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Beyond Atlantis: An Epic of The Ancient Americas by Lucius Beauchamp #Atlantis #BeyondAtlantis

Hello, I’m Lucius Beauchamp and I’ve written a fast-paced fantasy novel, called ‘Beyond Atlantis: An Epic Of The Ancient Americas’. Right now, I’ll be discussing poisons.

“A barbarian, following a little behind his party, had heard. The colour drained from Zithia’s face and she pushed her son deep among plant leaves. The barbarian yelled something back to his commander, while grasping his groin. Receding laughter ensued. 

     Deftly Zithia removed the pack. Unclipping her hair, she spread its glory with a practised hand, to the sounds of liquid tinkling on foliage. Then she pinched her cheeks for blusher and bit her lips. Hastily she took a leaf and picked up the canary-coloured frog by the shoulders, not pleasing it. In response, the frog exuded clear liquid from its spotted hide. With her right hand Zithia scooped the liquid onto the back of the two longer fingernails, of her first two fingers. She replaced the frog and faced Kylyn’s hiding place. Holding her fingers near her lips, nails outward, she mouthed, ‘Shush.’”

     “The high priestess raised her head, her chin upon her hand. ‘Being prostrate with grief is very wearing.’ 
     She put an arm around Venus, ‘Have you a scroll?’ Minuet nodded. ‘Then write to Jiang Li’s home village: “Uncle, here are the daffodils I promised, from the Far World. The flowers will delight and one bulb, cut up as onion, when served to Jiang Li’s widow will provide an interesting killing touch. Fried if you like. A sudden recovery would prove… an anticlimax at this point.” With brightening eyes, she addressed Minuet. ‘Oh, and send my condolences to the widow with a separate messenger.’”

Of poisons, arsenic was a favourite. It was called the Inheritance Powder, when first used in Europe before the time of the Borgias and the Medici. It was so expensive that only the rich could afford it, thus its nickname. Its other name was The King of Poisons because, for a very long time, it was undetectable.

Poison hasn’t only been used to kill. It has also served to control another’s destiny. There was poor Mad King George. Medical experts have examined King George 3rd symptoms and the recurrences of his illness. There are too many pointers to poison; off and on, over many years. His madness was to the Prince of Wales’s advantage. When his father first became ill, the Prince was able to rule as an informal Regent. Hence, George kept getting sick.

All of the above, simply shows that poison and poisoners have been with us eternally. For example, in ancient Egypt, Alexandria was renowned for its poisoners. Today there doesn’t seem to be a city with an equivalent reputation. Or have you heard of one? 

Beyond Atlantis: An Epic of The Ancient Americas
Lucius Beauchamp

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
ISBN: Paperback 978-0-6488929-0-8  
ISBN: E-book 978-0-6488929-1-5
ASIN: 0648892905 
Number of pages: 448
Word Count: 158,240 
Cover Artist: Flametree Creative

Tagline: Greater Atlantis, where The Guardian Tribe roam

Book Description: 

10,000 years ago, ancient Atlantian Tribes of magicians flourished in the lower Americas and along the Mississippi. 

Galen, an Atlantian magician priest is locked in a relentless power struggle with an envious sorceress who blackmails, lies, and manipulates. A prince of the blood, Galen is determined that nothing will stop his becoming an Archpriest.

Eten, blackest witch and high priestess sees angels and seeks a forbidden treasure. She finds Galen’s curse of having a soulmate particularly helpful. 

Half a millennia ago the Island of Atlantis sank off the Biminis, the 13th Tribe was held responsible for the demise of Atlantis. The surviving Atlantians stripped the 13th of all technology and exiled them. 

Vengeful, the 13th Tribe wishes to return but the 13th’s warlocks fear crossing into Greater Older Atlantis. They do not dare set foot on the Guardian-protected land. The great Guardian Tribe possess a formidable circle of psychics who roam North America keeping constant vigil to keep Greater Older Atlantis safe for all Atlantians. 

