Monday, January 18, 2010

Sexy on a Budget

Is your sex life in need of a boost but your budget's too tight to buy new lingerie? You can get creative with budget friendly lingerie alternatives by breathing new life into old stuff lurking in your closets and drawers. Don't fret about the government's stimulus package when you can use what you already have to create all the stimulation your partner can handle.

Try these budget savvy seduction tips to give your sex life a boost without spending a dime.

What's in Your Closet?

What ordinary items are lurking in your closet that can be transformed into extraordinary tools of seduction?How about all those sheer tops that you prudently pair with camis and tanks? The guy in your life will love it if you decide to walk around the house in one of those sheer numbers with nothing else on; it's what he fantasizes about every time you wear one of those tops. Give the man what he wants- you won't be sorry.

What else is lingering in your closet waiting to be used seductively? How about those old Halloween costumes? Little Bo Peep, Harem Girl, Police Officer, Flapper? Any can be transformed with a little role playing into something totally new and extremely sexy. Put on the costume and delve into the role of seductress.

Speaking of role playing, there are all kinds of role playing costumes you can easily create out of items you probably have in your closet. Boss and secretary, librarian and bookworm, rich woman and servant, cowboy and country girl or maybe go old school and be an Indian maiden to his rough cowboy.

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