About Roxanne

Story strumpet, tome loving tart, eccentric night owl...all words that can describe freelance writer, poet and erotic romance author Roxanne Rhoads.

Roxanne has been a writer for as long as she can remember. She swears she was born with a pen in one hand and a book in the other. Her love of books stems from her mother reading bedtime stories to her every night and taking her on weekly trips to the library to hunt the stacks for great reads.

When other children begged for candy and toys when taken to the grocery store Roxanne always asked for a book. It started with Little Golden Books, then moved on to Sweet Valley High, then she fell in love with all things spooky and supernatural and started reading Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, John Saul, Stephen King and anything else she could find that featured a witch, vampire or ghost.

She became a published poet in elementary school when 2 of her poems were selected to appear in a local magazine. All through her school years she attended Young Author's Conferences and wrote for the school newspapers. She won numerous essays and writing contests which earned her savings bonds and scholarships for college.

As a high school junior she started writing for the teen section (Word Up) of the local newspaper The Flint Journal. She also received a scholarship for college from The Flint Journal. In college she wrote for the college paper and a local entertainment magazine, Riff in addition to having in poetry published in small magazines and journals.

After college she tried many jobs including: video clerk, sales clerk, secretary, adult store sales clerk (think of a store similar to Lover's Lane) and small business owner.

She started writing professionally in 2005 quickly finding the niche of erotica and paranormal romance to be to her liking.

One of her first stories was published in Playgirl Magazine and she quickly snagged a job as writer and editor for Tit-elation.com and became an editor for Ephemera Bound Publishing as well as becoming a columnist for Sex-Kitten.net.

Since then she has been published on numerous websites, in magazines, and both print and ebooks.

Some of the sites she has been published on include FortheGirls.com, TheEroticWoman.com, OystersandChocolate.com, LucreziaMagazine.com, RuthiesClub.com, and JustusRoux.com- many of which are now closed .

Her book publishers include Noble Romance, eXcessica, Eternal Press, Xcite Books, Circlet Press, Ravenous Romance, Running Press, Midnight Showcase, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, Melange Books, L and L Dreamspell, and Pill Hill Press- many of the small press publishers are also closed. (Publishing is an ever changing business).

After reviewing books for other sites for months she decided to start her own book blog and book review site, Fang-tastic Books, in November of 2008. At the time there were not too many other sites geared towards paranormal and urban fantasy books though that quickly changed.

Roxanne has been learning the ropes of being a published author, how to handle online book promotion, how to be a great book reviewer (snippets of her reviews are published inside many popular books) and how to be a great book blogger for years now.

This prompted her to branch out into the world of Virtual Book Tours since she has a unique advantage of knowing how multiple sides of book promotion operate. So Bewitching Book Tours was born.

Roxanne understands how book bloggers work and what they want to make their jobs easier while also understanding that authors need promotion to be streamlined, easy, less time consuming (so they have more time to write) and above all affordable.

Bewitching Book Tours is geared towards the new author, the ebook author and the small and independent press author- the author who doesn't have a huge marketing budget but wants the most bang for their promotional buck. Bewitching Book Tours aims to offer just that by pairing authors and their books with targeted book bloggers and readers who enjoy the types of books the authors write. Bewitching Book Tours specializes in paranormal and erotica book tours though we are open to other book genres as well.

However Roxanne "knows" paranormal and erotica (and by paranormal we are lumping all books with supernatural/paranormal elements into one basic category whether they are labeled as paranormal romance, urban fantasy, mystery, suspense, horror, etc)

So in addition to writing her own books Roxanne helps other authors promote and market their books through her site Fang-tastic Books and her online book tour business Bewitching Book Tours.

You can reach Roxanne at RoxanneRhoads69@gmail.com