About the Author:

The author was inspired to write this book because, like Plato, the author believes Atlantis existed. Interpreting Plato's description of the location of Atlantis, backed up by Edgar Cayce's readings, Lucius feels that the Island of Atlantis was off the Biminis. Therefore, for the author, the Continent of Atlantis (Greater Older Atlantis) was North America, USA. Writing this epic has been Lucius Beauchamp’s means of creating a world in which people can escape from the travails and the, at times, seeming randomness of living for a while. A place where readers can take their ease and be refreshed by imbibing this layered adventure as they would a well-deserved drink at the end of the day.

Lucius writing and research skills were enhanced while obtaining a 4-year Degree in Psychology at the prestigious University of Western Australia. This degree included intensive English studies. Lucius attributes much of his understanding of writing to his time at the University of Western Australia. 

In life the author has followed the maxim that what goes around, comes around. Therefore, he does regular simple volunteering that assists inner-city people who are in crisis and/or temporarily homeless. Earlier in life Lucius did Hospice volunteering, which he feels gave a solid grounding, a balance to his life.

To this same desire for balance, especially in Covid times, the author has turned his backyard into a veritable bird sanctuary. Currently, three birdbaths, tall native shrubs and native trees bring in all the local small birds. Lucius has watched fledglings wander the garden in the first weeks out of the nest and an occasional wind-battered adult shelter daily among the honey-blossoms until well. The author set each of the two shallow and one medium-deep birdbaths at a slope, as he’s observed that smaller birds love to strut around a shallow end before diving into the deep end of their swimming pools. Kookaburras are discouraged from hunting geckos in the backyard, it upsets the little birds, though they’re welcome to bathe and drink. The birds, the Spring bobtail lizards and a type of small marsupial that arrives at tree-berry harvest time aren’t bothered by the Beauchamp family dog or cat, as they have a twilight curfew and or bells.

Other than birdwatching, a main interest of Lucius is building a collection of retro, vintage and, infrequently, antique Matchbox Cars. Crossword puzzles, Lucius saves for lazy Sunday afternoons. Some Lucius’ viewing preferences are the Star Trek movies and series, plus Le Carre’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy series and the Smiley’s People series.    
Lucius’ wish list is as follows: To tread the USA Appalachian Trail for as long as his legs hold out. To spend two months in Maine one Fall, hiking and just watching the festival of color until the leaves turn then drop. To walk the week-long trek to Machu Pichu. To fish one of the great North American rivers. To take a long sojourn on a paddle steamer down the Mississippi River.     

The author has included many descriptions of mushrooms in his book, several of them poisonous and many varieties that are difficult to differentiate from look-a-like poisonous fungi. Knowing how many people on seeing a mushroom in the wild will be tempted to pick it, Lucius has included a Warning Note at the bottom of the Acknowledgements Page, in the E-book and in the print version.

The author and partner are equal joint-owners and equal co-publishers of Beyond Atlantis: An Epic Of The Ancient Americas.

Lucius’ heartfelt thanks go to author Dave Luckett who originally critiqued Beyond Atlantis: An Epic Of The Ancient Americas and then tutored Lucius, on a weekly basis, for several months.

Further the author’s profound thanks go to Professor Van Iken, who Lucius was fortunate enough to have critique Beyond Atlantis: An Epic of The Ancient Americas, after it had been redrafted following intensive workshops with Dave. Professor Iken then very generously critiqued the book a second time, once Lucius finished an almost-final draft.
Lastly, the author’s greatest thanks go to his partner for all the patience, advice, editing, critiquing, for improving the story’s momentum and for story/scene/dialogue assistance. Together Lucius and his partner created the book’s first short name and then together added the longer version of the name. It was Lucius’ partner who discovered the book’s hook, that is, who found the book’s current first two paragraphs which Lucius had buried further within the chapter.


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