Monday, January 25, 2010

Erotically Charge Your Bedroom With Feng Shui

You can turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat by using the ancient art of feng shui (pronounced fung shway).

Feng shui is about enhancing the environment or the energy around you.

Lillian Too who has written 16 books on feng shui says, "The structures around you also emanate energy and if these structures are placed in a harmonious fashion based on feng shui guidelines, you can attract good energy, and therefore you can attract good fortune and good luck."

Feng shui guidelines take into account compass directions, colors, natural elements like wood, minerals, fire, water, and earth and aspirations such as wealth and prosperity; recognition and fame; marriage and love; creativity and children; mentors and helpful people; career; knowledge and education; and family relationships and health.In feng shui, romance begins in the yin (feminine) vibration of your bedroom. Excite the ch'i (life-force, energy) by making your bedroom romantic.Here are some of the basic ways to erotically charge your bedroom with sex positive energy by using the guidelines of feng shui.

First of all remove all clutter so positive energy can flow throughout the room. Clutter blocks the flow of ch'i. You should also remove anything reminding you of past lovers. Photos, love letters, presents and gifts, anything that reminds you of the past should be removed. You might want to go as far as getting new bedding and even a new mattress, especially if you shared you current one with a long term love who is no longer part of your life.

According to feng shui guidelines you should get rid of items associated with loneliness. You should not have just one of an item, not one flower in a vase, or one single photograph or one painting and definitely not one night stand. Everything should be arranged in pairs to symbolize a union. Have two candles on a dresser, two paintings on a wall, two end tables, etc. You should also avoid paintings or photos depicting one thing.

Pointy items should be avoided; they produce too much yang (male) energy. Replace pointy items with softer items representing natural curves.

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