Monday, October 12, 2009

Fabulous Reviews, Interviews, Great News and More

There have been a couple reviews posted for Eternal Desire.

The best is this amazing review by Kiki Howell.

Here's a snippet of the review by Kiki:

After reading Eternal Desire, I would have to call Roxanne Rhoads a master of words. Each sentence flowed into another with a nice blend of old elegance and contemporary style which I think is important in this type of paranormal writing to best blend the modern day setting with the ghosts and vampires of another time. I have to give you an example from the beginning of the story, “a shadowy figure in my dreams, whispering of longings and ancient secrets. I never saw his face, but his voice lingered in my soul. He was an invisible guardian, calling to me…”

(BTW, Kiki you are an amazing reviewer- want to review books at Fang-tastic?)

Another review came in from Coffee Time Romance:

Eternal Desires is a very sexy short story set in one of the world’s most interesting cities. Quillon is a powerful character who commands Liz to follow where he leads but his need for her to know the real man shows there is a heart behind the steel. ...Ms Rhoads gives an amazing description of the Halloween parties and balls in New Orleans.

Onto Other News:

My schedule for the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest is now going to be the week of January 18. I'll have stories for the contest that you can vote on. I am so thrilled about that.

There's an interview with me in the current issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine. You can check that out at

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My Blog Tour Schedule for This Week

October 12 Review of Eternal Desire will be up at Authors by Authors and an interview with me will be posted on the 14th there as well

October 13 Eternal Desire promo day at VampChix, also offering a giveaway

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October 14 and 15 Book Party, Interview and Giveaway at Nights of Passion

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