Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seriously Sexy Stocking Filler

Here's a fun holiday book of erotica, my story "Candy Cane Thrills" is in it, the very last story in the book (saved the best for last they did, LOL)


This is the ultimate sexy stocking filler! Twenty raunchy reads that are certain to excite and delight. Miranda Forbes has selected twenty wickedly sexy stories that have a fun, festive flavour. Christmas is a time for giving and we are certain this book will give plenty of pleasure! This mixed anthology covers all our favourite themes and offers a wide selection of tantalising tales. It is available early November to maximise on Christmas sales. Xcite Books offer the very best erotic writing. Clear branding and consistently good reviews in magazines such as "Forum", "Desire" and "Scarlet" have helped build Xcite into a bestselling brand. Xcite Books have achieved the Number One position in three erotic categories on Amazon and are core-stocked by Waterstones.

Here's a little x-rated excerpt of "Candy Cane Thrills":

I trailed the ribbon across his hard shaft and down his legs as he softly moaned. I teased and taunted lifting the ribbon up and trailing it down his chest, across his stomach then back across his rigid shaft. Then I couldn’t take my own teasing and I dropped the ribbon so I could caress him with my hands. I started teasing his smooth velvet tip, running my fingertips up and down the hard length of him. He shivered under my touch and squirmed against the bed.

“Ade, please stop or you’ll have me go before I’ve even felt the inside of that beautiful mouth of yours,” he smiled that seductive smile of his that always made my knees weak and then caressed my jaw and ran his fingertip over my bottom lip. His touch sent shivers through me, hot and tingly. The man could do things to me…make me feel things no one else ever had.

I used my hand to guide him into my mouth, sliding my lips just over the velvet tip then flicking my tongue across it. He gasped and arched toward me, wanting me to take in more. I wasn’t done teasing yet. I licked from the head to the base then back down again. He tasted like candy canes. I wanted to devour him.

I spread his legs and pushed between them, licking around his smooth shaved testicles that tasted like cinnamon and peppermint combined then down to the hidden area underneath, the line that went all the way to his anus. I licked him as he wriggled and moaned with ecstasy, licked all the way back to his testicles flicking and swirling my tongue as his body quivered. Every touch, every lick, every flick of my tongue brought whimpers, moans and sighs from him, and pleased murmurs from myself. He was a delectable smorgasbord that I couldn’t get enough of.

Merry Christmas !


booklover0226 said...

Oh, that's a hot excerpt! Now where did I put that credit card....

Tracey D