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Guest Blog and Flash Fiction by Thomas Briar

Hi, Folks.

My name is Thomas Briar and I write sizzling hot erotica stories. To date, I’ve published thirteen stories—some short, some long—with three more to be released. None of my stories are self-published.

Now, I’ve got a confession to make. I wrote the guest blogposts expected of me for this tour. I certainly did.

However, after rereading each post I asked myself two questions: Is this the best representation of my erotic writings? Does it show readers exactly what I can do as an erotic writer?  

Honest answer: Not so long as showing beats telling.

So, instead of a traditional blogpost, please enjoy an original, never before published, 711 word flash fiction erotica story with story comments posted below.

by Thomas Briar

“Are you sure you want to do this?” With raised eyebrows, the pretty redhead lifted the smartphone to hold it up in front of her.
Megan nodded, biting her full bottom lip. She glanced around nervously, bolstering courage from how the shoreline of the beach appeared vacant for miles under the heat waves reflecting off the sugar-white sand.
“You’re sure, right?” the redhead asked again.
Megan ignored the question this time. It was too late to back out now. Nor did she want to. Against all odds, the unbelievable had happened to her. She’d met a devastatingly handsome, sexually adventurous, irresistibly dominate man and had fallen head over heels in love. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Same as there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her.
So long as she obeyed his every suggestion.
It gave her a secret thrill to be in an authentic BDSM relationship where each person’s value was determined by what they brought to the table. It was so unlike any kind of boyfriend/girlfriend thing she’d ever experienced. For starters, it was exciting and exhilarating. Almost too damn exciting and exhilarating for a twenty year old interning in a public library.
“You’re sure you really want to do this, then?” the redhead asked yet again. “Because I’m recording right now.” 
“Master suggests, and I always obey. Remember?” Megan flashed a brilliant smile and pulled the strings on the bikini top. It dropped to the sand at her bare feet.
A surge of excitement electrified her body from head to toes as if a hidden switch had been flicked on from exposing her breasts in a public setting. She swept her long, blonde hair back over her shoulders and struck a model’s pose: Chin held up displaying sexy confidence; a teasing smile on her lips; one hand held high in the air; one hip jutting out with the opposite hand resting casually on it.
“Okay, girly. Since you’re really doing this, work it like you mean it.” The redhead kept filming.
Megan transitioned into pose after pose. Some more provocative than others, but all were sensual and erotic.
Once she got a good sheen of sweat going under the building heat, she knelt in the soft sand and splayed her knees wide. She slowly pulled the strings on the sides of her bikini bottoms. The small patch of silky fabric dropped to the sand to reveal the glory of her complete nakedness.
Without consciously thinking about it, her hands cupped ample breasts and tweaked taut nipples before sliding down her slender stomach toward her growing wetness.
She bit her bottom lip again, fingers sliding through the tuff of pubic hair to seek out her clitoris. The hood slid back easily. She stroked the engorged glans, soft fingertips transitioning into slow, circularly motions.
Master loved her clitoris.
Looking at it. Playing with it. Licking it. Sucking it. Twirling his tongue around it. Nipping at it with his teeth. But most of all, after teasing it until she was in frenzy and on the verge of an earthshattering climax, he loved pinching it to make her cum extra hard.
She looked dreamily from underneath half-lidded eyes into the camera capturing her shamelessness, lost in the pleasure of what she was doing for him while knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist sending him the video as soon as she succumbed to delightful spasms.
This latter thought was especially exhilarating for one specific reason.
If she hurried, she would have enough time to send the video at the start of his afternoon meeting. The one in which he had to stand up and address the board members.
Oh, how he would love and admire her for her sheer deviousness. He would probably even give her a blistering spanking over his knee tonight while describing how hard he’d gotten.
No one could ever say that she didn’t believe in keeping their relationship fresh and exciting.
Smiling in largess, she ground her hips provocatively, nimble fingers now rubbing her clitoris in frenzy, not wanting to miss any opportunity to brighten his day.
As shivers of pleasure enveloped her entire body and she teetered on the razor sharp edge of orgasm, she pinched her throbbing clitoris extra hard.

