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Interview and Giveaway with Jamie A. Waters

What inspired you to become an author?

I've always loved books. When I was a kid, I had books strategically hidden around the house so wherever I was, I had access to a story. Writing stories was a natural evolution to me. It was a way that I could keep myself immersed in these fantasy worlds without needing a book. I could craft my own tales.

Do you write in different genres?

I have genre ADD. I can't seem to keep myself confined to one genre. Most of my books have elements of romance, science fiction, paranormal, action and adventure.

If yes which is your favorite genre to write?

I love science fiction and paranormal. Normal rules don't apply. If you can imagine it, you can write about it.

How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

I can't say too much without spoiling things, but the Coalition is an organization that makes an appearance and poses as a potential threat… It all starts with a shadow on the ground. Hence, the title "Shadow of the Coalition".

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

I never intended for a message, but there are little things that I seem to always come back to in my writing. I have a strong belief in cycles and balance. Throughout my books, there are many references to cycles, rebirth and remerging (i.e. phoenix, ouroboros symbol, etc.), and the importance of balance (i.e. elemental).

Is the book, characters, or any scenes based on a true life experience, someone you know, or events in your own life?

Yes, but it wasn't conscious. It actually wasn't until recently that I realized some of my characters shared some strong similarities with people who have influenced me. For example, my main character (Kayla), shares similar traits to two people who had a profound influence in my life.

As a writer, I think all of our life experiences help to shape our writing. Although I've used quite a bit of imagination and creative license, there's always a shred of truth in everything.

What books/authors have influenced your life?

I have to say one of the most influential books I've ever read was "We the Living" by Ayn Rand. I'd read some of her other books, but something about this more obscure title really got to me. The heroine wasn't typical and sometimes I didn't like her decisions, but her journey completely captivated me.

What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?

I have a couple of "works in progress". First and foremost, I'm trying to finish up the third book in The Two Towers series. I'm hoping to have this finished by the end of the summer. I'm also considering writing the stories about some of the other characters in the same world. I think some of them have their own stories to tell.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

I'm trying not give away any spoilers, but I can tell you a little bit. The book starts off with a bang… with an attempt on Kayla's life. A lot of the characters from the first two books will be back, and a new character from Kayla's past. All sorts of secrets are going to finally be revealed.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

I get into "zones" and become a total zombie. When I hit the writing zone, it's really hard to get me out of it and back into reality. I'll stay in the "zone" for days on end and forget everything around me. When I come out though, it can be a little bit of a challenge to get back into it.

Do you have to travel much to do research for your books?

Only in my imagination. I've actually had an idea for a story that I've been working on for the past ten years, and I have boxes of research. I need to travel to some of the places to flesh out the story, but it's just a matter of time. I don't think I'm quite ready to tackle the magnitude of this project just yet. It's completely different from anything I've ever written, but it'll eventually happen.

Just for fun 

If you could have one paranormal ability, what would it be?

Time travel. I'd love to be able to bounce around to different periods in history and get a firsthand look at what life was really like.

If you could keep a mythical/ paranormal creature as a pet, what would you have?

A unicorn. Because I mean... who wouldn't want a freaking unicorn?!?! Not only do they look cool, but they can go Stabby Unicorn if you piss them off.

Shadow of the Coalition
The Two Towers Series
Book Two
Jamie A. Waters

Genre:  Paranormal Romance /
Science Fiction Romance /
Dystopian Romance

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

Date of Publication: June 28, 2016

ISBN:  978-1-77127-810-2

Number of pages:  417
Word Count: 107,000

Cover Artist:  SuzieDesigns

Book Description:

The award-winning novel, The Two Towers, continues in Book 2…

What’s stronger? Free will or fate?

It's been a month since Kayla, a headstrong ruin rat, and Carl, an OmniLab trader, returned to the surface. After she helped to restore control of the towers to those who would look after the best interests of the people, she'd found herself irrevocably bonded to Alec, the new co-leader of the High Council.

Although her heart belongs to Carl, she finds it difficult to resist the strange bond between her and Alec. Caught between learning how to handle her new emerging abilities, mysterious earthquakes, and a strange group seemingly intent on targeting OmniLab, Kayla and Carl are once again swept up in events that threaten to change the entire future of the towers.

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Book Excerpt:

Carl groaned. "It figures. You’re thinking about going, aren’t you?"
"Maybe." She looked away, not willing to meet his gaze. "So what if I am? Someone needs to tell Alec to back off and I can do that a whole lot better face-to-face. He has no right to use you to get to me."
Carl ran his hands over his face in frustration. "You’re going to send the message loud and clear that his plan worked. All he needs to do is call me back to the towers and you’ll go too."
She shook her head. "No. I’m going to send the message that if he tries to manipulate the people I care about, he’ll never see me again. I made my choice already. I left with you."
Carl was quiet for a long time and just looked at her. Finally, he asked, "Kayla, are you sure you aren’t going because you want to see him again?"
Shit. Panic flooded through her at the loaded question. She glared at him and then held up her hands in frustration. "I can’t believe you’re asking me that. I’ve spent the last several weeks trying my damnedest to avoid him and you think I want to see that pompous, arrogant jerkoff?"
He reached for her hand and she started to pull away. He gripped her hand tightly, not letting her go. "Yes, I do. In the entire time I’ve known you, I've never seen you back away from anything. You’ve always met every obstacle and challenge head-on. Something about this situation with Alec is different though. You've avoided him for weeks but all of a sudden you've changed your mind? It doesn't make sense. I think you do want to see him again, but for whatever reason, you've been trying to avoid it until now."
"That’s not true." Her protest sounded weak, even to her. Carl might be right, but she wasn't ready to have this conversation. Not now. Maybe not ever.
Part of her hated how easily Carl could read her. As though sensing her conflicted emotions, he took another step toward her. "I know you’re not still angry over what he said in the towers. Your temper is like a flash fire. It burns and it’s excruciating to witness, but it’s over almost immediately. You’ve pretended to be angry with him for weeks. Why?"
"He said I belonged to him," she exclaimed and yanked her hand back. "I don’t belong to him! I won’t ever belong to him. I don’t care about the stupid connection thing. I won’t let him control—"
"I'll be damned," Carl whispered as understanding came over him. "You’re not avoiding Alec because you want to see him, are you? You’re terrified of that connection thing."
Kayla’s eyes widened and her hand flew to her mouth. She'd said too much.
"Sweetheart, why didn’t you tell me?"
She shook her head, refusing to answer. With a sigh, he slipped his arms around her. Kayla started to pull away, but the comfort and reassurance he offered was irresistible. She leaned against him and squeezed her eyes shut.
His voice was soft as he said, "You can’t change who or what you are. But you can make a choice about how you want to live your life."
"I already did," she whispered, curling her fingers into his shirt. She needed this closeness, needed him. "I chose you. It doesn’t make the ache go away though. It hurts all the time."

About the Author:

Jamie A. Waters is an award-winning, science-fiction and paranormal romance writer. Her first novel, The Two Towers, was a winner of the Readers' Favorite Award in Science-Fiction Romance and the CIPA EVVY Award in Science-Fiction. The highly anticipated second book in the series, Shadow of the Coalition, is scheduled to be released Summer 2016 by MuseItUp Publishing.

Jamie currently resides in North Carolina with her teenage son and two neurotic dogs who enjoy stealing socks. When she's not pursuing her passion of writing, she's usually trying to learn new and interesting random things (like how to pick locks or use the self-cleaning feature of the oven without setting off the fire alarm). In her downtime, she enjoys reading on her Kindle, playing computer games, painting, or acting as a referee between the dragons and fairies currently at war inside her closet.

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