adult cats and 3 kittens is crazy. Plus mama and one of the strays is still outside. Mama doesn't want to be an inside cat and the second stray, he wants nothing to do with us at all except food. 

On top of all the felines there is a turtle and 2 kids in the house too...I'm always busy...and tired.

However Halloween always cheers me up, the season of spookiness. My favorite time of year.

But honestly, this heart just wasn't in it. I went through all the motions, bought crafts supplies, did the zombie walk and witches ball- even made my own costume for the ball (yes folks, I picked up needle and thread and sewed a Victorian inspired overskirt and front ruffle bustle- see below). 

In addition to the costume skirt, I did manage to finish my mini witch hat and my daughter's tiny steampunk top hats but I never did the mini coffins or other crafts I had planned.

I never even finished my Halloween short story/novella that needs just one more scene to be complete. The rest is edited and formatted, the cover is complete but I couldn't even finish that final scene.

I don't know why I couldn't complete it. I mean, I know I've been pressed for time but I usually operate well under deadlines.

Not lately.

I think overall, it is depression. I've battled it all my life but have not had a bad bought in years. With everything going on I guess I just bottomed out.

So to make things better, I have vowed to let Halloween back into my heart. It starts tonight with taking my kids trick or treating then watching Hocus Pocus.

I plan on keeping Halloween in my heart all year long from now on, it is who I am and what drives me. All things ooky, spooky, creepy and paranormal. 

Stay tuned for how I plan to keep my love of Halloween alive and how it will combat my depression. :-)