The End

Author Comments: 

The implied consequences for Master and slave following Megan’s naughty exhibition set my imagination on fire. Because public masturbation is a pretty devious thing for him to suggest. However, I just love how she’s going to turn it around on him. Kind of makes me wish for a continuation of the story. They just seem like such an enchanting couple.

Anyway, I really hope you all enjoyed the story. It was extremely fun to write.

Thanks for visiting with me!

Thomas Briar

Genre: Interracial BDSM Erotica

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Date of Publication: 1-18-18

ASIN: B07956K993

Number of pages: 161
Word Count: 47,000

Cover Artist: Rebecca K. Sterling

Tagline: What will Tanisha do when she learns she can’t live without Levi’s wonderful presence in her life?

Book Description:

Tanisha is a naughty virgin with way too many unfulfilled romantic fantasies.

Levi is an unconventional Dom with a penchant for BDSM and kinky sex.

On their first date, after both reveal shocking personal details, they enter a scorching hot D/s relationship based purely on fulfilling Tanisha’s most intimate romantic fantasies. 

But nothing perfect ever lasts without first overcoming adversity. As the naughty virgin and her attentive Dom fall desperately in love, a veiled secret on her side and his unspoken desire threaten to snatch away their happily ever after.

Cobblestone Press      Amazon      BN

Excerpt # 2

“Have you’ve seen anything you want to take home with you?” Levi asked.
“Oh, I see something.” Tanisha purposely let her gaze flow up and down his body to linger on his midriff. “But you promised not to kiss or fuck me for thirty days, remember?”
He frowned wistfully. “I really did, didn’t I?”
“You did.” She took great pleasure in pointing this out because it was obvious that he now thought the time frame ridiculous. Same as her.
Wanting to make him further regret the impetuous decree, she did the most provocative thing she could think of. While looking him straight in the eyes, she struck a pose with one hand on a hip. Tilting her head sideways and sending over the most seductive look possible, she cupped a breast with her opposite hand, using fingertips to rub the outline of the taut nipple underneath the clinging vinyl. Then she slowly slid the hand down her body to the front of the ruffled skirt. Upon reaching the hem, she delved underneath, passing the tip of the middle finger between the slickened lips of her pussy. Bringing the finger forth, glistening with wetness, she held it out toward him.
He discreetly licked his lips, eyes following the finger as she placed it against her own lips to suck the wetness away.
Withdrawing the finger and lapsing into a giggle, she raised eyebrows most innocently, asking, “Still photography next?”
“Your choice,” he stated in a husky voice. “And don’t do that again. I’m trying to be a gentleman, remember?”

“Are you sure you don’t want a little taste for yourself?” She stared deeply into his eyes. “I’ll give you a little taste if you want?” 

About the Author:

Edgy and provocative in his writings, Thomas Briar strives to exalt the virtues of love and lust in every erotic story he creates. To date, he’s written a wide variety in the subgenres of New Adult, Contemporary, Historical, Interracial, and BDSM. He also takes great pride in the fact that he writes the type of erotic stories that twist and turn as the hero and heroine strive wholeheartedly to get exactly what they want from each other.

Which means most of his stories run on the hotter side of the erotica genre with his characters indulging in the type of sex that some would call adventurous. In fact, his descriptive writing style and graphic sex scenes will certainly evoke a reaction.

Hopefully, a positive one, but he’s making no promises. Not everyone likes to be made to feel as if they are present in the scene, surreptitiously watching the eroticism play out right before their very eyes. For, without a doubt, writing scorching hot sex scenes is Thomas’ absolute favorite thing about writing erotica.

Well, that, and making sure his characters end up living happily ever after.

Feel free to check out his website at  

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