Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pin Up Balms

I have always been a fan of pin up girls of the first half of the twentieth century. Those bomb shells from the 40's and 50's have held a special place in my heart for along time. I have a small collection of old calendars and pin up magazines that are my private little treasure trove.

Recently a writer friend of mine has been giving me a lot of green pointers and products to try out since she is really into the green scene.

She just passed on some info about these delightful lip balms that made my heart go all aflutter because they feature old pin up style girls on the little lip balm tins. She did an awesome review around Christmas-time about them that you can read at

Pin Up Balms are so fabulously beautiful and sexy as hell. Who wouldn't want a stylish little tin adorned with a hot bomb shell of woman? I know I would love to have ALL of them. After I use the lip balms I bet I could create some kind of sexy display or wall art with the empty tins.

Anyway not only are these sexy Pin Up Lip Balms stylish but they are made from all natural and organic ingredients, no nasty stuff like parabens or other petrochemicals are lurking inside them. So they are sexy and green.

I am loving this product and I am about to snatch me up some, there are so many flavors I just don't know which to choose: strawberry cheesecake, vanilla, raspberry, caramel apple...oh my...I don't know which to try.