Friday, August 21, 2009

A Review of Cucumber Melon Pheromone Mist

I love scented products, what girl doesn’t? And when you combine the sexy and delicious scents with pheromones you have a match made in erotic heaven.

I’ve tried numerous pheromone products over the years even created a research project that compared and contrasted many pheromone products from perfumes, colognes, sprays, lotions and candles. Some smell really good, some smell kinda bad, some didn’t work at all, some worked a little and one seemed to work phenomenally.

So how did the Cucumber Melon Pheromone Mist measure up? First of all the cucumber melon scent is very strong as in overpowering strong when you first spray it. It does settle down to a nice scent once the initial spray wears off.

As far as feeling any sexual stirrings, physical response or even detecting anything unusual as far as sexual urges go…nada. Nothing. Not even an extra blip on the horny monitor. I didn’t even get any response out of my husband and he is usually super aware of any sexual vibes, thoughts or pheromones in the air and picks right up on them.

I’ve used the Pheromone Mist several times now and nothing. Zip. Zilch. Could not believe it. Whenever I have used a pheromone product before usually something sexy happens but with this- nothing.

I think the artificial scent just doesn’t do it, cucumber melon really isn’t high on the sexy list of scents, or the pheromones are too mild. Or perhaps the alcohol, acetone, propane, and n-butane kill everything and don’t allow for any sexy thoughts.

Holy crap, I should have read the ingredients before using the product. That’s a scary fire hazard. Sounds more like a chemical cocktail than anything I should be spraying in my house. I don’t think I’ll be using this product again. This is why you should always read labels. You never know what scary stuff may be lurking in an innocent looking product.


Son Eros said...

Hi Roxanne,

I recently bought a book called: "Pheromones: Understanding the Mystery of Sexual Attraction" by William Regelson.

And it in was a leaflet promoting EroScent, apparently synthesizing real human Pheromones.

In reading your review of this product, I'm wondering have you ever come across a/o tried one called "EroScent"?
If yes, would you recommend it?