Monday, July 20, 2009

A Review of Illume's Sexy Soy Candle Angelfood

Illume Candles are made with 100% all natural soy and/or vegetable wax and scented with rich essential oils and made with lead free wicks. Illume's luxurious candles are handcrafted right here in the US, made with eco-friendly ingredients and the company has incorporated eco-conscious business practices to create a very green company with very awesome products.

This past weekend hubby and I had a romantic weekend alone and we lit up the Angel food scented candle that is part of Illume's sexy 23 Collection. OMG! Yummy. The scent was so sexy and titillating. I wanted to devour the candle...and hubby. The aroma definitely inspired very naughty, very un-angelic thoughts and desires.

Illume's 23 Collection comes in 3 other tasty scents: Valencia Orange, Pomegranate, and Cucumber. I want all three. I love all of those delightful aromas. And now that I know I can get such devilishly decadent candles made with eco-friendly ingredients I definitely want all 3 of the 23 Collection by Illume.

Illume also has the His and Hers Collection which is full of sexy candles with scents created for seduction. Sexy, sexy, sexy.

I must admit I am a total candle slut. I collect them. I have them everywhere. And I pull them out for special romantic evenings with the hubby.

I love candles, love, love, love candles. I can't plan a romantic evening without them. At least not one that has us in a room or enclosed area all alone planning to get totally freaky. Which we did this weekend. Several times. And the candle was lit every time. It really added to the ambiance of sexiness and romance this past weekend.

My husband and I really love the Illume candles, this sexy Angel food scented candle is one of the best. One really great thing is that the candle smells great even when it is not lit and it makes the room smell delightful. Another thing is the Angel food cake scent is light and sweet, not overpowering so it would be a great scent for those who don't like flowery, perfumy aromas.

Want one of these sexy candles for useful? Head to and make sure to type in code 7KQ to get a big discount on your order.


Drew Griffiths said...

Can't ask for a better endorsement than that. Sounds like you had a great time with the hubs !!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Yes, I did really love this candle and will be loving it for awhile. It is supposed to burn for over 50 hours.

Ashly Star said...

Awesome! I love soy candles. They're fun to play with. Glad you had a great time!