Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Halloween All Year Long

Since Halloween Deserves More Than Just a Page- 
I Now Have an Entire Blog Dedicated to Halloween
A Bewitching Guide to All Things Halloween

Halloween Night
By Roxanne Rhoads

A night when witches ride their brooms
And shadows dance across the moon
The dead will speak and devils scream
Halloween, when the spirits can be seen

 ‘Tis a time that many fear
It comes but once a year
Enjoy this enchanted night
Just don’t let the vampires bite

Ghosts and ghouls will walk the land
Zombies will reach out their hands
They all want to live once more
So they come knocking on your door

 Pumpkins glow with eerie light
Be careful or you’ll get a fright
Avoid the tricks and give a treat
Appease them with something sweet

 Don’t let the witches cast a spell
Or the party could become hell
Too much witches brew
Could very well, be the end of you

Black cats howl and owls hoot
Fill your bags with lots of loot
Laugh and dance without a care
Soon you’ll wake from this nightmare

The Ultimate Halloween Playlist on Spotify

Bewitching Non-Fiction Halloween Books 
by Roxanne Rhoads

The Ultimate Halloween Party Planner

Do you want to plan a Halloween party but you have no idea where to start?

Are you in the midst of planning a party but can't stay organized?

The Ultimate Halloween Party Planner is exactly what you need.Filled with Halloween party tips and ideas, a party planning timeline and checklist, a budget sheet, a guest list chart, to do lists, monthly calendars, weekly to do lists, lined notebook pages, blank sketch pages, recipe pages, craft pages, costume planning pages, and more- this planner has everything you need to plan a Halloween party your guests will never forget.

100 Halloween Writing Prompts: A Curated Selection of Halloween Images to Inspire Short Stories, Poetry, Essays and Blog Posts

Cute and creepy, magical whimsy, cozy fall and colorful autumn splendor images fill this notebook with 100 Halloween writing prompts. 

Plump pumpkins, dark nights, scary skulls, wicked witches….flip through the pages and be inspired to write Halloween short stories, poetry, essays and blog posts.

Haunted Flint

Sinister Secrets in Flint’s History

Home to ancient burial grounds, unsolved murders, economic depression, and a water crisis, Flint emits an unholy energy rife with ghostly encounters. 

Colonel Thomas Stockton’s ever vigilant ghost keeps a watchful eye over his family home at Spring Grove, where guests occasionally hear the thump of his heavy boots. 

Restless spirits long separated from their graves lurk among the ancient stones in Avondale Cemetery. 

Carriage maker W.A. Paterson’s spirit continuously wanders the halls of the Dryden Building, and something sinister and unnamed resides in a Knob Hill mansion waiting to prey on impressionable young men. 

Join authors Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani on a chilling tour of Flint’s most haunted locations.

Honoring the Dead : Death Holidays Around the World

Halloween isn't the only celebration of the dead.

Death is the one thing that connects us all. Inescapable, death will visit each and every one of us.

That is why throughout time and around the world people of different religions, backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities have had special days dedicated to honoring their dead.

In this book you'll learn about Halloween's origins along with other death celebrations around the world: China's Hungry Ghost Festival, Pchum Ben in Cambodia, Toro Nagashi and Obon in Japan, Chuseok in Korea, Gai Jatra in Nepal, and Dia de los Muertos which is celebrated in parts of Mexico, Latin America, and Spain.

A Guide To Greening Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that can really take its toll on resources: candy, decorations, food, costumes, and more.

This guide will help you green the three major areas of Halloween fun: the costume, the party and the decorations.

Halloween Erotica by Roxanne Rhoads 

Hex and the Single Witch 
Vehicle City Vampires Book One

Anwyn Rose is descended from a long line of powerful witches yet she can barely cast spells young witchlings have mastered.

She has one functioning witch gift, the power of knowing, which she puts to good use as a Detective on Flint?s Preternatural Investigation Team.It?s a new era in Vehicle City, supernaturals are running the town.

The P.I.T has their hands full with paranormal crimes. Top priority is a serial killer, who appears to be a vampire, draining young women in the city.

Anwyn is on the case with her sexy partner Detective Mike Malone.

Complicating things is her relationship Galen, a vampire who looks more guilty than innocent, although Anwyn trusts her instincts even if her power is on the fritz.

Mysterious spells, compromising situations, and a possible demon on the loose make it hard to focus on the case, but Anwyn has to make things right before the human police execute the wrong vampire.

Hex and the Single Witch contains magick, a little bit of mystery, a lot of supernatural mayhem, and a sexy love triangle that will leave you wanting more.

Eternal Desire 
Desire Series Book One

Halloween in New Orleans, anything can happen…including love and magick.

Paranormal researcher Liz Beth's dreams are haunted by a sensual vampire.

She arrives in New Orleans the week of Halloween in search of her elusive dream lover, but instead finds a handsome stranger.

They begin a passionate affair. Soon she is torn between dreams and reality, lost somewhere in the middle trying to regain reason.

She aches to find the vampire of her dreams but can't seem to break free of the spell her sexy stranger has her tangled in.

Haunting Desire
Desire Series Book Two

Welcome to the Inn of Amorous Apparitions where your every libidinous longing can be fulfilled by sensual spirits.

LizBeth has been hired to use her ghost whispering skills on the specters at the Castle Inn, but instead of banishing the seductive spooks Barbara, the Inn Keeper, wants them to "come out and play" with her special guests. 

The Castle Inn is set to become the destination for the ghost sex fetish crowd. But first LizBeth has to convince the voluptuous visions that it is alright to participate in spectrophilia fun with the guests. 

LizBeth has a special talent for seeing and communicating with ghosts but these enchanting ethereals are not cooperating with her, or her vampire boyfriend. Something odd is fueling the raunchy wraiths and they have to discover the power source or risk leaving a customer unsatisfied.

There’s more to this haunting than the average ghost. Will LizBeth be able uncover the mystery of this sexy haunted mansion?

A Halloween to Remember

There are two things Chrissy and Martin really love besides each other—sex and Halloween. They even bought a spooky old Victorian house with a graveyard in the back. Could they have a better place to throw a lavish Halloween party?

Adena's not much for the crazy orgies that happen at Chrissy's parties but she can't say no to her best friend's Halloween-housewarming party either. So she dresses up, arrives late and stays away from most of the swinging people and wild activities at the party. At least until she encounters the man of her dreams at midnight. Dimitri is everything Adena has always dreamed of in a man: dark, handsome, smart…but there’s something a little off about him.

When she discovers just what makes Dimitri different, Adena decides to find a way for them to be together. But will love and faith, along with Halloween magic, be enough to bring Adena's darkly handsome lover, Dimitri, back to her before it’s too late?

Halloween Surprise

Alcina and Estra are ready to enjoy everything Halloween has to offer them – food, fun, and, most of all – the pleasures of the flesh. 

After enjoying each other’s bodies for hours they decide it’s time to find a man. Luckily for Michael he’s the one that happens to cross their path. After quickly deciding that he is exactly what they were looking for, they convince him to take them back to his place for a wild Halloween ménage ‘a trios. 

He ends up getting more than he bargained for with a sexy, but shocking, Halloween surprise...

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