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Halloween Night
By Roxanne Rhoads

A night when witches ride their brooms
And shadows dance across the moon
The dead will speak and devils scream
Halloween, when the spirits can be seen

 ‘Tis a time that many fear
It comes but once a year
Enjoy this enchanted night
Just don’t let the vampires bite

Ghosts and ghouls will walk the land
Zombies will reach out their hands
They all want to live once more
So they come knocking on your door

 Pumpkins glow with eerie light
Be careful or you’ll get a fright
Avoid the tricks and give a treat
Appease them with something sweet

 Don’t let the witches cast a spell
Or the party could become hell
Too much witches brew
Could very well, be the end of you

Black cats howl and owls hoot
Fill your bags with lots of loot
Laugh and dance without a care
Soon you’ll wake from this nightmare

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