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Tempted by Brandi Evans #PNR #angels

Redemption Harbor Quartet
Book One
Brandi Evans

Date of Publication: September 15, 2020
Word Count: ~40,000
Cover Artist: Premade Ebook Cover Shop

Tagline: The only thing standing between this fallen angel and redemption is the woman he loves.

Book Description:

Eons ago, Seth fell for another angel—literally—and was cast down from the Heavens. Seeking redemption, he went to work for the Angels of Death, taking the lives of people destined to die. His only desire is to return home, but everything changes when a foul-mouthed brunette walks into his life and plunges his ordered world into chaos, tempting him with the one thing he hasn’t felt in longer than he can remember: love.

A busted radiator strands Lyndi Garrison on a deserted stretch of coastal Maine and puts her in the path of a violent madman. She expertly fends off her attacker just as a stranger arrives offering assistance. She’s instantly enamored by her gentle giant hero, and before the evening is over, they share a devastating kiss and a knockout round of sex unlike any she’s ever known. But happiness and Lyndi have never been long-term friends, and Lyndi can’t help but wonder if she is finally getting a second chance at happiness or if Fate is planning to coldcock her again.

Seth didn’t know which was worse. Spending eternity in hell or working his way out of damnation by becoming a murderer.
Okay, in his defense, he technically wasn’t a murderer, at least not in the terms mortals used. He had, however, been responsible for the termination of more lives than he could count—all in the name of finding redemption. And no, the irony wasn’t lost on him, but at the moment, he didn’t have time to contemplate his penance. He was on the clock.
Franklin Michaels jogged around the bend. Each footfall brought him closer and closer to Seth.
To death.
With the dropping temperatures, the coastal park in Redemption Harbor, Maine, was all but deserted. Seth was grateful for the privacy. Not because he feared his target might see him—the job was easier if Seth didn’t think of his victims by name—but because this termination necessitated solitude. The target had to die alone. No exceptions.
Why? Because his bosses, the Angels of Death, deemed it so. And Seth’s job wasn’t to question but to do. To fulfill his obligations without emotion and with as little deviation from the plan’s parameters as possible. Simple.
Ha! There was nothing fucking simple about carrying out a person’s death, even a scumbag like this one.
For reasons Seth didn’t understand, this asshole hadn’t been slated for termination two years ago when he’d had his first heart attack—with the coronary Seth would cause tonight being the second. No, fate had allowed him an additional two years of blessed breath. Time to see his daughter get married, to see his son welcome his own child into the world.
To rape four more women.
He’d beaten one woman with such animalistic rage that she’d later succumbed to her injuries. Another had died by her own hand when she could no longer withstand the black void Michaels had punched into her soul.
Seth hovered toward the target. A lone spiritual “touch” was all it would take to send this bastard into a lethal episode of cardiac arrest and straight to hell where he belonged. Seth reached out and—
“Son of a bitch! I’m gonna set a blowtorch to your ass and turn you into a goddamn sculpture!”
Seth pulled back. Curiosity had him turning toward the furious, yet sultry, female voice, a strikingly odd combination.
Just off the main road near the park entrance, a woman stood with her back to him as she kicked the shit out of a hybrid car’s tire. White smoke billowed from the vehicle’s engine. Caught in the soft glow of the streetlight above, she ran her fingers through long chestnut hair that had just a hint of auburn undertones, as if she’d spent much of the previous summer camped out on one of the nearby beaches. No pants protruded from the hem of her dark, calf-length jacket. The skin of those toned legs set off a creamy contrast to her coat—so okay, maybe no long hours spent on the beach.
Wild thoughts flashed through his mind as he wondered what she wore beneath that jacket. A dress? A skirt? Would the material cling to her body like a second skin? Or maybe she wore nothing at all?
Concentrate, he scolded. You’re here on a job.
Seth turned to his mark, but the mark was gone.
Damn it. Seth opened his mind, searching out and instantly finding the target. Up the walk, he’d folded himself into the shadows, his dark arousal filling Seth’s being like onions wrapped in ripe gym socks. Beautiful-Potty-Mouth was exactly this animal’s type. A pretty little brunette who was all alone. The Guardian in Seth would be damned if he’d let the fiend hurt her. Not on his watch.
Yet even as the noble notion entered his mind, so did the warning against intervention. Death Code and Angelic Code both forbade interference in the affairs of mortals, except by Divine Order. Seth had one purpose here tonight. To make sure his target died in the manner his bosses foresaw. No more. No less. To disregard the Code was to risk all hope of ever returning home.
To assure his banishment would, indeed, be for eternity.
Still, he moved toward his target. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what the other man was doing: stalking. Dark anger welled inside Seth. How was he supposed to sit back while this creep raped and possibly killed an innocent? If Seth killed the target now, before he made his move—
Beautiful-Potty-Mouth turned from the car—toward Seth— and something happened that he hadn’t experienced since he’d lost his wings.
His soul stirred.

About the Author:

Brandi Evans was raised by a caravan of traveling Gypsies. She spent her days learning the ways of her people and her nights lost in legends as old as time. Okay, not really, but that's way more interesting than the truth!

In reality, Brandi grew up the oldest child of an ordinary family. Grade school, middle school, high school. Nothing extraordinary happened until she left the nest. She joined the military, went to college, got married, and became a mom. And somewhere along the way, she discovered she liked to read—and write!—stories hot enough to melt eReaders.


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