Sunday, February 11, 2018

On The Rox- Details About All Things Halloween and Publishizer

So I've had a few questions about my Publishizer Campaign for All Things Halloween.

First of all- this isn't a GoFundMe type thing. 

Publishizer is basically a Kickstarter for books but with a bonus. While Kickstarter just offers a chance to fund the project, Publishizer can actually connect authors to publishers. 

I'm not asking for a handout which one very rude author suggested.  Everyone who contributes to the campaign will receive what they pay for- ebook, print book, bonuses, etc.

The campaign is for pre-orders of the book.

I'm not sure why some people in the author community get all bent out of shape when authors do something like Kickstarter to fund an indie book.

We support artists and inventors on Kickstarter all day long. Why aren't authors worthy of this support? 

When going the route of traditional publishing an author often gets an advance on the book when the deal is signed. This gives an author money to live on while writing or to fund things involved in writing the book.

When I got my first non-fiction book deal ten years ago I received an advance on my book. Then I received the remaining balance of my payment when I turned in the final chapters of the manuscript. That advance helped me focus on writing the book.

This time around I'm going indie for this very detailed non-fiction project, possibly, depending on whether Publishizer connects me with an interested publisher. 

This book has been in my heart and head for years. When I received an email from Publishizer about their new crowd funding platform (that has already published 116 books) I decided to give it a try.

So whether I go indie or connect with a publisher to finish this book I'm going to require some $. All Things Halloween is going to be full of DIY stuff- crafts, recipes, costumes, etc.- that will require materials to make the DIY stuff and I'll need photos of all the things being made along with photos of the completed projects. These images will require a photographer and edits. Having a lot of images also means I'm going to need really good book formatting. This also requires $. And the current cover is just a placeholder for the campaign. I hope to have a much more detailed cover for the final version of All Things Halloween. That also requires $.

The Publishizer Campaign will help complete the book, pay for all necessary things like photos, edits, cover, formatting, etc. Then once the book is complete everyone who funded the campaign will get their completed copies of the book- either ebook or print depending on what they ordered.

So you get what you pay for while helping the book get completed. Just like supporting a project on Kickstarter.

If you'd like to learn more about Publishizer please visit

If you'd like to support my campaign for All Things Halloween you can pre-order an ebook or print copy.

I need at least 100 pre-orders to get the book submitted to publishers.

But don't worry, even if a publisher doesn't sign the book, it will still be published by me, because you helped fund it.

Thank you so much for your support!

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