Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Review of the DVD Les Vampyres: Paranormal Porn- Who Knew it Could Be So Sensual?

product picture
DVD by Metro
Cast: Ava Vincent, Brandon Iron, Brick Majors, Jack Hammer
Director: James Avalon

Highly erotic, ultimately sensual- this is not your average porn flick. I can see why Les Vampyres won multiple awards: Best Film of the Year, Best All Girl Scene, Best Director, Best Group Sex Scene, Best Overall Marketing, and AVN dubbed it "one of the best adult films of all time". Could you ask for more when it comes to an adult film?

The filming is erotic, a bit dark and mysterious and it totally goes with the vampire theme. It is a bit arty yet still highly erotic. This movie gives guys all the beautiful women and action filled sex scenes without being too porn-ific, you know? It's not all close ups and pussy shots though you will get a few, but even they have a softer edge to them. Women will get all the sensual, soft, sexiness they want from an adult film.

And the stars are sexy. You are going to love it. And the movie has a plot and a storyline, it is not all sex. It's great. I bet with some editing it could be shown on cable. Sexy, sexy, sexy. It is sure to make you want to sink your fangs into someone close or wish they would sink their fangs in you.

This is one movie I'll be watching over and over again, especially when I am in Vamp mode.

The DVD is also packed with bonus features like bloopers and an animated comic book version of Les Vampyres, very erotic.

Want to know more about Les Vampyres? Drop by Eden DVD to check it out and see what else they have to offer in fine adult films.


Desiree said...

We own this DVD. My husband had watched parts of it growing up before he met me and so I bought it for him for his birthday last year. It is a wonderful dvd. Nice review :)

JerryR said...

les Vampires seems like an interesting video. It'll be on my video lists. Btw, I too love anything vampire. So I've been writing manuscripts with vampire characters. Once I get an MS in print I'll let you know. Thanks for having this blog for vampire stories.

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