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Interview and Giveaway Connor by Dormaine G

What inspired you to become an author?

I became an author because I have always written stories since I was young. My teachers would tell me that they liked my creativity and for me to keep writing. Stories and ideas would come to me and I’d eagerly write them down until I finally decided to take the plunge and publish my works.

Do you write in different genres?

I started off with young adult, since that is my favorite love, but wound up writing horror. I have always liked being scared and writing in that genre felt natural. Of course I had to try my hand in mystery and just recently dove into romance but I think that is my limit with genre exploration.

If yes which is your favorite genre to write?

I would have to say that is a tie between young adult and horror.

How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

My latest book, Innkeeper’s Daughter, is a romance that takes place at a small ski resort in the cozy town of Vail, Colorado.  The title seemed to fit.

Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete?

I usually title it at the end or more than halfway through the story.

What books/authors have influenced your life?

There have been a few authors that have influenced my life such as James Patterson, Kelley Armstrong, Octavia Butler and Gwen Hunter which are just a few.

What books are in your to read pile?

There are so many books on my “to read pile” with a variety of genres to sort through.

What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?

I am presently working on book 3 of Connor. This will be the final chapter of the young adult, urban fantasy series.  Connor, Revealed Book 2 is set to be released in March 2016.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Since Connor 3 is still in its earliest stages I figure that I would share a little of Connor, Revealed - book 2

“I couldn’t see much. There was a dim light shining through a hole above, giving me about ten inches of red-yellow light. It got brighter at times. Daylight, maybe? It was so hot, reeking of boiled sewage. Once a day someone came to feed me like a mutt, sliding a bowl in between the bars but never any water. I needed water. The food he brought me smelled atrocious and sometimes it moved. I refused to eat it.

The man who handed me the food was disfigured. His face was flushed and had the most hideous scars. I begged him to let me out but he never spoke. I promised to pay him but he shunned me when I touched his arm and yet I was not the disfigured one. Why would he ignore me? Maybe he was put off by my stench but there was no toilet for me to use. There may have been one on the other side, but I wouldn’t go; I was too scared. So there I sat, festering in my soiled, wet clothes. I spent my days trying not to venture into the dark side of the cell. I knew I wasn’t alone.”

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

I absolutely love James Patterson. When I was young, I for some crazy reason, wanted to be a detective.  Both television and the books influenced such ideas. It was the dysfunction of the characters, something about that intrigued me. Well needless to say I did not become a detective but one theme I have in all my books is that my main character is always dysfunctional. I still love detective novels and I feel that Patterson captures the essence of both the antagonist and protagonist as well at the plot.

Who designed the cover of your latest book?

I used the designer Cover couture.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Grow a thick skin. If others do not care for you work that is all right, not everyone will. As long as it is a well written, be proud of your work. Also, write for yourself. If it’s a great story that you would enjoy reading then others will like it as well.

Dormaine G

Genre: Young adult, paranormal fantasy

Publisher:  Creativia

Date of Publication:  12/5/2015

ISBN:  978-1519762412
ASIN:  B0190DGR36

Number of pages:  260

Cover Artist: Creativia

Book Description: 

Strong. Sassy. Superhuman.

Connor's mundane teenager life takes a U-turn when she discovers her incredible abilities, and a whole new world opens up around her. Thrilled by her newfound powers, she soon realizes that being special often means being singled out - and not always by those with good intentions.

With a group of friends who share similar abilities, Connor is set on a path of discovery and adventure as they try to find out more about their true self and origin. They soon find themselves pursued by Ronin; young, smart and out for revenge against them for reasons unknown.

The first novel in Dormaine G's young adult fantasy series, Connor is a witty, intense read and an exciting debut.

Excerpt 2
“Look,” he pointed to the floor. “There is a faint light coming from behind this wall. If I can just get to it . . .” He grunted as he pushed on it. It must have stood twelve feet tall and weighed a ton.
He managed to shove this humongous thing out of the way, and sure enough, there was a handle. It didn’t look like a door at first glance, but there it was.
“Good eyes, Scott. A way out,” I said. Things were finally looking up.
“I told you, guys, we needed to check out the noise,” I said, relieved the so-called trap turned out to be exactly what we needed.
“I told you I would take care of this.” Scott said. Cheyenne actually smiled. I didn’t know she could do that. I almost went into shock when she ran up to hug Scott, but even more mind-blowing, he let her.
Her smile was short-lived because things turned for the worse before we knew what was happening. First, I saw the expression on her face twist from happiness to sheer horror in a second, then I heard it, and without turning around, I knew this was going to be bad.
The next few minutes seemed like they were a blur. Cheyenne was still in Scott’s arms, facing the opposite direction of us, staring right at it. As I was turning around, Cheyenne slowly let go of Scott who, at the same time, reached for the door. I don’t even think he knew what was about to happen.

About the Author:

Dormaine was born in Long Island, New York where she lived most of her life. As an adult she liked to travel out of the country though her favorite places to explore were her fantasy worlds as an author. She may be a nurse by profession but her heart has always belonged to writing. As a young child she spent many Saturdays in the library nurturing her love for books. There she discovered her fascination for the science fiction genre, through books, movies and graphic novels.

Now she resides in Colorado with her husband and two feisty dogs. After many years of working in hospitals and travel nursing she took time off to pursue a career in writing. Her first novel "Connor" is in one of her favorite genres, young adult urban fantasy. Her second love is for horror of which she created the "Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess" series. This is just the start of her exploration as she stays locked up her office in Colorado spinning more tales.

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