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Now Available - The Underworld Library: Hellbrary Book One by Laura Bickle #DarkFantasy #Hellbrary #UnderworldLibrary

Whoever possesses the Great Library of the Underworld rules Hell itself…and threatens the destiny of both the Heavens and Earth.

The Underworld Library
Book One
Laura Bickle

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Syrenka Publishing LLC
Date of Publication: 4/1/21
Number of pages: 304
Word Count: 90,426

Cover Artist: Pretty in Ink Creations

Book Description:

Whoever possesses the Great Library of the Underworld rules Hell itself…and threatens the destiny of both the Heavens and Earth.

The Great Library contains the most deadly magic tomes penned since the beginning of time. This magic is both wondrous and terrible, kept under lock and key by witch-librarians serving the king of the Underworld.

Eve is one of those faithful librarians. She doesn’t recall her life prior to the Hellbrary, and unlike her fellow Hellbrarians, she has very little magic to speak of. When a dangerous book is stolen, she must recover it with the help of a Gorgon librarian, a hellhound, and a mysterious shapeshifting royal envoy. This daemon, Azarr, has a serpent tongue and the heart of a man – can he be trusted?

King Caldrius’s court has fallen under siege. Caldrius’s cruel son, Ral, has returned from exile with an army to assassinate his father. But his father’s crown alone does not guarantee Ral the throne. He needs the library, and he will take it by force. His ambitions don’t end with the Hellbrary – he means to take Earth and the Heavens beyond.

Eve knows there’s only one way to defeat Ral: they must use the recovered book to awaken the Queen of the Witches. Caldrius imprisoned Viridia millennia ago when she grew too powerful to control. Then, he offered the witches a choice: serve him or die. They served, until now…but will awakening Viridia summon an evil greater than Ral?

Time is running out, and all the forces the Underworld must unite to wage war for the library and control of all of existence.

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Excerpt 3.      

Azarr’s head crested the waves, and he gasped for oxygen. The river roared around him, now whitewater, with caps of pale foam cresting the brown waves. He could make out the edge of the shoreline, and little else but the dark sky stretching above him.

            He gasped, thinking that he should swim to shore and find his compatriots…

            Something grabbed him. Still in the shape of a snake, he wriggled and lashed out to bite, but something—someone—grabbed him just behind his neck, and he was helpless. He was torn away from the sack containing the book, and he found himself staring into the grey eyes of one of the Ker. The Ker smiled with a mouth of serrated teeth.

            He thought that the Ker meant to eat him, but he was jammed unceremoniously into a large bottle. He writhed within it as the Ker capped it. He hissed and made to change back into a man and break the glass.

            But he couldn’t change back to the shape of a man.

            He flopped in the bottle, panicked, as the Ker drew him below the surface of the water. The Ker pulled him down to the quiet floor of the river, where the current did not buffet them. Two more Ker had gathered among the rusty cans, wheels, and bicycles. Maeje sat on one of the bicycles sidesaddle, as if it were a throne. Her hair floated around her head like a cloud, and her eyes glimmered.

            The Ker handed her the sack and the bottle. Maeje tucked the sack under her arm and gazed at the bottle. She tapped on it with her webbed fingers.

            “That was a very noble try, little snake. But you must understand, I have my own magic over shape and form.” Her voice was clearer underwater than it had been in air; her gills fluttered, and her mouth sounded as if it was full of bells.

            “Where are the rest of the people I came with? The librarians?” he demanded, though he knew he was in no position to demand anything of her.

            “Ah, little pet.” She shook her head, and her hair drifted lazily in the water. “The river has taken them. You shall not see any of them again.”