Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Memories with Holli Winters

Favorite Christmas Memories by Holli Winters

My favorite Christmas memory turned out to be the last one I had with my mother. She had been sick and ended up in the hospital shortly before Christmas. We weren’t sure if she would be well enough to come home or if she’d have to spend Christmas in the hospital, but between her will to not spend the holiday there and the help of the staff, we got her home. I have family who live around here, but she told me on Christmas Eve that she wanted to stay home for the Christmas dinner rather than go to my brother and his family. I was basically taking care of her anyway, so I went to the store and bought a chicken and all the ingredients for a simple roast chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Dessert was jello. After the meal was over and I cleared away the dirty dishes, she hugged me and told me it was the best Christmas she’d had. She relished the simplicity of the meal and spending it with me. It still brings me to tears thinking about it, especially since it turned out to be the last Christmas we spent together.

Looking at my life today, I know my mother would be proud of me for being a published author. She loved romance novels and passed that love down to me. We’d sit around and discuss favorite authors or plotlines of books.

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Two years ago, Brady and Macy kissed and walked on the edge of giving into their desire, but the time was not right. She was newly widowed after the death of her abusive husband, who was also Brady's cousin. Now it's Christmas Eve in the midst of a snow storm. Macy heads to Brady's bar for a drink and ends up stranded when the storm turns into a blizzard. Now, she's trapped with a man she's wanted for a long, long time...and the timing couldn't be better.

One night of passion isn't enough for Brady, but can he convince Macy they have more going for them than just the desire that's been simmering for years?

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Alone with a man she can’t forget...Two years ago, Lauren and Nic kissed at the wedding of her sister to his brother, but she couldn’t face the prospect of being only a one-night stand for racecar driver Nic and turned him down. Now they’re headed to his family’s French Chateau on Christmas Eve, where a fierce snowstorm has stranded them in a hotel room alone.

It’s up to him to convince her that she’s the woman he’s always desired...

For Nic, sweet librarian Lauren should be off limits, and when she turns to him for a night of sex, what can he do...but agree. Their lovemaking is sizzling and sensual, with neither wanting the morning to arrive and burst their private world.Will their night of shared passion lead to more? Or will the desire for each other melt away like snow?

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Thank you for having me today.
But before I leave, I have a question for you.

Tell us about a favorite Christmas memory that you cherish.

Post your responses and I’ll give away a copy of FRENCH KISS to one lucky winner.

~Holli Winters
Holli Winters was born and raised in the western United States where she learned to appreciate the wide open spaces and the wild weather. When she’s not dreaming of hunky men and creating stories around them, she cooks and enjoys playing with her two cats, who helped to choose the pen name Holli Winters.


Holli_Winters said...

Hi everyone! Thank you to Roxanne for inviting me to her blog. I'll be around later on today. I love Christmas. :)

Tamsyn said...

Hello Holli,
Thank you for the post and the excerpts. I enjoyed them very much. My favorite Christmas memory is the year my husband presented me with a ring shaped like a rose with 10 little rubies for the rose and 4 emeralds for the leaves to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary which was also in December.
Happy Holidays!

Andrea I said...

I have two great holiday memories.
I have a grandson who turned 16 yesterday who was a wonderful Christmas memory that year.
I have a healthy grandson born this year on the 5th who is a wonderful memory for this year.

Sherry said...

One of my best memories is when my dad had all of us kids believing we saw Santa in the sky it would be so nice to be that innocent again that all it took was someone saying look there's Santa and you believe them.

jacque said...

My best Christmas was the Christmas the year my youngest twins were born premature and before one of the girls went to surgery, Santa got to come and let me hold both of them for our huge (7 people) family picture. We didn't know what was going to happen and the hospital staff went out of their way to make sure it was still special for us.

booklover0226 said...

Well, I'm sitting here, quietly crying (I'm such a hot mess) because your post made me think of my grandmother's last Christmas with us. We all knew it would be her last, but let me tell, it was her grandest!

My favorite part of the night was when she got up from the table to get something. My uncle and I looked at her and realized she was wearing black full-legged pants; for hours, we thought she was wearing a long black skirt. She never wore pants! We were shocked and charmed and laughed until we cried!

Tracey D

Misty said...

My favorite Holiday memory was in 2002 because it was my grandmothers last Christmas. She wasnt supposed to make til Christmas but she did and we had a nice Christmas. She passed Jan 17th of 2003. I will always Cherish that Christmas as well as my grandmother.

misty_labean yahoo com

Holli_Winters said...

Wow, wonderful memories! Those are the christmases we won't ever forget.:)

Thanks for sharing.


Fedora said...

Hi, Holli!

A favorite Christmas memory is just from decorating the tree every year with my sibs. We'd be blasting the Williams brothers and Andrews sisters albums on Mom and Dad's record player and taking turns putting our own ornament collections on the tree! We decorate similarly now, but my kids are the ones taking turns, and I still have to find those old records! ;)

Congrats on French Kiss!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Estella said...

My favorite Christmas memory is a grandson, born in the early hours of December 26th, 1989.

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Estella said...

that should have been:
kissinoak at verizon dot net