Monday, October 29, 2018

The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection by Ella Rye

The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection
Ella Rye

Genre: Poetry, Free Verse Poetry

Publisher: Ella Rye

Date of Publication: September 18, 2018

ISBN: 9781386843702

Number of pages:  150 Pages
Word Count: 17k

Cover Artist: Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations

Tagline: "I'm the girl they want… But they never want to keep"

Book Description:

From poet Ella Rye comes a collection full of raw vulnerability. Taking you on a journey through her life, trying to figure what it all means after heartbreak.

Learning to move on, knowing that you are worthy of so much more.

The Unspoken Words Collection is Free Verse Poetry, divided into four parts.

Spanning over a generation.

The Girl
Never Had a Chance
Parts of Me
It Will Fade

Book Trailer  


Such Bliss 

A kiss is just a kiss 
Till it becomes such bliss
The warmth of his lips 
It’s as if no one exists 
I would stay for an eternity 
Just to feel this 
A smile is just a smile 
Till it becomes something you’ll miss
To be in your arms 
Would be such heaven 
No one else would see 
This is who we’re meant to be 
A lie is just a lie 
Till it becomes your whole life 
I wanted to feel your light 
But I wasn’t as bright 
No one else could see 
This how you deceived me 
A heart is just a heart 
I wanted to feel so complete 
But that’s not my destiny 
This love was never mine 
I will wait patiently in another line

About the Author:

Ella Rye grew up in small-town California. She grew up loving words. An avid reader from a young age. During her teen years, she developed a love for poetry and began writing. The words flowed out of her naturally, never even really knowing the type of poetry she was writing. Over the years, poetry helped her throughout her life. It was therapeutic, and now she hopes that her poetry can help those who are going or have gone through the same things. Love and heartbreak have always been a major theme.

The Unspoken Words Collection spans over a generation of writing, everything. Spilling her words on to paper. She will be releasing two more poetry books, On the Edge (Mid November) and All the Lonely Hearts (Poetry inspired by Music) (February)