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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Where On Earth? An Alaska Adventure By David H. Minton

Where On Earth? An Alaska Adventure
By David H. Minton

Fiery Seas Publishing

May 2017  

Romantic Adventure

Book Description:

Dan Richards, an Iraq war vet, is a surveyor for the mining company, looking to open a new silver mine. Scrambling to establish his helicopter charter business in the wilds of Alaska, while trying to stay connected to his teenage daughter, his world soon turns upside down when he rescues a woman and her dog sledding team after an avalanche.

Samantha Bettencourt, an environmental engineer, is eager to begin her first project with the university. A spokesperson for an environmentalist group intent on preserving the wilderness, she is on the path to saving the wild, but when Dan walks into her life things start to change.

Sparks fly between Dan and Samantha as they find themselves running for their lives—from the good guys as well as the bad guys out to ruin the things they long to protect. Will they be able to escape before it’s too late? Will they get a chance at love or will they lose everything. . . including their lives?

Excerpt 2:
         When he got back to the infirmary, he set his cup of coffee on the counter and put the water and chow down in front of the dog. She stood up, sniffed around, and began lapping up some water. Then, she moved to the meatloaf and pretty quickly had devoured the contents of the plate and licked it clean. Checking on the patient, he found her core body temperature up to normal now but she was still unconscious. He carefully lifted her out of the bath, placed her on a clean bed and tucked the blankets firmly around her to keep her body temperature up. Once he was satisfied she’d be fine for a while, he decided to go check on the boss, but first he asked the dog, “Do you want to take a trip outside? The weather is pretty bad, but I can let you out back if you like.” The dog looked attentively at him, but otherwise made no move. For no particular reason he would ever remember, he repeated, “Veux-­‐‑tu aller à l’extérieur?” (Would you like to go outside?)     Immediately the dog came over to the door, right next to him. So, he thought, a French-speaking dog. What next? I assume that means the Mademoiselle speaks French as well. With that, he quickly made his way to Dan’s room. Once there, he opened the back door of the lodging and said to the dog,
         “Ici, rapidement!” Apparently understanding, the dog rapidly ran outside into the howling storm, disappearing in seconds.
         Oh, mon Dieu! thought Frenchie, maybe I lost her in the storm. But, before he could even begin to worry that he didn’t know the dog’s name, she was back.
         “Ah, merci,” he said as he held the door

About the Author:

After graduating college, David spent two tours in United States Military Assistance Command Republic of Viet-Nam, before beginning his career as a nuclear engineer, then electronics engineer, tele-communications engineer, and software security engineer. He has previously published three non-fiction books, several poems, and many non-fiction technical and historical articles.  

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