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Chrissy Brown's Favorite Scene in Can’t Let Go

Hey everyone! I’m Chrissy Brown, author of The Georgia Boys Novel: Can’t Let Go. I’m often asked where do your ideas come from? 

Do I draw from people I know and experiences I’ve had? 

The answer is yes and no. I think every author puts a little bit of themselves in each of their books. 

However there one specific scene in the story that I hold dear to my heart. 

Here is a snippet from that scene:

I pull out my go-to line. “I’m a bull rider.”

It starts with her eyes; they find me first, then her head turns. The corners of her mouth turn up in a small but noticeable smirk. Fuck yes.

She’s hooked. That line always gets them. There’s a sweet satisfaction knowing I’ve broken through her façade. But all I want tonight is a kiss. The amount of alcohol coursing through my system would make me useless for anything else. 

“Excuse me?”

Leaning closer, I can smell her. The sweet scent is intoxicating and makes my head swim. Flashing my best smile, I say again, “I’m a bull rider.”


You may be wondering why I’m so fond of this scene. Well, this is how I met my husband ten years ago. He approached me, drunk as a skunk, in a bar and thought he was God’s gift to women. Apparently, in our small town of Lake Wales, riding bulls was “the thing”. 

Unfortunately for him, I was not from Lake Wales. I lived a few towns over and could have cared less about bull riding. I swear his jaw hit the floor when I said “So” and walked away. 

That is the scene that started this whole novel. Telling a friend who hadn’t heard the story before sparked an idea and so Beau and Mallory were born. Now this novel is NOT the story of my husband and I, Beau and Mallory’s story ran in a direction all on its own. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how Can’t Let Go was brought to life. Be sure to check it out. It’s available on Amazon and free with KindleUnlimited!

Can’t Let Go
A Georgia Boys Novel
Book One
Chrissy Brown

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Date of Publication: July 19, 2018

ISBN: 978-1717837547

Number of pages: 301
Word Count: 55000

Book Description:


She is beautiful, probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, but she's damaged. Her a-hole exboyfriend broke her. I still want her. I can show her that all men aren't the same. That I'm different. But time isn't on my side, I've only got a few weeks to make her mine before she's gone forever.


He's everything I need to stay away from, handsome, cocky, and irresistible. I try to resist him. I really do, but he's relentless. Against my better judgment, I give in and let him have me. All of me. I should have known better.

Can’t Let Go is a heart-warming love story about Beau, a country boy with a heart of gold, and Mallory, a woman scorned. The timing couldn’t be more wrong, but sometimes someone walks into your life and you just can’t let them go.


Excerpt 1:

Two days. It’s been two days without Mallory, and I’m going fucking crazy. I miss her so much it hurts. I didn’t know it was possible to fall for somebody so fast and so hard. It sucks; being alone sucks.
Days are hard. Nearly every place I go triggers a memory, but nights are even harder. Every time I close my eyes I see her face. Her heart breaking over and over again in my dreams. I don’t know if my memories are becoming clearer as time goes on or if my mind has started filling in the blanks. My nightmares get so bad I can’t sleep unless I black out.
Every breath hurts, every movement, even something as simple as getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle. The guilt of knowing how much I hurt her and the loneliness I feel inside eats me alive.
I spend my days wondering what she’s doing.
Is she okay?
Is she still crying?
Is she curled up on the couch watching Mama Mia and trying to forget me?
Is she out drinking herself to death like I am as I try to block out the pain?
 Or, the worst one of all, did she get over me and move on to someone new? I think that thought tears me up the most. I know we haven’t been apart long, but the phrase “to get over someone you have to get under someone else” haunts me.
Thinking about her in some other man’s arms, his lips kissing her soft skin, his hands roaming her body, makes me sick.  The only thing that helps numb the suckiness that has become my life is the whiskey.

I grab the bottle of Jack beside my bed and take a swallow, then chase it down with another and another until the pain doesn’t hurt quite as much. But no matter how much I drink, there’s always a dull ache that is Mallory.
About the Author:

Chrissy Brown is a Contemporary Romance and New Adult Romance author. She lives in Central Florida with her husband, twin girls, two dogs, and the neighborhood cat.

She enjoys the simple things in life, like cuddling on the couch watching movies with her family, reading, Netflix, and beach trips. She reads two to three books a week, but favors stories with strong women, true love, and steamy scenes.

When Chrissy is not sitting at her computer, fantasizing about gorgeous country boys, she is teaching third graders how amazing books are...and writing, and math. She has also been an amature wedding photographer and a CNA (to which she gives kuddos but says never again.)

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