Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Get Wet Together with the New Pleasure Gels from Wet

Become ONE…together.

Wet® together™ Ultimate™ Pleasure Gels for Couples™ are scientifically formulated to inspire intense lovemaking by heightening the effects of foreplay and intercourse for him and for her. Each concentrated formula may be used together or separately.

Wet’s newest product is designed for pleasure…for both him and her.

In one package of Wet Together Ultimate you will receive two tubes of gel- a pleasure gel for her and an enhancement gel for him.

The pleasure gel for her: enhances natural lubrication, stimulates clitoral sensation, and offers enhanced intimacy and sensitivity.

The enhancement gel for him: helps him love stronger and longer, offers enhanced intimacy, and promises greater satisfaction.

So does it work? Hmmm, my husband and I took it for a test drive to see.

The results?

Well, I’m not complaining-not one little bit. I loved Wet Together Ultimate.

The gels smell a little minty and when you first apply them you feel a nice little tingle. Just a little tingle, nothing too strong and certainly not unpleasant.

I think I felt more than my husband did. He said he just felt a very mild sensation, me I felt a delightful tingling that made me sensually sensitive- so very, very sensitive the longer it was on. The wonderful tingling sensation led to a string of multiple orgasms.

My husband said he didn’t feel that different so I think it works better for the female than for the male. He said he felt tinglier after we were done than he did during but he’s not complaining because anything that promises to give him more sex because his woman enjoys it more, well it’s all good for him.

For me it was a fantastic experience, something I would definitely use again. So yeah, it’s a win/win situation for both of us.

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Amanda Leigh said...

I wonder if it's like the KY stuff for couples. Not that I've tried that either... but I've heard recommendations. Though, now that I think about it, it's always the girls that love it and the guys that don't care much about it...hmmmm

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I think women are just more intune to differences in pleasure and any minute change that offers more snesation, more pleasure is a really good thing while guys are like "sex is sex and it's all good"