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Djinn by Niki McAlister #fantasy

Serving the Scales
Niki McAlister

Genre: Adult Fantasy
Publisher: Niki McAlister
Date of Publication: August 1, 2020
Number of pages: 132
Word Count: 45,690

Cover Artist: Niki McAlister

Tagline: From Silver Spoon to Silver Tongue

Book Description:

Born into a wealthy family on the west side of the Naga Kingdom, Djinn De’monte has always lived a life of undeserved luxury. He parties every night courtesy of his father’s money and, with a flick of his hand, can bed any woman he chooses.

Why would he ever give any of that up to settle down and work a regular job? Everything he needs is right at his fingertips, but when an unexpected tragedy strikes the rug is suddenly yanked out from under him. Djinn is forced to sink or swim.

Join him on his forced pilgrimage as he reluctantly discovers that there is more to life than having everything served to you on a silver platter. Will he learn just what he stands for, or will he be swept up with the rest of the garbage?

In this short prequel we travel back to Djinn’s youth to find out exactly what transpired before he met a very unusual servant girl. This story can be read before Serving the Scales, after, or by itself. Though Djinn’s story isn’t part of the Serving the Scales Trilogy, it is an important part of the history that took place in Iruli.

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“You can’t go in there right now, he’s in a meeting!” The butler elf cried, trying to insert himself between me and the double doors of my father’s office. I slapped him aside with a brush of my tail, sending him clattering into the wall. As he sputtered in surprise I threw open the doors, my faded green locks whipping in the artificial breeze as I met my father’s deadpan stare.
“Djinn, now isn’t a good time.” He said, dismissing me with his hand but I would have none of it.
“Are you directly responsible for the suffering of countless pregnant women and children?” I seethed, glaring directly into my father’s eyes.
“Djinn..” Dad’s face was blank as I heard someone clear their throat to my left.
Councilman Wartez was seated on a cushion there, looking up at me in disapproval—but I didn’t care. “Well? Are you?” I repeated.
“Djinn if you could come back later I’d be happy to—”
“No, we’re going to talk about this now dad.” I huffed, raising my tail to tower over him.
Dad sighed. “Where are you hearing this from? Is this about Jess? I assure you she received the best care.”
“Why aren’t all of the pregnant nagas in the East city receiving that type of care? Are you aware that they’re being treated on the damp ground?”
“Surely those people must be used to doing things on the damp ground.” Councilman Wartez snickered beside me.
“Are you fucking with me right now?” I spun around to the councilman. “People are dying and you’re over here making jokes? Why isn’t the council doing anything to help?”
Dad glared up at me through his tiny glasses. “Not that you’ve ever cared before, but we’ve been conducting tests on the female naga’s issue for decades. We’ve informed everyone that, should they find themselves pregnant they should seek proper medical care.”
I slammed my hands down on his desk, remembering all the times he’d had the maid whip me for touching his desk. His eye twitched as he looked down at my hands. “You do realize that most of the citizens in the East city can’t afford to see a doctor, right?”
“That’s being quite presumptuous. I’ll have you know that we installed Deklyn over there to care for the elves ten years ago. They’re being cared for better than they ever did in that backwoods place they hail from.”
“You know damn well I’m not talking about the elves.” I seethed.
He shrugged, making my blood boil. “You and your council buddies could easily extend a hand to these women but you’re not!”
“That’s enough Djinn.” Dad rose, grabbing my hand and pulling it off his desk.
“It’s not nearly enough dad.”
“I must ask you to go home and we’ll discuss this at another time.”
“Fuck you.” I spat. “You’ll just send Natasha over with more money or a fucking fruit basket to shut me up, you bastard.”
“That’s enough!” Dad boomed, coming around the side of his desk. “One more word out of you and I’ll cut you off.”
“I dare you.” I grinned, spitting on the ground in front of him. I raised my gaze back to his face to relish in the shock I’d caused but to my surprise I felt my father’s fist collide with my cheek as he snarled at me. I flew backward, hitting my head on the back wall of the office and pulling down a bunch of books as I slumped to the ground.

“I’m sorry for this outburst Councilman Wartez.” Reginald was saying, shaking the councilman's hand. The last thing I remembered was both of the councilmen looking over at me in amusement as I passed out.

About the Author:

Niki McAlister is an avid reader of romance and fantasy. She’s always lived in a little world inside her own mind, often getting herself in trouble while daydreaming. She currently resides in Tennessee with her husband, two boys, and many pets.

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