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Release Day Blitz Primal Shifters Box Set by Kira Shayde

Primal Shifters Box Set
Kira Shayde

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Kira Shayde

Date of Publication: February 25, 2019

ISBN: 9780999018378
ISBN: 9780999018354

Number of pages: 315
Word Count: 105,500

Cover Artist: Kira Shayde

Book Description:

Three novella-length romances in one overarching story. Equal parts romance, urban fantasy, and social/political commentary.

Available in erotic version and tame version. Tame version has no graphic sex scenes.


When Holly Ainran’s brother goes AWOL from an elite military force in Tanzania, she confronts Commander Bane Ojore, a rare melanistic lion shifter. Sparks ignite, but Holly finds a challenge in taming this brooding, hostile beast. Bane does not expect the daughter of a high-ranking parliamentary executive to be a smart, code-breaking expert adamant about abolishing the lion caste hierarchy and ending the lion-hyena conflict. Nor does he expect such a stunning lioness to fall for him. But Bane’s job is to find the traitors supplying weapons to the hyenas, and all signs point to Holly’s brother. Holly won’t give up on her brother though…or Bane. As their passion escalates, so do the risks, the danger, and ultimately, their love.


Months as a POW leaves lion shifter Fix Ainran struggling to recover, but he can’t get the curvaceous Caryn Plumar out of his mind. Yet the beautiful daughter of the hyena chairman only torments the disabled former soldier with heated trysts before pulling away. No matter how much she desires Fix’s touch, Caryn’s obligations involve more than fighting for an independent hyena state in a land ruled by lions and fraught with war. She must sacrifice any chance of happiness and freedom by marrying within the clan to ensure her safety. Unable to stay apart, Fix and Caryn defy societal rules and risk their lives as they battle enemies, search for the truth about his captivity...and fall in love.


When Alina Van der Stel agrees to spring an imprisoned lion shifter in southern Africa and hand him over to the rebels in return for information about her birth parents, she doesn’t expect the man to capture her mind as much as he does her body. Falsely accused of conspiracy, Kipper Lumbwi has no intention of allowing the icy blonde to sell him to the very traitors who landed him a stint in prison. Yet her ethereal blue eyes reflect years of sadness as a snow leopard trapped in a land of lions, and he understands her need to find her true kin. Except she’s not the only one targeting him. With a bounty-hunting hyena and the Defence Force in pursuit, Kipper and Alina agree to an alliance…one that leads to her finally experiencing the joys of desire. Can their passion earn them the trust they’ll need to survive?

Erotic Version

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Non-Erotic Version

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Excerpt from Desires at War

Lying on the physical therapy table, Fix Ainran stared at the door, hoping Zuri was his therapist for the afternoon. That girl rocked a drool-worthy booty, not to mention he could lose himself in her big, dark eyes.
A slender blonde entered the room instead. Damn. Alina, the ice queen. Nothing he said or did ever seemed to warm her up.
“Hey, sweetheart,” he drawled, attempting to thaw her composure. Even an added wink did nothing to budge her frozen expression.
Without a word, she spread a towel over his lower torso. What was the point? He never got physically aroused around her. Then again, she’d make any guy’s wood shrivel. Zuri on the other hand always seemed happy when he tented the towel. Happy for him since at least that aspect still functioned. A lot of guys with spinal-cord injuries couldn’t say the same.
The ice queen seemed even more clinical than usual. She didn’t bother with the deep massage to his quads, giving only a cursory rub over his legs. As his spinal injury was incomplete, he had intermittent feeling, and today her hands felt like stinging nettles on his skin.
“I’ve been having cramps in my upper thighs, so don’t forget—”
“I am aware of my job,” she said curtly without so much as a glance at him.
Fix turned his head, compressing his lips. Yup. Cold as ice. He stared at the blank wall, and his thoughts drifted. As always, no matter how hard he tried to suppress the memories, he returned to that day. The day his life changed.
He’d been sent on a solo mission to the rugged cliffs of Tanzania along the borderlands. Known as the hyena hellhole, an area so barren no one lived or hunted there. An area used only by hyena forces for military training…

Crouched by the cliff edge for a better view, Fix raised his binoculars to his face when a hard shove against his back knocked him off balance. Scrambling to regain his footing, he tried to twist around and grab the rock edge, but the dirt on the cliff gave way beneath his feet. He remembered screaming as the air rushed over his face. Then blackness.
He never saw who attacked him. Never even heard a sound.
When he came to, face down in a gully, he tried shifting to lion form, believing he could handle his injuries more easily as a lion than a human. Dead wrong. An unbelievable burn exploded across his back as if he’d been ripped in two. He screamed in agony, his head pounding like a jackhammer. Unable to hold on to his sanity, he begged and pleaded to the gods, offering up his future firstborn son. Anything to stop the pain.
Crumpled on the rocks, half-human, half-lion, he lacked the strength to reshift. Minutes passed, maybe hours—time held no meaning while he drifted in and out of consciousness—he heard voices. One carried above the others. A voice he recognized but couldn’t put a name to. Although at that moment, he couldn’t come up with his own name.
As he was set on a board, he fought to remain focused and resolute, although a small whimper escaped through his clenched teeth, and he bit back a howl when thick canvas straps tightened across his chest. Once again, blessed blackness overtook him.
When he awoke, he blinked against a harsh light, and his nose wrinkled from the strident odor of disinfectant. A tube trailed from the back of his hand to a clear bag hung on a pole. A hospital room? No. Yellow flowers adorned the quilted bedcovers draped across his legs, and on the other side of the room, an oval mirror perched above a dainty woman’s vanity dresser, like the kind his grandmother had in her bedroom.
A deep grunt to his right sent an instinctual rush of adrenaline through Fix’s veins. Jerking his head, he willed his body to follow, but to no avail, and his hands bunched into fists. A swarthy man sitting next to the bed narrowed his eyes, then rose and left the room. Gritting his teeth, Fix sank back into the pillow.
Within minutes, a string of unfamiliar faces paraded past him, and questions were asked for which he had no answers. He had no use for these surly men and their meaningless riddles.
Then she lingered at the doorway. A halo of walnut-colored curls framed a sweet, compassionate face with the warmest brown eyes he’d ever seen. His gaze drank in her generous curves emphasized by a tight tank top and jeans. Her lush softness sent his heart racing.
“Caryn,” a gruff voice called from outside the makeshift hospital room.
A slight frown drew her eyebrows together as she turned toward the voice.
Fix’s breath hitched. She could help him. He felt it in his bones. “Caryn,” he whispered to her, drawing her attention.
She tilted her head. “What’s your name?”
The memory came to him. “Fix.”
“Fix? Can’t say I’ve heard that name before.” Her smile revealed deep dimples in her cheeks, and she leaned against the door frame.
“A nickname,” he replied, distracted by the tempting view offered by her top’s low-cut neckline.
But a strange thought erupted in the back of his mind. She was not his kind.

About the Author

As a paranormal romance author, Kira Shayde writes about animal magnetism and intrigue, where the heroes bring the heat and the heroines save the day. She explores somewhat atypical pairings and settings and can’t help adding a twinge of societal awareness to her works, but the focus is always on the developing romance, passion, and happy endings. While some of her books are erotic romances, you won’t find any hard-core BDSM. Kira prefers the hero and heroine to share the power and share the love. On a personal level, Kira is devoted to animal and ecological conservation, loves devil’s food cake, and sings when no one is around.



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